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上海牛津高二第二学期unit1Reading What is beauty

What is beauty?




DoWhat you Which think do these people things people seem should do to try to become try stupid to become or more reasonable

attractive? more beautiful? to you? Why?



Skim the transcript and divide it into several parts according to their main ideas.
P a rt ra .1 1
ra . 2 P a rt 2 P a ra . 3
(line 1~5) (line 6~9) (line 10) (line 11~16) (line 17~18) (line 19~25)

Present the topic—beauty SL's opinion EC's opinion

P a ra . 4 P a rt P a ra . 5 3 P a ra . 6 P a ra . 7
P a ra . 8 P a rt 4 P a ra . 9 P a ra . 10 P 5 11 Pa art ra .

(line 26~29)
(line 30~32) (line 33) (line 34~36) (line 37~38)

The argument Take calls from listeners

Part 1 (Para.1): Present the topic—beauty

1. What is happening here? What is this place? A radio program called Head to Head is being broadcast in the studio. 2. Who are the three women present? Mary, Sue Leslie and Elizabeth Cade. 3. What are they? Mary: The host of a radio program called Head to Head. SL: A former model & now a businesswoman EC: A writer & lecturer

Part 2 (Para. 2): SL's opinion

Part 3 (Para. 3~6): EC's opinion

In today's world, it is important to look your best best.

People should be happy with themselves, regardless of how they look.
the dangers of the obsession with looks

ways for "beauty"
what you eat 1. watching ___________ 2. keeping yourself _____ fit cosmetic surgery 3. having _____________

disorders ? eating _____________ surgery ?cosmetic _____________ feelings ?unhappy _____________

pain and suffering for beauty Different ways for "beauty"
bottom ribs 1. removing her ___________ neck 2. stretching her __________ ear lobes or lip 3. stretching her __________

Part 4 (Para.7~10): The argument In today's world, it is important to look your best. free to go 1. People are ____ to ______________. the health studio 2. People enjoy _____ going to ______________, the health studio whose courses make feel younger them ___________.

People should be happy with themselves, regardless of how they look.

Bad phenomena :

1. Millions of women alter their
bodies to be more beautiful.

2.Society judges people
by their appearance.

Part 5 (Para.11): Take calls from listeners Pair work In today's world, it is important to look your best. If you're the audience of this program, and you're going to willyou happen during make a call,What what would like to express about "beauty"? theSue, rest of theor radio Do you support Elizabeth neither of them? Why?

People should be happy with themselves, regardless of how they look.

1. suffer to do sth. 2. go to (great) lengths to do sth. 3. a writer and lecturer 4. start with 5. look one's best 6. cosmetic surgery 7. be up to sb. 8. be happy with 9. regardless of 10. put / place emphasis on

? 为做某事而受苦/遭罪 ? 不遗余力做某事 ? 一位作者兼讲师 ? 由…开始 ? 看上去最美 ? 整容手术 ? 取决于某人 ? 对…感到高兴 ? 不顾,不管 ? 强调

11. the obsession with sth. 12. be obsessed with sth. 13. fit society's current ideas 14. give sb. a perspective on sth. 15. have one's bottom ribs removed 16. stretch one's ear lobes 17. endure considerable pain and suffering 18. be free to do sth. 19. look as if 20. ten years younger

? 对…的痴迷/着魔 ? 痴迷/沉迷于… ? 符合社会现在的观点 ? 给与某人对…的看法 ? 使某人最下面的肋骨去除 ? 拉长某人的耳垂 ? 忍受相当大的痛苦和折磨 ? 随心所欲做某事 ? 看上去好像 ? 年轻10岁

21. just to do sth. 22. judge sb. by /from sth. 23. set out

? 仅仅为了做某事 ? 以某物判断某人 ? 陈述;阐明



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