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正保远程教育旗下品牌网站 美国纽交所上市公司(NYSE:DL) 高考精品班理科综合寒假特训班辅导《英语》第一章第一节讲义 4 阅读理解 四、猜测词义题 分类: 词类:名词、动词、形容词等 词组类 句子类 指代词 技巧: (一) 构词法 英语中的构词法主要有三种: 派生(Derivation)转化(Conversion)合成(Compounding) ①派生: 由一个词根加前缀或后缀构成一个新的单词 A.前缀 dis-, in-, re-, un-, non-? B.后缀 –able, -al, -an, -ful, -ive, -er, -ese,-ist, -ment, -ness, -tion, -fy, -ian, -ing, -is (z)e, -ly, -teen, -ty, -th, -y? 例:disable, incorrect, rebuild, unimportant, nonstop, reasonable, chemical, American, helpful, handful, active, scientist, beautify, musician, realize, friendly, fully? 例:With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence. condition 条件 n.→conditional 有条件 adj.→unconditional:无条件的,绝对的 adj. judge 判断 v.→ judgment 判断 n.→judgmental adj.→nonjudgmental: 没有判断力的 ②转化: 由某一词性转达化成另一词性, 其意义也发生变化。 I was asked to minute the race. “minute”转化成动词,意为“为??计时” 其它:hand (n.)—hand (v.) empty (adj.)—empty (v.) water (n.)—water (v.) plant (n.)—plant (v.) ③合成:由两个或两个以上单词组成一个新的 单词。如:blackboard, man-made, overthrow 例:We must safeguard the world peace. A.protect C.prevent keep safe with gun 『正确答案』A (二)上下文语境 ①根据定义或解释说明猜词 (线索词 be, mean, refer to, that is, be defined as, be known as, be called, 定语从句或同位语 从句等) 中小学教育网 1 正保远程教育旗下品牌网站 美国纽交所上市公司(NYSE:DL) 例 1 A person or thing beyond comparison, a model of excellence, is known as paragon.模范 例 2 ?as a prestidigitator who entertained the children by pulling rabbits out of hats,

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