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高中英语 Unit5 Reading课件 新人教版必修1

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela
---a modern hero
The struggle is my life !
---Nelson Mandela

Revise the words and expressions lawyer guidance legal fee passbook hopeful youth league stage vote attack violence

equal willing unfair quote release in trouble out of work as a matter of fact turn to lose heart Elias Johannesburg Youth League

Elias’ story
What is his story about?

A.Strangers B. Friends

C. Father and son
D. Teacher and student

What’s the connection between them?

1.What’s the relationship between Mandela and Elias? A.Strangers B. Friends C. Father and son D. Teacher and student 2.What is the general idea of the story? The story is about __________ . A.the poor life of black people in South Africa.

B.the life of Mandela.
C.Elias' life changed before and after he met Nelson Mandela, and what Mandela did. Elias met Mandela.

Read the passage carefully and complete the chart. The life of Elias’ before he met Nelson Mandela: He was a poor ______ worker in South Africa. black passbook Because he didn’t have a _________to live in Johannesburg, he would probably become _____________. out of work Black people’ problems: the jobs They couldn’t ______and get _________they wanted. vote poorest They had to live in the _________parts of South grow food Africa. No one could _________there. Elias’ life after meeting Mandela: correct papers Mandela told him how to get ______________so that he could keep his job. He _______the ANC Youth League. He helped joined Mandela __________some government buildings. blow up

P35 Comprehending
Read these statements . decide whether they are true or false and give a reson. True False

1 Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble. 2 Elias left school because the school was too far from his home . 3 Nelson Mandela helped him to keep his job.

4 Elias trusted Nelson Mandela and he joined the ANC Youth League .
5 Elias was willing to blow up government buildings. 6 Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people .

Difficult sentences Read the quotes from Nelson Mandela
1.The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached stage where we have almost no rights at all. 过去30年来所出现的诸多法律剥夺了我们的权 利,阻挡了我们的进步。直到今天,我们还处在 几乎什么权利都没有的阶段。

2. ...we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important , or fight the government. We choose to attack the laws. We first broke the law in a way which was peaceful; when this was not allowed... only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.
···我们被置于这样一个境地:要么我们被迫接受低人一 ··· 等的现实,要么跟政府作斗争。我们选择向法律进攻。首 先我们用和平的方式来破坏法律,当这种方式也得不到允 许时,···只有到这个时候,我们才决定用暴力反抗暴力 ···

The passage quoted Nelson Mandela’s saying in order to______

A. attract reader’s interest and attention B. tell the background information C. list some facts about Mandela D. show Mandela’s political goal

Retell the story according to the key

1. Elias was a poor black worker in South Africa. 2. The time when he first met Mandela was a very difficult period of his life. 3. He could not read and write well. 4. He worried about whether he would become out of work. 5.After he met Mandela, his life changed. For example, he became more hopeful about his future. 6.In 1963 he helped Mandela blow up some government buildings. 7.He was happy to help because he knew it would help them achieve their dream of making black and white people equal.

? Read the passage. ? Recite the first paragraph.



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