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重大版 必修1 五单元 My special clothes

Unit 5 Reading

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my jeans.

They sometimes stay in the wardrobe.

They have two back pockets.

When they’re

faded, they’llbecome white.

I always uses a washer to wash them.

I often wear them to dance around the bonfire.

They have many brothers and sisters who have rips.

When a nail hurts them, they will also get rips.

wardrobe washer

bonfire nail rip


back pocket

What do you think the text is mainly about?
1. A story between the author and his jeans. 2. A brief introduction to the author’s jeans.

Match Game
? Paragraph 1
? Paragraph 2 ? Paragraph 3 ? Paragraph 4 How I killed my special jeans. How I bought my special jeans. How I loved my special jeans.

How I kept my promise.


Answer questions

Q1:How many pairs of jeans I have picked out before I bought one?
A: 5 or 6.

Q2: Because my special jeans were faded,

I didn’t love them anymore. True or
A: false.


Q2: How do you understand the word

“killed” in the last sentence?
A: The author loved the jeans so much that she had already seen them as her friend.


Q2: After I killed my special jeans, I

didn’t feel sad because I could buy
another pair of jeans. True or false?
A: false.


Complete the chart
Para1 The new jeans I_____ a couple of jeans, but I____ the blue jeans as soon as I put them on. Although they were a little____. I decided to buy them. Because I__ the jeans, they became more ___ and__. However, I still___ .However, I still__.


The faded jeans

The next year, they were____ under the right back pocket, so my mum and I continues to wear them for____.
Para3 The broken jeans I_____ from the old shed in my garden, but a nail___ .There were such a____ that they were____.

Para1 The new jeans Para2 The faded jeans

I_______ a couple of jeans, but I fell in tried on __________ the blue jeans as soon as I love with put them on. Although they were a little expensive . I decided to buy them. loved Because I_____ the jeans, they became wearing thin more ______and___________. However, faded I still__________ . them wore


The next year, they were wearing through under the right back pocket, so my mum repaired them and I continues to wear them for another six months .

Para3 The broken jeans I jumped down from the old shed in my garden, but a nail caught the patch .There were such a big rip that they were killed .

Item What


2 …


A birthday gift

Dear readers, We are going to start a program called “special items”. Do you have anything special? If you do, please write us a letter to tell us what your special thing is and why you think it is special. The first to write will get a prize. We are looking forward to your letters. yours sincerely, Love Publishing House Dec. 18th , 2012


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