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高考英语语法填空模拟(一) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 一 It is a common thing to forget to return a book to the library after you?ve borrowed it. Maybe, you?ll realize it has been some 61 (month) since you borrowed it and decide to return it. 62 (similar) , when Ron Webster borrowed a book from the library of the University Of Liverpool, he too forgot to return it. When he was 30, back in 1953, he was working 63 a research assistant in the university. It was during this time 64 he loaned a book titled “Structure and Function in Primitive Society.” Shortly after he borrowed this book, he 65 (call) to London to continue his research. Just as you might have expected, Ron Webster completely forgot the whole thing. Ron had a 66 (success) career and worked for Ford before retiring and leading a relaxed life. Recently when he took 67 look at his collection of books, he discovered the old book borrowed 61 years ago. He contacted University officials to tell about the 68 (possible) of returning the book. University Librarian was 69 (amaze) to see Ron arrive at the University Of Liverpool, 70 (try) to return a book that he borrowed 61 years ago. Just in case you were wondering, the total fine that Ron Webster had accumulated over the years amounted to ? 4,510. 二 Nowadays, more and more schools in China have rules making students wear school uniforms to School .A lot of Chinese students complain about 61 (wear) their school uniforms every day But 62 American students get annoyed about their uniforms, too? American high schools usually have a dress code, 63 is about requirements for students' dressing. Boys at school must wear clean jackets every day. Girls are 64 (luck) than boys, they have more flexible 65 (choose) than boys. They can either dress similarly to the boys 66 wear a dress. In general, it takes a student 10-15 minutes every morning 67 (dress) up for class. As students do in China, plenty of American students also have their complaints about school uniforms. What if students really dislike the dress code and want to get rid of it? Instead of getting punished, 68 (actual) there're ways to do that. At my school, "dress down" tickets . 69 (sell) on school days If students are willing to buy a ticket, they don't need to wear school uniforms the following day. I have a strong 70 (believe) that one day Chinese students can buy these tickets, too 三 Eleven-year-old Angela was stricken with a disease involving her nervous system.The doctors did not hold out much hope of her ever recovering __61__ this illness.They predicted she?d spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.__62__ Angela firmly believed that she was definitely going to be walking again someday.The doctors were charmed by her __63__(defeatable)spirit.They taught her about imaging—about seeing herself __64_ (walk) .Angela would work as hard as possible in physical therapy(理疗) ,lying there faithfully doing her imaging,visualizing herself moving,moving,moving! One day,__65__ she was straining with all her might to imagine her legs moving again,__66__ seemed as though a miracle happened: the bed moved! She screamed out,“Look what I __67__(do)! Look! Look! I can do it! I moved, I moved! ” Of course, __68__ this very moment everyone __69__ in the hospital was screaming, too. It was the San Francisco earthquake.But don?t tell __70__ to Angela.She?s convinced that she did it.And now only a few years later,she?s back in school.On her own two legs.No walking sticks,no wheelchair. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 四 Rene Laennec was a French doctor who learned to tap on people's chests to find out illness from an Austrian 62 an empty one.When he became a doctor, 63 same and learned to tell by doctor 61 (name)Leopold Auenbrugger. As a boy, Leopold used to tap wine containers in his father’ s inn to see how much wine they held.A full one made a different sound

he tapped people?s chests to see how much liquid was in their lungs.Laennec did

tapping carefully on a chest


it was diseased or not. But he was even more interested in diseases of the 65 (clear).In those days,a doctor would place his head on 66 (possible)to hear any heartbeat at a11. (play)with a see-saw(跷跷板). One

heart,and he wished that he could hear heartbeats

a patient?s chest to listen,but if the patient was extremely fat it was

One day when Laennec was walking in the park, he saw some girls 67 doctor 69 61 66 68

of them scratched the end of the board while the others placed their ears against the other end.On walking up,the (ask)why the sounds travelled along the wood. “The sounds are magnified(放大),girls,er?” Suddenly he turned and rushed back to the hospital.Quickly taking some thick paper,he rolled it up like a tube and (begin)listening to patients’chests.He heard the heartbeats and their breathing clearly.Laennec soon made he called a stethoscope.Later,they were made of steel and rubber. 64 69 65 70 62 67 63 68 a better instrument of wood, 70

五 Observers say Americans want more choices and fresh food when 61 (choose)where and what to eat. This trend is one reason why the fast food restaurant McDonald’s has struggled financially. McDonald?s is one of the best-known 62 (restaurant)in the U.S.and even around the world, 63 these days the company leaders are seeing numbers they probably do not like.In the last quarter of 2014, McDonald?s income dropped by about$300 million. The January earnings report brought more bad news. Worldwide sales dropped for the 64 (eight)month in a row and even more than expected. McDonald’ s is 65 (work)hard to get their customers back. In January, the company ran an advertisement during the Super Bowl.The football game is the most watched TV event every year in the U.S.McDonald’s has wanted 66 (reach)those viewers. Shake Shack is 67 new kind of restaurant becoming popular in the U.S.The restaurants are not“fast food. ” They are known as“fast casual. ” 68 McDonald’s is struggling to get their customers back,Shake Shack is doing well financially.The New York-based burger chain had a very 69 (success) IPO,or initial public offering, of shares at the end of January. 70 its first day of trading, Shake Shack went from $21 a share to just under $ 46 a share. Shake Shack?s a quality hamburger.It?s fast food,but not‘fast food’food. ”Being part of the“fast casual” trend has helped Shake Shack. 六 AirAsia Flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control on a flight to Singapore from Indonesia,as it was climbing to a higher altitude 61 (avoid)stormy weather.In March,MH370 dropped off the radar 62 the flight.At the end of 2014,the families of the victims had no answer 63 . Accident data indicates, though, that flying remains safe by historical standards. “It will probably come as a surprise to most people,but 64 (real)it was a very safe year, ”said Paul Hayes,director of safety. Despite these 65 (accident) , the loss of life during 2014 was still below the 10-year average of 676 fatalities(死亡), according to data from the Safety Network. Crashes this year 66 . I (1ead)to 526 fatalities before Flight QZ8501 was lost with the AirAsia,the group said. 67 number of fatalities from plane crashes this year is far below the 1,074 people 68 were killed in 2005.The figures were much 69 (high)in the 1970s and 1980s,when far fewer people flew.Experts will be looking for lessons from any findings 70 (make)from those airplane crashes. 七 My school goes from kindergarten to 6th grade.I 61 (be)a 6th grader.Because of that,the younger 62 (kid)look up to me and my fellow classmates.This is the story about when I used my power 63 (make)a kid feel empowered:One day,some of my friends and I were walking to our lunch period.We were a little late, 64 the halls were empty.Then a little 65 (disable)boy he needs a walker to walk in kindergarten)

came from the elevator with his guide.We were 66 (teach)to let those kids go first,so while we waited,his guide told us he refers 67 himself as “Fast Freddy” and then asked him to show as how fast he can go. “Fast Freddy”put a smile on his face and 68 (go)as fast as possible.Without thinking,I said“he’s so fast” ,then as if by magic,that little boy’s smile got wider and he went even 69 (fast)!Next his guide gave me a thumbs—up and they went wherever they had to go,and so did we.I said three simple words 70 brightened someone?s day.Three simple words! 八 A Thanksgiving Day story in the newspaper told of a school teacher who asked her class of first graders to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. She thought of how little these children from poor neighborhood 61 (actual)had to be thankful for. But she knew that most of them would draw pictures of turkeys or tables 62 food. The teacher was taken back with the picture Douglas handed in—a small childishly hand! But whose? hand? The class was 63 (puzzle)by the abstract drawing .“I think it must be the hand of God 64 brings us food, ” said one child. “a farmer,” said another, “because he 65 (feed) the turkeys. ” Finally, when the others were at work, the teacher 66 (bend) over at Douglas’ desk and asked whose hand it was. “It's your hand,Teacher,”he said in a low voice. She remembered that frequently at break she had taken Douglas,a small lonely child by 67 hand. She often did that with the 68 (child). But it meant so much to Douglas. Perhaps this was everyone?s Thanks-giving, not for the material things 69 (give)to us but for the chance,in whatever small way, 70 (give)to others. 九 I consider myself something of 61 expert on apologies. A quick temper has provided me 62 plenty of opportunities to make them. In one of my earliest 63 (memorize), my mother was telling me, “Don't watch the ground when you say, ?I'm sorry'. Hold your head 64 一 and look at the person in the eye, so he'll know you mean it. ”My mother thus made the key point of a 65 (succeed) apology: It must be direct. 66 important thing we should do for an effective apology is to bear the responsibility for our careless mistakes. We are used to 67 (make) excuses, which leaves no room for the other person to forgive us. Since most people are open-hearted, the no-excuse apology leaves both parties feeling 68 (good) about themselves. That, after all, is the purpose of every apology. It matters little 69 you are wholly or only partly wrong: answering for your mistake 70 (encourage) others to take their share of the blame. 一 61. months 66. successful 62. Similarly 67. a 63. as 68. possibility 64. that 69. amazed 65. was called 70. trying

二 三 61.from 62.But 63.Undefeatable 64.walking 65.As doing 69.else 70.that/it 四 61 named 62 from /than 63 the 64 if /whether 65 clearly 66 impossible 67 playing 68 was asked 69 began 70 which / one 五 61 choosing 62 restaurants 63 but 64 eighth 65 working 66 to teach 67 a 68 As/When/While 69 successful 70 on 六 61 to avoid/avoiding 62 during 63 yet 64 really 65 accidents 66 had led 67 The 68 who/that 69 higher 70 made 七 61 am 62 kids 63 to make 64 so/and 65 disabled 66 taught 67 to 68 went 69 faster 70 that/which 八 61. actually 62. with/filled with/full of 63. puzzled 64. that 65. feeds 66. bent 67. the 68. children 69. given/that were given 70. to give 九 61 an 62 with 63 memories 64 up 65 successful 66 Another 67 making 68 better 69 whether 70 encourages



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