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2011年高考大纲版英语总复习知识点精讲精析与高考试题预测:Unit 6 Good manners

第一册 Unit 6 Good manners I.单元知识点全览 工欲善其事 必先利其器

高考须掌握的词汇: 1. ap010gy 2. faulty 3. introductiorl 4. cultural 5. impress 6.behaviour 7.advise 8.spiritual 9.impolitely10.extra 高考须掌握的短语:;for 3.on/about 4.out 7.about Ⅱ.考点过关 过关斩将 一马平川 考点详解 精剖细解 入巿三分 一、重点词汇 1.aimIogise/apologize vi 认错;道歉 eg: I apologized to her for stepping on her foot. 我因踩到她的脚而向她道歉。 相关链接:apology n.道歉用法拓展:apologize to sb.for sth-/dolng sth.因某事 /做某事而向某人道歉 make/offer an apology to sb.for sth.因为某事向某人道歉 accept/refuse an apology 接受/拒绝道歉 案例剖析 旁征博引 举一反三 考题 1 (典型例题 I must apologize not being able to meet you. C.with D.for 考题 1 点拨:答案为 D。apologize(to sb.)for sth.结构。句意为:“我因为没能接 你而向你道敢。” 2.introduce vt.介绍 eg:Tom introduced a new frl’end to me.汤姆向我介绍 了一位新朋友。 相关链接:introduction n.介绍;引进用法拓展:introduce sb.把某人介绍 给某人 introduce oneself 自我介绍 introduce sth .into…把……引进……(into 后通常跟地点名词作介宾 ) 特别提醒: introduce 与 recommend 区别在于:introduce 介绍……与……认识;recommend 向……介绍 或推荐……(带有个人倾向)。 eg:He recommended me a book on English study.他向我 推荐了一本关于英语学习的书。 考题 2 He seems to Jane. He knows her well. A. introduce to B. be introducing to C. be introduced to D. have been introduced to 考题 2 点拨:答案为 D。解答此题有两个难点:①in。troduce 的语态;②introduce 的 时态。 因 he 与 introduce 之间存在被动关系, 所以 to 后只能用被动结构;从后句 He knows her well. 可知 iBtroduce 的动作已发生, 若动词位于 seem(appear, be said. be reported)to 之 后时,且动作已发生,则应用动词的完成式。 3.course n.一道菜;过程;课程 eg: we had a dinner of four courses.我们的正餐有四道菜。 In the course of the experiment,he has been very confident.在实验过程中,他 很自信。 I took up a four-year course in English in the universl‘ty.我在大学里学了四 年英语课程。 I 用法拓展:in/during the course of 在……的过程中/期间 I in course of 正 在……中的 (as)a matter of course 当然之事,自然地 考题 3 (典型例题)--He is a man with many experiences. --Yes, the course of his long life, he has known many changes. A. in B. to C. on D. for 考题 3 点拨:答案为 A。in/during the course of.一在……期阍/过程中。句意为:“他 在漫长的一生中饱经沧桑。” 二、重点短语 4.for amoment 片刻;一会儿 eg: I was at a loss for a moment.我一时不知所措。 用法拓展:forthe moment 暂时,目前 in a moment 很快,立即 the moment(一 as soon as)一……就…… at the moment 用于进行时中,意为“此刻”;用于过去时中,意为“那时”。 考题 4-1 (典型例题 At the bad news,he felt puzzled for moment。then began to cry. A.the B.a C./ D.some 考题 4-2 (典型例题 Have you told Joan the news? —Yes.I told her I saw her this morning. A.the moment B.while C.until D.suddenly 考题 4—1 点拨:答案为 B。for a moment—for a while 一会儿;for the moment 暂时,

目前。句意为:“听到那个坏消息,他困惑了一会儿,然后开始大哭。” 考题 4—2 点拨:答案为 A。the moment 连词.引导时间状语从句,相当于 as soon as。 a visit to sb./some pI[1ee—pay sb./some place a visjt 拜访某人/某地 eg: I paid a visit to my old friend on my way home.我在回家的路上看望了我的老朋 友。 用法拓展:visit sb./some place 看望某人/参观某地 call on sb./caIl at some place 拜访某人/某地 drod in on sb./at some pIace 顺路拜访某人/某地 考题 5 (典型例题)I had meant to , but I had an important meeting to at tend. A. pay you visit B. pay visit to you C. pay you a visit D. pay visits to you 考题 5 点拨;答案为 c。pay sb.a visit—pay a visit to sb.拜访某人。句意为: 。我 本想去看您,但有个重要会议要参加。” 6.Would/sh 伽 ld Iove/like 想要,愿意 eg:ld love/like to have a cup of tea.我 想喝杯茶。 用法拓展:(1)WOUld Iike sth.想要某物(2)WOUld Iike/love to do sth.想要做某事 (3)would like do sth.想要某人去做某事(4)WOUld like/love to have done sth.(过 去)本来想要做某事,但没成功 考题 6 I would love to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a report. A. to go B. having gone C. going D. to have gone 考题 6 点拨。答案为 D。would lore/like to have done 表示“过去本来想做某事,但 没成功。”句意为:“昨天晚上我本打算去参加那个 晚会,但我得加班完成一个报告。” 三、重点交际用语 7.How/what about. ?“……怎么样?” 此交际用语常用来询问消息,提出建议或征询意见,后接名词,代词或动名词。 考题 7-1 How about the two of us __ a walk down the garden? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 考题 7-2 (典型例题 分)"What about having a drink?" " A. Good idea B. Help yourself C. Go ahead, please D. Me, too 考题 7—1 点拨;答案为 C。 the two of us taking a walk 是动名词的复合结构充当了 about 的宾语。 考题 7--2 点拨;答案为 A。what about having a drink?提出建议,Good idea.回应, 意为“好主意”。 四、重点句型 8.Thanks algain and 1 wish you alI the best.再次感谢并祝你万事如意。 用法拓展;(1)wish 用作及物动词,表祝愿时,常接双宾语。 eg: wish you success.祝你成功! wish you good luck.祝你好运! (2)wish 用作名词表祝愿时,只用复数形式。 eg: Best wishes(to you)!祝你一切顺利! give/send one's best wishes to sb.向某人致意 (3)wish+从句(从句用虚拟语气)eg: How 1 wish 1 were a bird.我多希望自己是只小鸟! 考题 8 ( 典型例题分 )-- You were brave enough to say no to him.

I wish I it like that. A. hasn't done B. didn't do C. hadn't done D. wouldn't do 考题 8 点拨;答案为 c。wish 后接从句,用虚拟语气。在此句中表示对过去情况的虚拟, 因此用过去完成时态。句意为: .“你拒绝了 他真是太勇敢了。我倒希望自己当时别那样 做。” 五、词语辨析 9.none,no one,neither,nothing none 用来指三者或三者以上的人或事,表示“毫无; 一个也没有”。在简略答语中用来回答 How many/How much 引起的问句。 no one 只能指人,不能指物,不与 of 短语连用.用作单数,相当于 nobody。在简略答 语中用来回答 who 引起的问句。neither 表示“两者都不”,可单独用,也可与 of 短语连用。 nothing 表示“没有什么事情或东西”,用作单数,在简略答语中用来回答 what 引起的问句。 考题 9-1 (典型例题分) It there anyone who is going to the Great Wall.? A. None B. No one C. No D. Not any 考题 9-2 (典型例题)--Is he content to accept our of fered price? Yes. He cares more about the quality. Money is to him. A. everything B. none C. nothing D. something 考题 9-1 点拨:答素为 B。回答 who 引导的从句,由 no one 与之相时应。 考题 9--2 点拨:答案为 C。be nothing to 意为;“不引起……兴趣”.“对……无所 谓”。句意为:“他对我们提供的价格满意吗?~是的,他更多地看重质量,价钱无所谓。” Ⅲ.语法归纳 精通规则 游刃有余 定语从句(三)限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句的区别 限制性定语从句不能用逗号与主句分开,它对先行词起限定或识别的作用.若去掉它,先 行词的意思就不明确;非限制性定语从句须用逗号与主句分开,它只对先行词加以解释或补 充说明,省去后不会影响主句的意思。 eg: My sister who lives in London is a lawyer.我的那个住在伦敦的姐姐是个律师。(不 止一个姐姐) My sister,who lives in London,is a lawyer.我姐姐住在伦敦.她是个律 师。(只有一个姐姐)非限制性定语从句的五个“不能” 1.非限制性定语从句通常不能用 that 引导。 eg: Ilike the book,which was bought yesterday.我喜欢这本书,它是昨天买的。 I like the book which/that was bought yesterday.我喜欢昨天买的那本书。 2.非限制性定语从句不能用 why 引导。要用 for which 代替 why。 eg: I had told them the reason,for which I didn't attend the meeting.我已经把理 由告诉了他们,因此我没有去开会。 I had hold them the reason why I didn't attend the meeting .我告诉了他们我不 去开会的理由。(限制性定语从句“the reason why…”是常见搭配。) 3.非限制性定语从句置于句首时,不能用 which 引导。关系代词 as 引导非限制性定语 从句位置比较灵活,可以放主句前,也可以放主句后。 eg: As I expected,he didn't believe me.正如我所预料的,他不相信我。 She heard a terrible noise,which brought her heart into her mouth.她听到一个 可怕的声音.这让她把心都提到嗓子眼了。 4.非限制性定语从句由“介词+关系代词”引导时.其中的关系代词不能用 as。 eg: He bought the car for more than$20,000,with which his father was angry.他 花两万多美元买了这辆车,他父亲对此很生气。

I finished my work ahead of time . after which I sat some time reading the newspaper.我提前干完了我的活,随后我坐着看了一会儿报纸。5.在非限制性定语从句中, 指人的关系代词作宾语时,只能用宾格 whom;不能用 who 替换,也不能省略。 eg: Do you know Tom,whom we talked about?你认识汤姆吗?我们谈到过他。 This book。which you can get at any bookshop,will give you all the information you need.这本书会给你提供 所有你需要的资料,它在任何一家书店都能买到。(非限制性定语从句中引导词在从句中作宾 语,无论指人还是指物都不能省略。) 考题 1 (典型例题 分) The famous basketball star, tried to make a come-back, attracted a lot of attention. A. where B. when C. which D. who 考题 2 (zoos, 济南模拟,1 分) is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month. A. h B. As C. That D. Which 考题 1 点拨:答案为 D。先行词是 the famous basketball star,在后面的非限制性定 语从句中作主语,所以用关系代词 who。 考题 2 点拨:答案为 B。非限制性定语从句中,as 作主语,置于句首,所以不能选 which。 句意为:“正如人人所知,月亮每月围绕地球转一周。” IV.专题探究 由点及面 由表及里 专题探究:about 的用法小结 专题详解: about 是在英语中常用到的一个词汇,可用作介词或副词.在学习中要弄清 楚其词性,然后才能清楚其搭配及意义。 1.动词+about+sth. about 在此表示“论及,谈起,涉及.着手”等意思:arrange about 安排.argue about 辩论。ask about 询问,bring about 带来,chat about 闲聊,care about 在意,complain about 抱怨,go about 着手,hear about 听说,inquire abOUt 打听,know about 了解,quar— rel about 争论,read about 读到,see about 负责处理.set about 开始。spea k_about 谈 起,talk about 谈论,think abOUt 考虑,trou— ble about 担心,tell about 讲述,worry about 着急。 eg: She inquired about my brother.她向我打听有关我弟弟的情况。 I must set about my packing.我必须开始收拾行装。 What are you chatting about?你们在聊什 么呢?形容词+about+sth. about 在此意思是“为……,对……”,接表原因的词:be anxious about 为……着急, be bad about 对……感到不舒服,be careless about 不关心…….be concerned about 关 心……'be crazy about 为……发狂.be excited about 为……感到激动'be happy about 为……而高兴.be mad about 为……发疯.be nervous about 对……感到紧张.be particular about 挑剔……,be thoughtful about 对……考虑周到的.be uneasy about 为……感到不 安。 eg:What。have you been busy about today?今天在忙些什么? You are certainly very thoughtful about others.你为别人想得太周到了。 3.在下列词组中,about 用作副词,后面不能接宾语。 come about 发生,get about(疾病、谣言)流行,turn about 转身,leave about 到处乱 放,put about 传播(不实的消息等),put one— self about 使……发愁。 V.考题类型一网打尽 蓦然回首 灯火阑珊 回顾 1 测试考点 9 ( 典型例题 made a call to my parents yesterday. To my disappointment, of them answered it.

A. either

B. none

C. neither

D. nobody

1. c 点拨: 因 parents 指两人·又因 To my disappointment 可知父母二人都未接电话. 故 选 C。 回顾 2 测试考点 4 ( 典型例题 ) The classroom is big enough we'll have to move if we have more students. A. for the moment B. on the moment C. in a moment moment , but D. for a

2.A 点拨:for the moment 暂时.目前;无 B 这种搭配;in a moment 立即,很快;_for a moment 片刻。一会儿。 回顾 3 测试考点 9 (典型例题)We asked John and Jerry, but could offer a satisfactory explana- tion. A. either B. none C. both D. neither of them

3.D 点拨:前面提到 John 和 Jerry 两个人,后面的 but 说明两个人都不能给出满意的解 释,故选 D。 回顾 4 测试考点 11 the way we work. A. about B. out (典型例题)The Internet has brought C. back D. up big chances in

4.A 点拨:bring about 带来:bring out 使显示;bring back 带回来;bring up 培养;呕吐。 句意为: “因特网给我们的工作方式带来巨大变化。 ” 回 顾 5 测 试 考 点 11 ( 典 型 例 题 分 )In order to change attitudes employing women, the government is bring-ing in new laws. A. about B. of C. towards D. on 5.c 点拨:表示对某人/某事的态度要用介词 to/towards。 Ⅵ.2011 年高考题预测 高瞻远瞩 占尽先机 一、考情预测 预测 1:course 的用法 预测根据:course 是高考大纲中明确规定要求考生四会的一个单词,且课后的单词表中 标出用作名词,意为“一道菜;过程;课程”,但大多数学生因为熟知 in/during the course of 短语,而容易忽视其他的意思。 命题角度预测:考查 course 作“一道菜;课程”的意义,通常会放在完形填空中进行, 根据给出的语境.在名词辨析中呈现。 预测 2:与 moment 有关的短语辨析及 the moment 用作连词 预测根据:与 momem 有关的短语有:for a moment 一会;立刻,for the moment 目前; 现在,at the mo ment 此刻,还有 the moment 用作连词,引导时间状语从句。这些是高考的 重点.也是学习的难点。

命题角度预测:与 moment 有关的短语辨析及 the moment 用作连词,引导时间状语从句, 一般会放在单项填空中进行。要求考生准确分清以上几个词组及会使用 the moment 相当于连 词使用的语法现象。预测 3:辨析:would,should love,like to do 预测根据:口语中表达“想要做某事”,经常用到的一个句型就是 would,should love, like to to sth. .并且此句型可以在后面的不定式中出现灵活运用,用 would,should love, like to have done sth.表示“本来想要干某事”。 eg: 1 would love to have gone to the cinema last night.昨晚我本想去看电影。 命题角度预测:此句型会放在单项选择中进行考查,通常以对话的形式设置于一个语言 环境, 然后考查此句型的一般形式, 对过去本来想干某事的表达及直接用 would, should love, like to 作答语的省略句式。 预测 4:非限制性定语从句 预测根据:定语从句是高中的重点语法之一,非限制性定语从句是其中难度最大的一部 分,也是高考语法考查的重点。 命题角度预测:非限制性定语从句会置于单项填空、完形填空或短文改错中进行考查, 为了增加考查的难度,有时在先行词或主句之间加上一些插入成分,以混乱考生的思维。这 时要清楚非限制性定语从句的使用原则和关系词的选择规定。 预测 5:话题预测 本单元的话题是 Good manners,要求学生了解好的餐桌礼仪,会表达如何道歉及对别人 的感激之情,因此在完形填空或阅读理解中,有关餐桌礼仪的话题会出现;而书面表达中, 写一封道歉或表达感激之情的书信的可能性较大。 二、考题预测 [备考 1]测试考点 8 How I wish I a large house with a beautiful garden. A. has B. had C. will have D. had had 1.B 点拨:wish 后加从句时用虚拟语气.在此句中表示对,现在情况的虚拟,故用一般 过去时态。 [备考 2]测试考点 9 --What is it in the box? A. None B. No one C. Nothing D.Nobody 2.c 点拨:nothing 是对 what 问句的筒略回答。 [备考 3]测试语法 She is always complaining, A. that B. which C. who D. it makes the others unhappy.

3.B 点拨:which 引导非限制性定语从句.代表前面主句内容。 [备考 4]测试考点 7 A. Without How about going out for a walk after supper? B. No.way C. No doubt D. I can't agree more

4.D 点拨:前面用 how about 提出建议.后用“再同意不过了”进行回答。 [备考 5]测试考点 6 --Do you want to go shopping? --ld , but Im too busy. A. love B. love going C. love to go 5.C: 点拨:I'd love t0.是 I'd love to g0 shopping.的省略形式。

D. love to

[备考 6]测试考点 5 On my way home, I my teacher. A. dropped B. dropped in C. dropped on on

D. dropped in

6.D 点拨:drop in 顺路走访,是个不及物动词词组,如后有宾语。须加介词 on(后接人) 或 at(后接地点)。 [备考 7]测试考点 9 --What's in the box? It's so light that little Tom can lift it. A. Nothing B. No C. None D. No one

7.A 点拨?回答 What's…?用 Nothing。 [备考 8]测试考点 8 The test is coming, I you suc cess. A. hope B. wish C. think D. believe 8.B 点拨:表示祝愿用 wish。


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2015届高考英语二轮专题精品复习资料系列专题五 短文改错

2015届高考英语二轮专题精品复习资料系列专题五 短文改错...2011 课标 2012 课标 2013 课标 2014 课标 动词 is good manners to refuse or accept ...


应试技巧、临考知识梳理_高三英语_英语_高中教育_...(时代) arms(装备) manners (礼貌) works(作品) ...9. 对高考考试说明上所列的前缀和后缀要烂熟于心,...


2012大纲全国卷高考数学(文... 2012年高考新课标理科...6页 1财富值 高考名师预测英语试题:知... 暂无评价...Grandma to pay attention to our table manners. ...

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