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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语必修四强化练习:Unit 1 Section 3]

Unit 1 Section 3
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.When you come across an ________(紧急情况), call 119. 2.He did it entirely out of ________(好意) not for the money. 3.The little boy recovered from ________(疾病) very soon. 4.This precious picture has been handed down from one ________(一代) to another. 5.The ________(观众)enjoyed every minute of the performance. 6.We should give the matter careful ________(考虑). 7.A postman is a man employed to ________(递送) letters and parcels. 8.He is always ________(谦虚的)about his success. 答 案 : 1.emergency 6.consideration 7.deliver 2.kindness 8.modest 3.sickness 4.generation 5.audience

Ⅱ.用方框中所给短语的正确形式填空 look down upon; refer to; by chance; come across; carry on 1.On our way to school, we ________________ an old man lying on the road. 2.Women were ________________ in the old society. 3.________________ a dictionary if you don't know what this word means. 4.Her help has given the old man the hope to ________________ with his life. 5.He learned the news ________________ from a newspaper. 答案: 1.came across Ⅲ.完成句子 1.刚才你提到的那个女孩是我的朋友。 The girl you ________________ just now is my friend. 2.我碰巧在机场遇见她。 I ________________________ at the airport. 3.这本书是专为初学者设计的。 This book ________________________ beginners. 2.looked down upon 3.Refer to 4.carry on chance

4.教授昨天给我们做了一次演讲。 The professor ________________ to us yesterday. 5.你应该继续你的新书。 You should ________________________ your new book. 答案:1.referred to 4.delivered a lecture Ⅳ.单项填空 1.(2014· 威海高一检测)He has left his book here ________ so that you can read it. chance accident 答案: D purpose D.on purpose 2.met her by chance 5.carry on with intended for

句意:他有意把书留在这里以便你能阅读到它。 by chance = by

accident 碰巧,偶然;on purpose=by design 故意地,有意地。 2.—Can I help you? —I want to buy an English story book that is ________ for the senior middle school students. A.used C.devoted D.intended

答案:D 考查动词辨析,句意:——请问您要买什么?——我想买本供高中 生阅读的英文故事书。be intended for...“专供……使用的;专为……而设计的”, 符合句意。be used for...“用来……”,后接表示物的名词;be devoted to...“致力 于……”。 3.(2014· 西安高一检测)When ________ a new word, you'd better ________ a dictionary. A.come across; refer to C.coming across; look up 答案: B B.coming across; consult D.come across; consulting

第一个空考查 come across( 偶然遇到 ) ;第二个空考查 consult a

dictionary=refer to a dictionary=look up... in a dictionary。 4. (2014· 衡水高一检测) The doctors in the medical institute wrote several articles, explaining in detail the steps of how to ________ a baby. A.give B.deliver


D.give birth to

答案:B 考查动词及动词短语辨析。句意:医学院的医生写了几篇文章,详 细解释了接生宝宝的步骤。deliver 接生,符合句意。C、D 两项都表示“生宝宝”。 5.We should not ________ and laugh at those in trouble. Instead, we should help them. A.look forward to attention to B.think highly of D.look down upon

答案:D 考查短语辨析。A 项意为“盼望”;B 项意为“高度评价”;C 项 意为“注意”;D 项意为“蔑视;瞧不起”。句意:我们不应当嘲笑那些处于困 境中的人们,而是应该帮助他们。可知应选 D 项。 6.It was ________ of you not to play the piano while I was asleep. A.modest C.considerate 答案:C B.familiar D.considerable


considerate 考虑周到的;modest 谦虚的;familiar 熟悉的;considerable 相当大的、 多的、重要的。 7.________ that there is still a lot more to do to improve the women's life in China. A.It looks C.In my opinion B.It seems D.It is sure

答案:B 考查固定句型。句意:好像要想提高中国妇女的生活仍然有更多的 事情要做。It seems that...似乎……,好像……,符合句意。It looks 后常接 as if 引 导的从句;in my opinion 后不接 that 从句;sure 的主语通常为人,不为 it。 规律方法:探究 it 引导的三个特殊句式 句型一:It happened that+clause.=sb. happened to do sth.例如: It happened that he was out when I got there.=He happened to be out when I got there. 当我到那儿时,碰巧他不在。 句型二:It seems that doing/have done/had done=Sb.seems to do/to be doing/to have done/to be done/to have been done 例如: It seemed that he had been to Beijing before.=He seemed to have been to Beijing

before.他好像以前去过北京。 句型三:It is/was said(reported...)+that+从句 said (reported...)to do sth..例如: It was said that he had read this novel.=He was said to have read this novel.据说 他读过这篇小说。 8.The meal over, the managers went back, to the meeting room to ________ their discussion. A.put away C.look over B.set down D.carry on

答案:D 考查短语辨析。句意:吃完饭后,经理们回到会议室继续进行他们 的讨论。A 项意为“放好;储存”;B 项意为“写下”;C 项意为“仔细检查;察 看”;D 项意为“继续”。 9.Lucy! ________ to the concert with me tonight? A.Why don't go C.Why not go 答案: C B.Why not to go D.Why not going

句意: 露西, 为什么今晚不和我一起去参加音乐会呢?Why not do sth.

用来提出意见,解释为“为什么不……?” 10.(2014· 湖南,23)________ your own needs and styles of communication is as important as learning to convey your affection and emotions. A.Understanding C.Being understood B.To be understood D.Having understood

答案:A 考查非谓语动词。所填词做题干的主语,应用动名词形式,且是陈 述一个客观事实,用动名词的一般式,故选 A 项。 Ⅴ.完形填空 Harriet Tubman was born a slave. She didn't get a __1__ to go to school. __2__ a child, Harriet had to work very hard in __3__ all day. That way, her owner could __4__ a lot of money when he sold his crops. Harriet __5__ think that she was being treated fairly.

__6__ Harriet grew up, she ran away from the plantation(庄园) to the northern United States. There, and in Canada, __7__ could be free. Harriet liked to be free. She felt __8__ for all of the black people who were __9__ slaves. Harriet returned to __10__ to help other slaves to run away. She made __11__ that they got to the north and became free. Harriet was in great __12__ because of a __13__ law. The law said it was not permitted to __14__ slaves run away. She also __15__ that the slave owners said they would __16__ $4,000 to anyone who could catch Harriet Tubman. There were many stories about Harriet helping slaves run away. In all, she made nineteen __17__ back to the South and guided about 300 slaves to __18__. When the Civil War broke out, the northern states __19__ with the southern states. Harriet __20__ the northern states because the northerners believed that slaves should be free. She worked as a nurse and spied behind enemy lines until the northern states won the war. 文章大意:美国内战期间,一位著名的黑人女英雄 Harriet Tubman 先后返回 19 次帮助南方奴隶逃往北方,阅读本篇,你会对她的勇敢而钦佩! C.permission B.chance D.moment

答案:B 固定搭配题。此处不是强调上学时间的长短,排除 A、D 两项。从 下文________ a child,Harriet had to work...可知,她是没有机会去上学,而不是别 人不允许。故选 B。 2.A.As C.Since B.Being D.Like

答案:A 逻辑推理题。as a child 相当于 when she was a child。 3.A.the farm C.the fields B.a school D.a factory

答案: C

固定搭配题。 从下文的 That way, her owner could

________ a lot of

money when he sold his crops.分析, 排除 B、 D 两项, farm 与 on 搭配,故答案为 C。 4.A.make D.spend

答案:A 固定搭配题。make money 赚钱。 5.A.certainly more B.didn't longer

答案:B 逻辑推理题。从下文她长大后,从庄园逃跑判断,她认为别人对她 不公平,所以她才逃跑,故答案为 B。 6.A.Since C.Then B.After D.With

答案:B 逻辑推理题。Harriet 长大以后,从庄园逃到了美国北部。 7.A.the white B.white people

答案:D 逻辑推理题。她是黑人奴隶,之所以逃到那里,是因为那里的黑人 是自由的。 8.A.happy C.wrong B.sure D.sorry

答案: D 固定搭配题。 根据下文她帮奴隶逃跑一事, 她对奴隶应该感到同情、 抱歉和不安,故选 D。 9.A.still C.only B.yet D.not

答案:A 逻辑推理题。由上题解释可知她为仍然是奴隶的黑人感到同情、抱 歉和不安。 10.A.Canada C.the North B.the South D.the U. S.

答案:B 逻辑推理题。根据上下文,她从南部逃到北部,再返回,应该是回 到南部,故选 B。 11.A.perfect C.possible B.way D.sure

答案:D 固定搭配题。make sure 固定词组,意为“确信,确保”。 12.A.anger C.hurry B.anxiety D.danger

答案:D 固定搭配题。in danger 固定词组,意为“处于危险中,有危险”。 13.A.explained C.passed 答案:C 一项法律”。 C.stop B.set free D.catch B.gained D.broken 词义辨析题。pass 通过法律等,根据上下文,此处指“因为通过的

答案:A 逻辑推理题。她处于危险中就是因为法律不允许帮助奴隶逃跑,故 选 A。 15.A.found C.found out 答案:C B.noticed D.made sure

逻辑推理题。Harriet 也发现奴隶主说他们将悬赏 4 000 美元抓她。

find out 指通过各种途径发现,符合句意。 C.spend B.make D.get

答案:A 固定搭配题。由上题解释可知选 A。 17.A.letters C.trips 答案:C B.incidents D.trials 固定搭配题。结合文章上下文,此处指“她总共返回南方 19 次”,

此处 trips 符合语境。make trips 旅行。 18.A.freedom C.North D.southern states

答案:A 逻辑推理题。她帮奴隶逃跑就是为了让他们获得自由,故选 A。 19.A.united C.made peace B.fought D.gave in

答案:B 固定搭配题。美国内战指南方和北方发生斗争,fight with 和……斗 争。

20.A.looked for C.looked on

B.stood for D.went to

答案:B 短语辨析题。stand for 意为“赞同,支持”,符合句意,故选 B。 Ⅵ.阅读理解 (2014· 山东)Elizabeth Freeman was born about 1742 to African American parents who were slaves. At the age of six months she was acquired, along with her sister, by John Ashley, a wealthy Massachusetts slaveholder. She became known as “Mumbet” or “Mum Bett.” For nearly 30 years Mumbet served the Ashley family. One day, Ashley's wife tried to strike Mumbet's sister with a spade. Mumbet protected her sister and took the blow instead. Furious, she left the house and refused to come back. When the Ashleys tried to make her return, Mumbet consulted a lawyer, Theodore Sedgewick. With his help, Mumbet sued (起诉) for her freedom. While serving the Ashleys, Mumbet had listened to many discussions of the new Massachusetts constitution. If the constitution said that all people were free and equal, then she thought it should apply to her. Eventually, Mumbet won her freedom —the first slave in Massachusetts to do so under the new constitution. Strangely enough, after the trial, the Ashleys asked Mumbet to come back and work for them as a paid employee. She declined and instead went to work for Sedgewick. Mumbet died in 1829, but her legacy lived on in her many descendants( 后 裔). One of her greatgrandchildren was W. E. B. Du Bois, one of the founders of the NAACP, and an important writer and spokesperson for African American civil rights. Mumbet's tombstone still stands in the Massachusetts cemetery where she was buried. It reads, in part: “She was born a slave and remained a slave for nearly thirty years. She could neither read nor write, yet in her own sphere she had no superior or equal.” 文章大意:本文主要讲述了一位英勇的非裔美国人的抗争,赢得世人敬仰。 1.What do we know about Mumbet according to Paragraph 1? A.She was born a slave. B.She was a slaveholder. C.She had a famous sister.

D.She was born into a rich family. 答案:A 细节理解题。由第一段知 ,Mumbet 由奴隶父母所生。 2.Why did Mumbet run away from the Ashleys? A.She found an employer. B.She wanted to be a lawyer. C.She was hit and got angry. D.She had to take care of her sister. 答案:C 推理判断题。由原文 took the blow instead. Furious 知。

3.What did Mumbet learn from discussions about the new constitution? A.She should always obey her owners' orders. B.She should be as free and equal as whites. C.How to be a good servant. D.How to apply for a job. 答案:B 细节理解题。由第三段第二句知所有人生而平等。 4.What did Mumbet do after the trial? A.She chose to work for a lawyer. B.She founded the NAACP. C.She continued to serve the Ashleys. D.She went to live with her grandchildren. 答案:A 细节理解题。由第四段第二句知她决定为律师工作。 5.What is the text mainly about? A.A story of a famous writer and spokesperson. B.The friendship between a lawyer and a slave. C.The life of a brave African American woman. D.A trial that shocked the whole world. 答案:C 世人敬仰。 主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了一位英勇的非裔美国人的抗争,赢得


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