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Lesson Design
Unit 2 Coincidences

Reading 3 The Lucky Silk scarf
My theoretical basis is schema theory and top-down model.

Ⅰ Teaching material analysis

About the book: A Good Read 2 is intended for young adult learners. It promotes fluent
and effective reading through specially-written texts, extensive coverage of reading strategies, and an explicit focus on lexical development.

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Students’ analysis: Low intermediate young adult or adult learners from the city Teaching Time: 45 minutes

Ⅱ Teaching Aims
1, Knowledge Aims A) By the end of the lesson, the Ss will have s better understanding of the meaning and the structure of the text, and can grasp the useful words and expressions such as escape, remind sb of sth etc. B) Based on the cognition and understanding of the text, the Ss will know how to learn autonomously. 2, Ability Aims A) To train the Ss ' ability of identifying the general idea in the fast reading, Information-gathering and summarizing in the intensive reading B) Develop their reading skills as scanning, skimming, guessing the new words from the text. 3, Emotional Aims A) Through discussing the topic about friendship to motivate the Ss' keen interest in learning English. B) To train the Ss' ability of unity and cooperation with each others. C) To cultivate the Ss' sense of helping the others who are in need.

Ⅳ Teaching methods and study ways
A) Task -based language teaching and communicative approach and simulations. B) Independent reading discussing and cooperating. Teaching aids: Multimedia facility, a type recorder. Teaching important points:

1. Master the usages of the useful words and expressions above.

2. Improve the students’ reading ability. 3. Let the Ss search for some useful information on the internet on their own.
Teaching difficult points:

1. The usages of some words and expressions. 2. How to train the students’ reading ability in learning the text. Ⅴ Teaching procedures: Step 1: Lead-in and pre-reading (2 activities 7minutes) A) At the very beginning, the T will play a short film with Chinese-English subtitles about the text's background about The World War Two.
B) T will show several pictures and then ask the Ss to guess what the story about. a, Two friends who meet coincidentally . b, A young girl who helps old people. c, An old lady who loses an expensive scarf. Step 2: While-reading. (20minutes) A) Fast reading to get the main idea of each paragraph. B) Careful reading to deepen the Ss' understanding of the text. a, T will ask the Ss to read the first paragraph and check their hypothesis of step 1. b, And then let the Ss to read each paragraph, predict the pictures for the next paragraph. Step 3: Consolidation (6 minutes, pair work ) 1, Ask the Ss to read the passage again, discuss and answer two questions as follows, a, What were the coincidences in the story? b, Do you know of similar or bigger coincidences? 2, Based on step3 1, ask the Ss to complete the exercise on page 9-2 No.5.Then T check the right answers for them. Step 4: After reading (Group work, 10minutes) A) Listening the whole passage first. B)Discussing: Ss are divided into several groups of 3 or 4, then they are required to fill in the blanks on the screen, and are encouraged to imagine he responses of the two old ladies after they met each other in the text. C) Thinking: Ss are asked to thinking the little girls' attitude towards the two old ladies ' friendship in their young age.

Ⅵ Homework(3minutes)
A)To write a short passage about 80 words on the situation of after the two old ladies meeting each other in the house. B)To make role-plays in the group of 3 after the class, T will check it next class time.


Blackboard design Self-reflection

This is a text referring to the low intermediate students, so it is not too difficulty for them to

understand it by them. Throughout the whole teaching process, I put listening, speaking, reading and writing into it, to make the class away from dull and monotonous situation. However, during the discuss process; I should let the whole class under my control, and to create a better atmosphere for the students to study. What's more, let the whole class instead of individual involved into my class is the most important thing to me.



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