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外研版Listening and vocabulary

Listening and vocabulary

Pre-listening – 1. Prediction
Look at the words in the box. What do you think the listening passage is about? Why do you think so?
neighbourhood committee organisation join club unemployed survey information household population occupation professional manual worker

Vocabulary 1. neighborhood 街坊;四邻 e.g. She is liked by the whole neighborhood. 2. committee 委员会 3. organization 组织的活动; 组织, 机构, 系统

4. join: become a member of sth 参 加某组织 join a club 参加俱乐部 join in 参加(活动) take part in 参加(讨论, 活动, 游 戏, 游行, 庆祝在活动中起积作用 attend出席

5. unemployed 为被雇佣的,失业的 6. survey v. 仔细全面的观察(某物) 测量;勘察 调查 n. 意思同上

7. occupation n. 工作,职业 8. professional adj. 专业的 a professional football player 9. manual adj. 手的,手工的,手制的 manual labour 体力劳动

Listen to the whole passage and discuss:
What’s the passage about? It’s about a neighborhood group.

Now listen to Part 1. Then get information to fill in the form below.
Name: Mr Yang birthplace: Nanchang job: work for an organisation called “the
neighbourhood committee”

His job is to ____________ the neighbourhood. look after For example, they started _____________ a holiday club for children and they’ve begun ______________________, a neighbourhood watch where people watch the houses and streets. The streets are safer ____________. as a result

Listen to part 1 again and fill in the blanks. 1. And you work for an organization
called “_________________________”, the neighborhood committee is that right? 2. Yes , I’ve worked for it for ____ four years. 3. Our job is _______________ to look after the ____________. neighborhood

a holiday club for 4. We’ve started ____________ children. a neighborhood 5. And we’ve begun ______________ watch _______, where people

_________________________. watch the houses and streets

Listen to Part 2 and complete the chart.
Number of households Total population Number of professional people Number of office workers Number of 850 manual workers Number of shop 2800 workers Number of 322 adults in employment Number of 517 students

378 183
1400 280

Work in groups. Share with each other your opinions about the neighbourhood committee in your area. Your talk may include the following questions.

1. What do you know about the committee? 2. How have they helped people? 3. Would you like to be on the committee when you are older? 4. What have you done to help in your neighbourhood?

Read these sentences and pay attention to the stress.

There are many many stars in the sky, ‵ ‵ ‵ some stars are very large and some are ‵ ‵ ‵ ‵ ‵ comparatively small. ‵ ‵ He sat down at his desk and put a sheet ‵ ‵ ‵ ‵ ‵ of paper into his typewriter. ‵ ‵

句子中比较重要的词应读得重些,其他词 则可以读得轻一些,这就是所谓的句子重 音。 通常句子中重读的词有名词、动词(除to be,to have,助动词和情态动词外)形容 词、副词、数词、疑问代词和指示代词、 疑问副词、名词性物主代词、反身代词等 等。而冠词、连词、介词和人称代词等一 般不重读。

Stressed words in sentences Listen to the extract form Listening and vocabulary activity 2. Underline the stressed words in each sentence. Interviewer: Mr Yang, Yang you’re from Nanchang, aren’t you? And you’ve lived there all your life is that right? right life,

Yang Hua: Yes. IIwas wasborn in inthis thisstreet. Interviewer: Really! And you work for Really an organisation called work “the organisation committee”, neighbourhood neighbourhood is that right? committee Yang Hua: Yes, I’ve worked for it for worked four now. it’s been Yes years very interesting. four years interesting

Choose the correct answers according to the listening passage in Listening and vocabulary activity 2.

1. Am I right in thinking (that)…? means (a) _________. (a) Is it true that…? (b) I believe that… (a) 2. A great many things means _____. (a) a lot of things (b) great things (a) 3. To do well means ______. (a) to be successful (b) to be healthy (a) 4. As a result means _______. (a) because of this (b) We have had good results

(a) 5. Congratulations! means _________. (a) you’ve done something very good (b) very interesting (b) 6. It’s fascinating means _____. (a) It’s strange (b) It’s very interesting (b) 7. We make it (1,400) means ______. (a) We’ll make (1,400) things (b) We think the answer is (1,400)


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