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1、 -Do you know the man ______is talking with your father? -Yes, he‘s our headmaster. A. he B. who C. which D. whom

. The girl ______ is reading under the

tree _____my sister.
A. which; is B. whom; was C. who; is D. who; was

Have you seen the film Titanic ___actors are very famous?
A who B whose C that D whom

Ann asked the policeman ___he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident.
A with him B with whom C who D whom

A child ____parents are dead is called an orphan. A which B his C whose D with

14、This is the reason ______ he told me. 、 A、that 、 B、 B、why C、on which 、 D、for that 、
Tell sb sth:告诉某人某事, 告诉某人某事, 告诉某人某事 所以这个从句缺宾语


1. Do you know the scientist _______ gave us a talk just now? A. who B. whom C. which D. whose 2. This is the dictionary _______ Mum gave me for my birthday. A. which B. what C. whose D. whom 3. Shaolin Temple _______ lies in the west of Zhengzhou welcomes the visitors both at home and abroad. A. where B. which C. who D. what

4. —Do you know the girl _______ is standing under the tree? —She is my little sister. A. who B. whom C. whose D. which

5. This is the question _______ we are talking about now. A. that B. who C. where D. when

6. —What are you looking for? —I am looking for the book _______ I bought yesterday. A. who B. which C. whose

7. Jack, there is someone in the office _______ would like to speak with you. A. who B. which C. whom

8. If a bag is filled with books and pens, it must belong to someone _______ works hard. A. which B. / C. whom D. who

9. Many young people prefer the songs _______ have great lyrics. A. which B. who C. where D. whom

10. Even teachers can’t understand some expressions _______ their students use in daily life. A. whose B. who C. that D. whom

11. Beijing is the 29th city _______ holds the Olympic Games.
A. where B. that C. which D. what

12. Have you read the book _______ I gave you yesterday? A. that B. when C. where

13. The man _______ came to our party with a present is my old friend. A. when B. which C. who

14. I like writers _______ write short stories. A. which B. what C. whom D. who

15. —There are many volunteers _______ are helping the children in Sichuan. —And most of them are college students. A. which B. when C. whose D. who



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