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Module 1 Zhou Kai (1) When Zhou Kai's mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously. "Zhou Kai, where are you going?" she asked. &quo

t;To the park. I'm going to play football," said Zhou Kai. "But it's raining! You'll catch a bad cold," said his mother. "No, I won't. I'll be fine," said Zhou Kai, as he opened the door. "Zhou Kai, you'll get ill. You know you will. You can at least go and get your jacket." "OK, OK." Zhou Kai went and did as he was told. Zhou Kai (2) My mother has always made sure we eat very healthily, and fresh fruit and vegetables are a very important part of our diet. We live near the sea and we have fish about four times a week. We don’t eat much fat or sugar. A lot of my school friends eat sweets every day but I’m lucky because I don’t have a sweet tooth—I’d rather eat a nice piece of fruit. And I’m not too heavy, so I never have to diet, or anything like that. I’m quite healthy. I very rarely get colds, although, unusually for me, I had a bad cold and a bit of a fever last week. But that’s because I was stupid enough to play football in the rain. I don’t often get things like flu either. Last winter almost all my classmates got flu — but I didn’t. I think I don’t get these things because I take a lot of exercise and I’m very fit. Two years ago I broke my arm while playing football. The injury was quite painful and I couldn’t move my arm for a month—I hated that. So as you can see from what I’ve said, I’m a normal kind of person. But there’s one thing I really love — I’m crazy about football. I’m captain of the class team at school and I’m also a member of the Senior High team. Because of this, I make sure that I have a good diet, and as I’ve said, this isn’t a problem because my mother feeds us so well.

周凯 1 当周凯的妈妈看他没有穿夹克衫朝着前门走去的时候,她担心的看着他。“周凯,你要去哪 里?”她问。“去公园,玩球”周凯回答。“但是正下雨呢,你会感冒的”妈妈说。 “不,不会,我没事”周凯边说边打开门。“周凯,你会生病的,你知道你会,你最好带着你 的夹克!”“好,好”周凯听从妈妈的话出去了 周凯 2 我妈妈经常保证我们吃得健康,而且我们的食谱里新鲜的水果和蔬菜占了很重要的部分。 我们生活在海边,每周我们吃 4 次的鱼。我们并不多吃太多的脂肪和糖。许多我学校的朋 友每天都吃糖,但是我很幸运因为我没有好吃甜食的习惯----我更喜欢来一快水果。并且我 不胖,所以 我不用节食或者这一类的东西。 我很健康,很少的感冒,虽然我上周得了重感冒还有些发烧,这对我来说实在是不寻常,因 为我愚蠢地在雨中玩球。 我也不常染上流感之类的病。 去年冬天我的同班同学都得了流感, 但是我没有。我想是因为我经常运动和我很健康吧。两年前我玩球时摔断了胳膊。那次受 伤真的很疼,而且我整个月都不能动我的胳膊----我实在是讨厌这个。 所以从我说的看来你能发现,我是一个普通人,但是有一件事就我最喜欢了 ----我狂迷足 球。 我在学校是班级队的队长并且我还是校队的一员。 因为这个我必须确保我的饮食健康, 并且就像我说的这不是问题,因为妈妈把我们喂得很好。

Module 2 Story of a drug addict My name is Adam Rouse. I'm 19 years old and I used to be a drug addict. I first started using drugs when I was 15. I bought cannabis from a man in the street. I continued to buy cannabis from the same man for about six months. One day, he offered me some crack cocaine. Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug. Some drug users inject cocaine, others smoke it. Both ways are dangerous. Users who inject the drug are also in more danger if they share needles with other users. Crack cocaine is the most addictive form of cocaine. Users become addicted to crack cocaine much more easily if they smoke it. Smoking allows cocaine to reach the brain very quickly. When I went back to the man again, I wanted more crack cocaine. But he asked me for a lot of money. I didn't have enough money so he didn't give me any drugs. I was in terrible pain. The next day, I broke into a house and stole a television and a video recorder. I took them to the drug dealer. He told me to take them to a shop in a nearby street. The man in the shop gave me some money. I took the money to the drug dealer and he gave me some more crack cocaine. Using cocaine increases the user's heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, cocaine users sometimes have heart attacks. Smoking c-co also causes anti-social behaviour. By this time, I was addicted to crack cocaine. If I didn't have any drugs, I was in terrible pain. And I had to steal something every day to pay for the drugs. One day the police took me to the police station. The next day, a doctor came to see me. He told me that I could die if I didn't stop taking crack cocaine, so I took his advice and determined to stop immediately. Now I work in a centre for drug addicts, helping others to stop taking drugs.

一个吸毒者的故事 我的名字是亚当.鲁斯。我今年 19 岁,曾经是一个瘾君子。15 岁时我第一次开始尝试毒品。 我从街上一个男人手中购买大麻。大约有六个月我一直从这个人手里买大麻。有一天,他给 了我一些强效纯可卡因。 可卡因是一种很容易让人上瘾的毒品。有些吸毒者注射可卡因,有些则吸入体内。两种方式 都很危险。如果那些注射毒品的人和其他吸毒者共用针头的话,他们也会有更大的危险。 强效纯可卡因是最能让人上瘾的一种可卡因。毒品使用者如果直接吸入体内的话会更容易 上瘾。吸入的方式可以让可卡因很快进入大脑。 当我再次回到这个男人那里的时候, 我想要更多的强效纯可卡因。但是他问我要很多钱。我 没有足够的钱,所以他就再也不给我毒品了。我痛苦得要命。 第二天,我闯进一所房子,偷了一个电视和录像机。我把它们带给那个贩毒的人。他让我把这 些东西送到附近一条街的一个商店。商店里的人给了我一些钱。我把钱给了毒贩,他又给了 我一些强效纯可卡因。 使用可卡因会增加使用者的心跳速率和血压。因此可卡因吸毒者常患心脏病。吸食强效纯 可卡因也会引起反社会的行为。 到此时我已经对强效纯可卡因上了瘾。要是我不使用,就会难受极了。我不得不每天偷东 西以此来购买毒品。终于有一天警察带我去了警察局。 第二天, 一位医生来看我。他告诉我, 如果我不停止吸食可卡因我可能会死, 我听取了医生 的劝告,立刻停了。现在我在一家戒毒中心工作,帮助其他人戒毒。

Module 3 Music The Great Composers of 18th Century Joseph Haydn(1732-1809) was an Austrian composer and is known as "the father of the symphony". Other composers had written symphonies before Haydn, but he changed the symphony into a long piece for a large orchestra. He was born in a village in Austria, the son of a peasant. He had a beautiful singing voice. After studying music in Vienna, Haydn went to work at the court of a prince in eastern Austria, where he became director of music. Having worked there for 30 years, Haydn moved to London, where he was very successful. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (l756-1791) was a composer, possibly the greatest musical genius of all time. He only lived 35 years and he composed more than 600 pieces of music. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. His father Leopold was a musician and orchestra conductor. Mozart had musical talent from a very early age. He learned to play the harpsichord when he was four, he started composing music when he was five, and when he was six, he played the harpsichord in a concert for the Empress of Austria. By the time he was 14, Mozart had composed many pieces for the harpsichord, piano and violin, as well as for orchestras. While he was still a teenager, Mozart was already a big star and toured Europe giving concerts. Haydn met Mozart in 1781 (49-25) and was very impressed with him. "He is the greatest composer the world has known," he said. The two were friends until Mozart's death in 1791. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770—l827) was born in Bonn, Germany. He showed musical talent when he was very young, and learned to play the violin and piano from his father, who was a singer. Mozart met Beethoven and was impressed by him. "He will give something wonderful to the world," he said. Beethoven met Haydn in 1791, but was not impressed by the older man. After they had known each other for many years, Beethoven said, "He is a good composer, but he has taught me nothing." However, it was Haydn who encouraged Beethoven to move to Vienna. Beethoven became very popular in the Austrian capital and stayed there for the rest of his life. As he grew older, he began to go deaf. He became completely deaf during the last years of his life, but he continued composing. 18 世纪的伟大作曲家 约瑟夫·海顿(1732 - 1809)是一个奥地利作曲家,被称为“交响乐之父” 。在他之前,也有其他作曲家写过交 响乐,但是他把交响乐曲改成了适合交响乐团演奏的长乐曲。 他出生在奥地利的一个村庄, 是一个农民的 儿子。他有着美丽的嗓音。在维也纳学习音乐之后, 海顿去奥地利东部一个王子的宫廷工作,在那里他成了 音乐指挥家。在那里工作了 30 年后,海顿搬到了伦敦。在那里,他非常成功。 沃尔夫冈.阿马德乌斯.莫扎 特(l756 - 1791)是一个作曲家, 或许也是历史上最伟大的音乐天才。 他只活了 35 岁, 却创作了 600 多首乐曲。 莫扎特出生于奥地利的萨尔斯堡。他的父亲利奥波德是一位音乐家和乐队指挥。莫扎特从很小的时候就已 经有音乐天赋。他四岁时学会弹拨弦键琴, 五岁时开始作曲,六岁时就在一场音乐会上为奥地利皇后演奏拨 弦键琴。 莫扎特到 14 岁时,不仅已经谱写了很多管弦乐曲,还谱写了许多拨弦键琴曲、,钢琴曲和小提琴 曲。莫扎特还在青少年时期就成了明星,在欧洲各地巡回演出。海顿在 1781 年遇到莫扎特,莫扎特给他 留下了深刻印象。 “他是世界上最伟大的作曲家,”他说。直到 1791 年莫扎特去世,这两人一直是好朋友。 路德维格.范.贝多芬(1770 - l827)出生于德国波恩。他年少时就表现出音乐天赋。他父亲是位歌唱家,贝多 芬从他那里学会了拉小提琴和钢琴。 莫扎特遇见贝多芬, 对他印象深刻。 “他一定会给世人带来美妙的音乐。 ” 他说。 1791 年贝多芬见到了海顿, 却未有很深印象。相识多年后,贝多芬说:“他是一个优秀的作曲家,却 贝多芬在奥地利首都很受欢迎,并在那里度 没有教会我什么。 “然而,是海顿鼓励贝多芬搬到维也纳的。 事音乐创作。

过了余生。随着年龄的增长,他的耳朵变聋了。在他生命的最后几年,他晚上丧失了听觉, 但他仍然继续从

Module 4 Fine Arts—Western, Chinese and Pop Arts This is a painting by the Spanish artist, Picasso, considered to be the greatest western artist of the twentieth century. Picasso and another painter, George Braque, started Cubism, one of the most important of all modern art movements. Cubist artists painted objects and people, with different aspects of the object or person showing at the same time. This painting by contemporary American artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923—1997) is a world famous example of pop art. Pop art (from the word "popular") was an important modern art movement that aimed to show ordinary twentieth-century city life. For example, it shows things such as soup cans and advertisements. Qi Baishi (1863 - l957), one of China's greatest painters, followed the traditional Chinese style of painting. Chinese painting is known for its brush drawings in black inks and natural colours. Qi Baishi observed the world of nature very carefully, and his paintings are special because of this. Xu Beihong (l895 -1953) was one of China's best-known twentieth-century artists. Like Qi Baishi, Xu painted in the traditional Chinese style. Both painters have a beautiful brush line. Xu Beihong believed that artists should show reality, but not just imitate it. Instead, a picture should try to show the "life" of its subject. He is most famous for his lively paintings of horses. I'm studying art at school, and I enjoy it a lot, although I can get tired of looking at pictures all the time. I'm crazy about the paintings of Qi Baishi, and this delightful picture of the little shrimps is such a lovely example of his work. But I can't stand that picture of a golden-haired girl. I think it's stupid. My parents are fond of going to art galleries and often take me with them, so I've developed an interest in art. I must say, I love that picture of the six horses. They look so alive. It's by a Chinese artist, isn't it! I can tell by the style. I think the painting of the young girl is probably by Picasso. I really like him. I think he's an extraordinary artist. 这是西班牙画家毕加索的一幅油画, 他被认为是 20 世纪西方最伟大的画家。毕加索和另一 个画家乔治·布拉克创立了立体派, 这是所有现代艺术流派中最重要的流派之一。在描述物 体或人的时候,立体派画家会同时展现对象的多个不同侧面。 这幅由当代美国艺术家洛伊.李奇登斯坦(1923 - 1997)所画的油画是波普艺术闻名于世的典 范。波普艺术(源自“popular”这个词)是一个重要的现代艺术流派, 着眼于展示 20 世纪普 通的城市生活。比如, 它会展示一些诸如汤罐头和广告之类的物品。 齐白石(1863-1957)是中国最伟大的画家之一,沿用了中国传统的绘画风格。中国画用毛笔蘸 墨和天然颜料画成,并依此而著称。齐白石对大自然观察得非常仔细, 他的作品也以此为特 色。 徐悲鸿(1953-l895)是中国二十世纪最著名的艺术家之一。与齐白石一样, 他也遵循了中国传 统的绘画风格。他们两个的作品都具有优美的线条。徐悲鸿认为艺术家应该表现现实,而不 仅仅是临摹它。 相反, 一幅画应该努力展示主题的 “生命力” 。 他以画生动形象的马而著称。 我在学校学习艺术,我很热爱艺术,虽然老看图会看腻。 我非常喜欢齐白石的画,这幅可爱的小 虾图就是展现他作品的生动例子。 但是我受不了那幅金发女孩的画。 我觉得看起来挺傻的。 我父母喜欢去美术馆, 他们经常带我一起去, 我因此对艺术产生了兴趣。 我得说,我很喜欢这 幅画了六匹马的画。它们看起来栩栩如生。这是中国画家画的,对吧?我可以从画的风格 上判断出来。我认为那幅年轻女孩的画可能是毕加索的作品。我真的很喜欢他。我认为他 是一个非凡的艺术家。

Module 5 Chinese Taikonaut back on Earth! China's first taikonaut, Lieutenant Colonel Yang Liwei, landed safely this morning in the Shenzhou V capsule in Inner Mongolia, 300 kilometres northwest of Beijing. Yang was in space for twenty-one and a half hours and made 14 orbits of the earth. "It’s a great moment in the history of China — and also the greatest day of my life," said Yang. When he was orbiting in the capsule, he took photos of planet earth. "Our planet is so beautiful," he said. The Beijing Space Control Centre said the flight was a "complete success". When Yang landed, Premier Wen Jiabao telephoned the Control Centre to offer his congratulations. When Yang took off from Jiuquan in northwest China at 9 am yesterday, China became the third nation to send a man into space. Yang is the 431st person to travel in space, including astronauts from 32 countries. In total, these astronauts have spent more than 26,000 days in space. While he was travelling in space, Yang spoke to two astronauts aboard the International Space Station, which is orbiting the earth, American astronaut Edward Lu and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko. Lu, whose parents were born in China, spoke to Yang in Chinese during his flight. "Welcome to space," he said. Malenchenko said, "I am glad there is somebody else in space with us. It's great work by thousands and thousands of people from China." Many countries around the world sent messages of congratulations. Sean from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the US said that Yang's space fiight was "an important historical achievement and NASA wishes China continuing success with its space flight programme". United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan called the flight "a step forward for the whole world".

中国中国宇航员返回地球! 中国首位宇航员杨利伟中校今天早上乘坐“神舟五号”飞船,在北京西北方向 300 公里处 的内蒙古安全着陆。杨在太空停留了 21 个半小时,飞船绕地球飞行了 14 圈。 “这是中国历史上一个伟大的时刻---也是我一生中最伟大的一天,”杨如是说。当他在太空 舱内绕地球飞行的时候,他拍了很多地球的照片。 “我们的星球是如此美丽,”他说。 北京航天指挥中心评论说飞行“圆满成功” 。杨着陆后, 温家宝总理打电话给控制中心表示 祝贺。 昨天上午 9 点,杨在中国西北部的酒泉起飞, 中国成为世界上第三个把人送入太空的国家。 在来自 32 个国家的宇航员中,杨是第 431 位太空旅行者。这些宇航员总共在太空待的时间 已经超过了 26,000 天。 在太空飞行时, 杨与两位正绕着地球飞行的国际空间站上工作的宇航员---美国宇航员爱德 华·卢和俄罗斯宇航员尤里·马伦琴科通了话。爱德华·卢的父母出生在中国, 他用中文与 飞行中的杨利伟交谈。他说: “欢迎来到太空。 ”马伦琴科说,“我很高兴有其他人和我们一 起在太空。这是成千上万中国人们的伟大成就。 ” 世界上许多国家发送来了贺电。来自 NASA(美国国家航空航天局)的先.奥基夫说道,杨的 太空飞行是“具有历史意义的重要成就,NASA 希望中国宇航项目继续取得成功” 。联合国 秘书长科菲·安南称这次飞行是“全世界向前的一步” 。

Module 6 Film Review: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Martial arts films are often enjoyable but they are seldom great art. Now, to everyone's surprise, Ang Lee, director of a number of excellent films, has made a martial arts film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The result is a masterpiece. The film belongs to a type of Chinese story called wuxia (martial arts). These stories tell of nineteenth-century martial arts masters with unusual abilities. Wuxia films are popular in China, and they are now popular in the west too. The story takes place in the early l800s in China. A man and a woman, Li Mubai (played by Zhou Runfa) and Yu Xiulian (played by Yang Ziqiong), both masters of the martial arts, are in love with each other. But Xiulian had a fiance who has died. Because this fiance was a good friend of Mubai, Mubai feels that he cannot marry Xiulian. When someone steals Xiulian's sword, Mubai and Xiulian try to get it back. The action takes place on Peking rooftops, and in places as far away as the deserts of western China. As in the old wuxia stories, characters leap through the air every now and then, with beautiful, graceful movements, while audiences shout in surprise. Unusually, it is the female characters that interest us most. Brave, good and strong, Xiulian is the character we care about most. Beautiful Zhang Ziyi plays the part of Yu Jiaolong, a young woman who is not as good as she seems. The fight scenes between Jiaolong and Xiulian are some of the most exciting moments in modern cinema. But one cannot forget the wonderful Zhou Runfa, who is as good with a sword as he is with a gun. His romantic scenes with Yu Xiulian are very moving, as their eyes show all the love that they must not express in words. Films like this rarely reach the cinema. Go and see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It will make your heart leap with excitement at its beauty.

影评:《卧虎藏龙》 功夫片通常好看, 却难登大雅之堂。 令大家惊讶的是, 曾经拍了许多优秀影片的导演李安, 现在也拍了一部名为《卧虎藏龙》的功夫片。结果却是一部杰作。 这部电影属于中国武侠小说的一种。这些故事讲述的是 19 世纪那些有着非凡才能的武术大 师。武侠电影在中国很受欢迎,现在在西方也很受欢迎。 这个故事发生在十九世纪初的中国。一男一女两位功夫大师, 李慕白(由周润发扮演)和俞秀 莲(由杨紫琼扮演), 相爱了。但秀莲有一个过世的未婚夫。因为秀莲的未婚夫是慕白的好友, 李慕白觉得自己不能和她结婚。当秀莲的宝剑被盗之后, 慕白和秀莲试决心将其追回。故事 情节的发生地从北京房顶到西部大漠。 正如在古代武侠故事中一样, 影片中的人物不时在空 中跳跃并作出许多优美的动作, 观众看到这些时都发出了惊叫。 不同寻常的是,女角色最令我们感兴趣。我们最关注秀莲这个角色,她勇敢,善良和坚强。美 丽的章子怡扮演玉娇龙, 一个并不像外表看起来那么善良的年轻女子。 玉娇龙与俞秀莲之间 的打斗场面是现代电影里最为惊心动魄的时刻。但是谁也不会注意不到周润发,他真的很了 不起,他使剑和使枪一样厉害。他与秀莲之间的浪漫戏很感人,他们的眼神传递了所有的爱 意,这种爱是无法用语言表达的。 难得有像这样的影片在影院上映。快去看《卧虎藏龙》吧。其美妙的场景将会激起你的心 跳。



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2016高中英语必修1课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修一 ...铁在普通水中 方法: 1.在水管中加一半水,并在水管中放 2—3 枚洁净的铁钉...


外研版必修一全册课文翻译_调查/报告_表格/模板_实用文档。我认为是最好的翻译...2页 免费 外研版高中英语必修4课文... 1页 免费 喜欢此文档的还喜欢 外研社...


外研社必修课文翻译_英语_高中教育_教育专区。module 1 课文翻译module...Vocabulary 1.She is very 2. How (热情的) about helping her classmates. ...


外研社高二Book5精读课文与翻译完整版_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Module 1 The British...外研社高中选修6英语课文... 16页 1下载券 外研社 英语 必修2课文翻... ...


外研高中英语必修八模块二课文翻译_英语_高中教育_教育专区。外研高中英语必修八模块二课文翻译,纯手工制造。外研高中英语必修八模块二课文翻译 Reading –文艺复兴 对...


全册高中英语必修4课文逐句翻译(外研版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1.必修四 ...2.必修四 Module 2 Getting Around in Beijing 行在北京 Taxis 出租车 Taxis ...

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