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牛津译林版 七年级(下)7B

Unit 6

Unit 6 Vocabulary






e paw

/> a



?They are hard, covering the body of fish. Before we cook fish, we usually take them off with a knife.





?It’s very important for fish, because fish use it to swim.


Task 1

Part A

Match the words with the different parts of the animals
beak tail wing feathers whiskers tail paw fin tail


beak scales

feathers fin tail whiskers

paw wing

Task 2 Make a dialogue with the words about different parts of the following animals
?A:Does a cat have … ? B: Yes, it does./No , it doesn’t ?A: What colour is /are … ? B: It’s /They’re … . ?A:What else does a cat have? B: It has … ?A:What colour is /are … ? B: It’s /They’re … .

Task 3

?Fill in the missing words.

?1. A parrot uses its b____ eak to eat and drink. ?2. Goldfish swim around with their f___ ins and t___ ails .

?3. A cat does not have w______ ings , so it can’t fly. But it has p_____, aws so it can catch a mouse.
?4. A parrot’s f________ eathers look beautiful in the sun.

?5. Do not pull a cat’s w________. hiskers It does not like that .

Passage 1

Can you fill in the blanks ?

Part B
tail cat

paws miaows

chase sleeps

I have a black _____ cat . She has four white paws _____ and a black and white ____ tail . She chase birds. When likes to _____ sleeps she gets tired, she ______in the armchair. She _______ miaows when she wants some food.

Please answer the following questions.
? What colour are her paws?
They’re white.

? Is her tail yellow? No, it’s black and white. ? Where does she like sleeping? In the armchair. ? When she wants some food, what does she do? She miaows when she wants some food.

Passage 2

Listen and fill in the blanks.
parrot is a very special friend. He ? My ______

says ‘Hello’ when I come home. When

he is hungry, he knocks on the cage
beak His blue and door with his _____. feathers look so beautiful in the green _______


Task 1

Please make a dialogue about animals’ activities What does … like to do? It likes to ….

Where does it sleep/live…? It sleeps/lives …

Task 2

Which verbs can describe the activities of these animals? Animals Activities


bark, bite, jump, fight, hunt, eat bones, walk/run in the park, chase cats/birds/balls , make a lot of noise, … sit on the sofa, miaow, sleep, chase birds/mice, jump, climb trees, play with balls, eat fish… bubble, sleep with eyes open, swim around, move, live in water, float, stay on the sea bed…

Cats Fish

Task 3

Group work

?Work in groups. Each group can choose one of the animals and say something about it from its appearance (parts of the body), personality and activities.

1. Learn more words about different parts and activities of different animals. Present them next class. 2. Write an article about your favorite animal.



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