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Part 1 Teaching Material
“Learning a Foreign Language: Twice as Hard?”is a reading passage from New Senior English for China Book of Senior 3 Unit 8. It is important in this unit,if the students master well,they can benefit a lot from this part.

(一) Teaching Aims 一
1.Knowledge objects Learn some useful expressions and sentences

2.Ability objects
Develop the students’learning language ability 3.Emotion or moral objects Let students know that“No pains,no gains.” Diligence is the key to success

(二)The Important and Difficult Points
1.The key points : Learn some useful expressions and sentences 2.Difficult Points : How do the students use the characteristics of the successful learners to improve their English study?

Part 2 Analysis of the students
They have their own opinions and attitudes.The knowledge in textbook is not enough for them,for arousing students’ interest,the teacher should relate the knowledge in the textbook to their daily life.


Part 3 Teaching Methods& Teaching Aids
Teaching Methods: Method of lecture(it embodies the teachers’ dominate position) Task-based Language Teaching (it can give students a clear and specific purpose.) Teaching Aids: tape recorder, the blackboard, projector

Part 4 Learning Method
Self-study method: it trains them the ability of looking up information by themselves,and makes them more confidence .

Part 5 Teaching Procedure
Step 1. Lead-in. (5min) 1. Ask the students to read the vocabulary learnt in last class Motivation,instruct,data,academic,comprehension, in other words; take risks/ a risk; experiment with; piles of; make sense of…. 2.Ask them the following questions: 1). What languages can you speak? How long have you been learning English? 2). What difficulty do you have in learning a foreign language? 3). How did we learn our mother tongue? 4). How is learning a foreign language different from learning our mother tongue?


Purpose of design: Lead-in and preparation for reading Step 2 Pre-reading(2min) Let them skim through the question on the screen Purpose: Have some ideas of the text

Step 3 Reading(30min)
1.Careful reading with these questions ,then finished them(5min) 1). Most children have mastered their mother tongue. A. at the age of five B. by the age of eight C. before they are five D. since they were five 2). The sentence “Life is a very successful language school” means . A. we are equipped with a special ability to learn language B. the key to learn the language well is to communicate with the people around us C. parents can give children language lessons D. people can learn the language by themselves 3). In fact, we learn English much faster than we may have thought because ________. A. A lot of people are born with a special ability to learn a foreign language. B. English learning always takes place in class. C. Communicating with people often takes too much time. D. We can get a lot of help and the learning is more efficient.

4). The text tells us that successful language learners______. A. spend as many hours studying English as they do their mother tongue. B. always have different plans for their learning C. want very much to become translators and interpreters. D. are usually very impatient in learning a language. 5). From the text we can see _______. A. The stronger the motivation is, the more quickly a person will learn a foreign language. B. Interest, curiosity, willingness and confidence are more important than anything else. C. We’ll find it easier to learn English if we can learn something from successful language learners. D. Both B and C. C,B,D,B,D 2.Find out the main idea of each paragraph (5min) Para.1 The environmental factor of learning mother tongue. Para.2 Different opinions of language experts. Para.3 The difference between learning mother and learning a foreign language. Para.4 The characteristics of successful language learners. Para.5 Different learning ways of successful language learners.

Para.6 The importance of the purpose of learning. Finally,the answers will be given on the screen. 2.Explain and memorise the useful expressions and

sentences(10min) twice as hard,most puzzling of all ,be equipped with ,be born with an ability ,share quite a few characteristics, distinguish A from B, be confident in/have confidence in……… 3.Listen to the tape and then read the text aloud. Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation.(7min) 4.summary(3min) (1). the characteristics of the good language learners. They are interested in understanding their own thinking, curious about the world, willing to take chances and confident in their ability. Successful language learners also use different ways of learning and plan their studies in order to deal with academic challenges. (2).the useful expressions and sentences communicate with sb./sth. make sense of adjust oneself to sth. / adapt to sth. regardless of not all / both / every---- =all / both / every----not---Purpose: Further master the lessons of the key points

Step 4



Review the new words and sentences Write an article about how to learn a foreign language. Purpose of design: I want to improve the ability of their writing. At the same time, train the ability of do-it-yourself .

Part 6 Blackboard design
Learning a Foreign Language

Summary 1. The characteristics of the good 2.Useful
language learners sentences expressions and

interested in understanding their communicate with sb./sth. own thinking,curious about the make sense of adjust oneself to sth. / adapt to world………. sth……..


1.Review the new words and sentences

2. Write an article about how to
learn a foreign language




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