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Module 2 Highlights of My Senior Year Section Ⅱ Grammar (1) & (2), Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary (2) & (3), Listening and Vocabulary, Function, Speaking, Everyday English, Writing 课文理解 词汇妙记 词语解读 句式分析 测试现场 课 文 理 解 英汉对照 疑难点拨 英汉对照 疑难点拨 英汉对照 疑难点拨 词 汇 妙 记 Ⅰ.用方框中所给词汇的适当形式填空 slogan, ability, issue, activity, develop, photography, tradition, keen, outdoor, attract 1.A ________ is a custom or belief that has existed for a long time. 答案 tradition 2.If something is the ________, it is the thing you consider to be the most important part of a situation or discussion. 答案 issue 3.When something ________, it grows or changes over a period of time and usually becomes more advanced, complete, or severe. 答案 develops 4.________ are used in advertisements and by political parties and other organizations who want people to remember what they are saying or selling. 答案 Slogans 5.________ is the skill,or process of producing photographs. 答案 Photography 6.Your ________ is the quality or skill that you have which makes it possible for you to do something. 答案 ability 7.An ________ is something that you spend time doing. 答案 activity 8.If you are ________ that something should happen, you want it happen very much. 答案 keen 9.If something ________ people or animals, it has features that cause them to come to it. 答案 attracts 10.If you enjoy ________ activities, this is the trip for you. 答案 outdoor Ⅱ.补全短语 1.________ ________ ________ I'm concerned 就我而言 答案 as far

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