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外研版必修四 Module 6

New words

Module 6 Unexpained Mysteries of the Nature World

1.attack vt./n.袭击,攻击, (疾病)侵袭 Recently some storms have attacked some areas in Anhui. 2.exist vi.存

在,生存 existence n.存在,生存 exist in 存在于… exist on 靠…生存/生活 come into existance 开始存在,产生 3.adapt v.适应,适合,修改,改编,改写 adapt to 适应 adapt oneself to 使自己适应 Generally speaking , young people adapt easily to new places. When you are abroad, you should adapt yourself to the customers there. 4.die out 灭绝, (风俗,习惯)逐渐消失 die away 变弱, (声音等)逐渐消失 die down 变 弱, (火炉,风等)渐熄 die from 死于(外伤,事故等)外因 die of 死于(疾病,衰老,饥饿等)内因 5.due to 由于,因为 类似词组:because of , thanks to , owing to due to 作状语,表语和后置定语,不用于句首 because of thanks to owing to 只能用作状语 只能用作状语 Thanks to his help, the concert

作状语,偶尔作表语 Owing to/Because of careless driving, he had an accident. was a great success. He was absent, which was due to his illness.

be due to do sth.预计发生 The meeting is due to start until three. 6.throw light on 弄清楚, 阐明某事 The leader threw light on his point that he wouldn’t give in. 7.come straight to the point 谈正题,开门见山 Don’t waste time : let ’s come straight to the point. to the point 切题,中肯 off the point 不切题,无关紧要 be on the point of 正要…. I like his speech; it was clear and to the point. I was on the point to leaving when the phone rang.

1.A third report came from Li Xiaohe……. 不定冠词+序数词表示“再一,又一” Can you give me a second chance ,please? In spite of the first two failures, he tried a third time. 2.Other members of royal family were allowed to wear dragon symbols, too ,but with fewer claws and of a different colour. Of +n.(size, height,length, age, colour, kind, way 等。 The two rooms are of the same size. The products are of different kinds. Of+n.(use, value, importance, help, interest, honour 等). The book is of great value.= The book is very valuable.






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外研版必修四 Module 6

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