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高二 级部 英语 学科 必修 5: 《

Unit2 The United Kingdom 》第 2


【预习案】 一、学法指导:
1.通过对教材课文的阅读,在课文中的具体情境中推断词义、词性,了解重要词汇的基本用法。 2.通过导学案的使用,以练促学,巩固内化重要的语言点,学以致用。 3.课堂上反复强调的重点难点部分做上着重号,特别强调的语言点可用红笔做上记号。

二、相关链接: 单词拼写 1. The two parties have been trying to unite (联合)since the New Year. 2. He treated the department like his own private kingdom (王国). 3. Anyone who knows how many provinces (省) there are in China, please raise your hand. 4. We are not sure whether she is planning to join the union (联盟). 5. The bank close to my home can supply you with foreign currency (货币). 6. He studied classical architecture (建筑学) and design in Rome about twenty years ago. 7.As a headmaster, more of his time is taken up with administration (管理) than with teaching. 8.That afternoon we saw that two of the fishing boats were prepairing to leave the port (港口). 9. Tokyo University is the most important educational institution (公共机构) in Japan. 10. The skin on her hands was hard and rough (粗糙的) from hard work. 三、我的疑问:

(预习自测) 【探究案】 一、 质疑探究: 探究点一:用恰当的介词填空 1. To his credit, he always help others. 2. The name of each place might be linked to its history. 3. He is a worker, and a poet as well. 4. LuXun is known as a writer in China. 5. He enjoyed the trip to Beijing. 6. Although I didn’t like driving, I bought a car for convenience. 探究点二:比较与辨异 用 divide, seperate 的适当形式填空。 1. England is separated from France by the English Channel. 2. They divided the money equally. 3. As we joined the big crowd, I got separated from my friends. 4. We divided the work between us. 用 attract 的适当形式填空。 In Beijing, there are many attractions,like the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Tian’ anmen Square. But what attracts me most is the Great Wall, which is also attractive to the foreigners. More and more foreigners are attracted by the beauty and come to China.

探究点三:完成句子 1. 用 convenience 的短语填空 A.It’s a great convenience to live in town. 住在城市里有很多方便 B. You can do it at your convenience .你可以在方便的时候做。 C. Many towns have camping places for the convenience of tourists.很多城镇 为方便游客而设立了野营场所。 2. A. It is greatly to your credit that you have overcome such difficulties.你们克服了 这么大的困难,值得表扬。 B. Such a student is a credit to his class.这样的学生是全班的光荣。 3. 用 conflict 的短语填空 A.The two companies came into conflict .这两家公司起了冲突。 B.Many of these ideas appear to be in conflict with each other.这些观念有许 多看上去似乎相互矛盾。 4. 用 leave 的短语完成句子。 A. Don’t leave the interpreters out in our invitation. 在我们的邀请中,别把译员漏掉。 B. Don’t leave a child alone in a room with an open fire. 房间里有裸露的明火时,不要让孩子独处其中。 C. They wore gloves so as not to leave any fingerprints behind . 他们戴着手套,以免留下指纹。 二、知识小结: 本课时为语言学习课,主要学习重要单词和短语,知识点如下: 核心词汇: rough, unwilling, consist, clarify, conflict, attract, accomplish, convenience, credit, unite, union currency, institution, nationwide,

词组: leave out, consist of, for convenience, keep one’s eyes open, divid...into, break away from. to one’s credit, the Union Jack, refer to, as well

三、 当堂检测: (多媒体显示) 四、 我的收获: (反思静悟,体验成功) 德学齐修 自主自强



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