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吕林八年级下Unit1 What

吕林八年级下 Unit1 What’s the matter? 一、 将下列词组译为英语 1、感冒 have a cold 2、发烧 have a fever 3、头痛 have a headache 4、背痛 have a sore back 5、胃痛 have a stomachache 6、喉咙痛 have a sore throat 7、躺下休息 lie down and rest 8、照 X 光 get an X-ray 9、割伤自己 cut oneself 10、量体温 take one’s temperature 11、喝一些加蜂蜜的热茶 drink some hot tea with honey 12、在切口上面敷些药 put some medicine on the cut 13、咳嗽 have a cough 14、远离电脑 away from the computer 15、没有移动 without moving 16、保持同一个姿势坐着 sit in the same way 17、多亏了某人 thanks to sb 18、看见某人正躺在路边 see sb lying on the side of the road 19、令人惊讶的是、、、to one’s surprise 20、挽救他自己的命 save his own life 21、心脏有问题 have a heart problem 22、认真考虑 think twice 23、期待某人做某事 expect sb to do sth 24、同意某人做某事 agree sb to do sth 25、考虑他自己 think about himself 26、 及时 in time 27、 陷入麻烦中 get into trouble 28、 立刻、 马上 right away/ right now 29、把、、、、放在公共车上 put sth onto the bus 30、在踢球伤着自己 hurt yourself playing soccer31、摔倒 fall down 32、 感到恶心 feel sick 33、把你的头向后仰 put your head back 34、头部受伤 get hit on the head 35、流鼻血 have a nosebleed 36、带某人去医院 take sb to the hospital 37、 晒伤 get sunburned 38、做某事有问题 have problems (in) doing sth 39、被 球踢到 get hit by the ball 40、在字典中查这个单词 look up the word in the dictionary 41、 爬山 mountain climbing/ climb mountains 42、 习惯做某事 be used to doing 43、冒险 take risks 44、失去生命 lose one’s life 45、 因为事故 because of accident 46、在危险状况下 in a dangerous situation 47、一块 360 公斤的岩石 a 360-kilo rock 48、他独自做某事 do sth by himself 49、活动他的手臂 free his arm 50、用完/用尽 run out 51、切掉他右半个手臂 cut off half his right arm 52、用某物做某事 use sth to do 53、用绷带包扎他自己 bandage himself 54、贴个创可贴 put a bandage on it 55、为了/以便 so that / in order to 56、失血太多 lose too much blood 57、爬下山 climb down the mountain 58、一本叫??的书 a book called? 59、离开 get out of 60、下好决心的重要性 the importance of making good decisions 61、意味着做某事 mean doing sth 62、掌管/ 管理 be in control of 63、继续做某事 keep on doing sth 64、放弃做某事 give up doing sth 二、用所给词的适当形式填空

1. They made ____________ (decide) to climb the mountains. 2. I’m sorry to hear the old man’s ___________ (die). 3. We should take good care of _______________ (our). 4. Bill is used to ____________ (live) alone. 5. The old woman has problems ____________ (breathe). 6. I get to know the _____________ (important) of keeping healthy. 7. Jim has a ____________ (stomach). He should lie down and rest. 8. Wang Dong was ____________ (surprise) that all the people agreed _______ (help) him. 9. Wang Dong’s parents expect him _____________(find) a job in their city. 10. Look! The car ____________ (hit) the tree. 11. He found himself in a very dangerous situation when _________ (climb) in Utah. 12.He wrote a book ___________ (call) “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”. 13.It’s too dangerous for the young kids to play near the river by ___________ (they). 14.Ann often goes to school without ___________ (have) breakfast. 15.My teacher tell us _________________ (not talk) in class. 16.We can see some boys __________ (play) basketball on the playground now. 17. Thanks to ______ (get) ready for it, we passed the exam. 三、句型转换 1、Kate had a nosebleed yesterday. (划线提问) ________ _______ ________ ________ _________ Kate yesterday? 2、He should drink hot tea with honey. (改为否定句) He ____________ __________ hot tea with honey. 3、You should see a dentist. (划线提问) _________ ________ I ________ ? 4、The teacher said nothing and left the classroom. (改为同义句) The teacher left the classroom __________ ________ _________. 5.I were surprised to meet my old friend in the street. (改为同义句) ________ ________ ___________,I meet my old friend in the street. 6. 1.What’s wrong with you?(改为同义句) ________ ________ _________ ________ you? 7.With the help of the new machines, we built the bridge in time. (改 为同义句) _________ ________ the new machines, we built the bridge in time. 8.The doctor asked David’s father to stop smoking. (改为同义句) The doctor asked David’s father to _________ ________ __________.


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