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1. I have lost my umbrella; I'm looking for 2. I have lost my umbrella; I think I must buy 3. The umbrella you bought is cheaper than bought.

. . I

1. it代替同一事物,即同名同物。 I like the car, but I have no enough money to buy it. 2. one代替同名异物中的任何一个,即同名异物. I like cars, but I can’t afford to buy one. 3. that代替同名异物中特指的事物. The doctor in our school is younger than that in their school.
(替代词that在该句中特指“The doctor in their school ”, 以区别“The doctor in our school ”)

1. The doctor in our school is younger than that in their school. (that代替 )

2. The weather of this week is worse than that of last week. (that代替 ) 3. A chair made of steel is stronger than one made of wood. (one代替 )
区分:one为泛指, 相当于a/an+名词; that为特指, 相当于the +名词。

1. Mary's handwriting is far better than
2. I haven't a pen. Can you lend me_____?

of Peter.

3. If I can stop her coming to you, I shall do_____. 4. The information on the Internet gets around more quickly than in the newspaper. 5. This bag is too small. Please give me a bigger 6. The air in the countryside is fresher than . in cities.

7. My shoes are the same as

you wear yesterday.

8. There were a few young people and some older the house.

1. The water in the cup is hotter than it in the pot. 2. The computers in your office are more expensive than those in our school. 3. The pronunciation of the English words is quite different from it of the French words. 4. The library of our school is bigger than one of yours. 5. The car which I want to buy is much more beautiful than it he has. 6. Do you need my pen? No, thanks. I have got it. 7. Today's cellphones are smaller than that used in the past.




this 在替代方面的用法区 】,,,别 都可用来替代上文所提到的事物, 英语里的 this, that, one, it 和 so 都可用来替代上文所提到的事物 但用法 差别很大...

it ,one, that的用法及练习

it ,one, that的用法及练习_英语_高中教育_教育专区。it ,one,the one, the ones, that, those 用法归纳及巩固练习关于that,one, it,those 的用法和区分 厦...

one,the one,that ,it的区别

One, the one, ones, the ones, that, those 与 it 的指代用法近年来在高考中既是重点也是难 点,区分度较高,同学们解答此类试题,要区分空格处是特指还是...

It和 one的用法及区别

It one的用法区别_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。It 和 one 的用法区别在英语句子中,为了避免重复,可以用 that, it, one 代替上文出现的普通名词。但是...


it,one,ones,that,those 的区别用法 it,one,ones,that,those 的区别用法 为使表达简洁明了,我们常用 it, one, ones, that, those 等替代词来替代前面已 经...


中考英语必备itonethat的用法与区别(超有用老师整理)。itonethat的用法与区别今日推荐 157份文档 2015国家公务员考试备战攻略 ...


itonethat的用法与区别itonethat的用法与区别隐藏>> it/one/that 的用法和区别 it/ 三者均可用作代词, I. it/one /that 三者均可用作代词, 指代...


it、that、one辨析及各种用法并附对应练习_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。one 表示...It; when 答案: B 三、it, onethat 作替代词的用法区别 it, one ...

初中it, one,that,those的用法

初中it, one,that,those的用法_英语_初中教育_教育专区。I. it/one /that ...(替代词 that 在该句中特指“the umbrella I bought”, 以区别“the ...


the one D. it Keys: 1 --- 8 ABCDCCAA it,one,ones,that,those 的区别用法 为使表达简洁明了,我们常用 it, one, ones, that, those 等替代词来替代...

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