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2015-2016年高一外研版英语必修二习题:Module 3 《Introduction Reading and Vocabulary》 Word版含答案

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The players were all in position,waiting for the c________ to direct them. 2.Einstein was probably the greatest mathematical ________(天才)of all time. 3 . At the singing competition , our school ________(合唱队)sang the song of“The Yellow River Cantata(黄河大合唱)” . 4 . Do you prefer c________ music written by Mozart and Beethoven,or pop? 5. Jane has shown a great t________ in painting; she is sure to become an artist in the future. 6. The group is made up of local ________(音乐 家)who have been performing together for several years. 7.The TV play of My Ugly Mother enjoyed a larger ________(观众). 8. A ________ (农民) is a farmer who owns or rents a small piece of land and works on the land. 9. The Twelve Girls band is making a twoweek ________ (巡回演出) in the major cities in south China. 10. I'd like a book about Chinese ________ (古典的) poetry. 答案:1.conductor 2. genius 3.choir 4. classical 5. talent 6. musicians 7. audience 8. peasant 9. tour 10.classical Ⅱ.短语互译 1.到??的时候为止 ________________ 2.把??变成?? ________________ 3.余生 ________________ 4.变聋 ________________ 5.听说 ________________ 6.对??印象深刻 ________________ different from ________________ well as ________________ 答案 the time 2.change ... into 3.the rest of one's life 4.go deaf 5.hear of impressed with 7.和??不同 8.和??/又,也 Ⅲ.选词填空 1.________ the greatest composer of all the time, the musician composed more than 500 pieces of music. 2 . I'd like to ________ these pounds ________ dollars. 3. ________ he came back, we h

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