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Good Morning, class. Today is very special for I’m going to have a lesson in front of so many teachers. Feeling nervous, I skipped breakfast this morning. Have you eaten breakfast yet? Yes. Good boy. Your mum will be glad to hear that. Though most of you have formed the habit of having top meal of the day, I am definitely sure that some of you may not have breakfast or skip breakfast for this or that reason just like me. Compared with breakfast eaters, the persons who don’t have breakfast regularly are called breakfast skippers. Yesterday you wrote a short composition based on this topic. Now let’s look at it again. 最近的一项调查表明,浙江大约 30%的中学生没有吃早餐的习惯。请你说明此现象发生的原因,并就此发表个人看法, 提出相关建议。词数:120 左右 According to the description, how many parts should this passage be made up of? Three. The first part is phenomenon description. In the second part we should list some possible reasons leading to this phenomenon. And the last part should contain our personal opinions and suggestions. (板书: phenomenon; reasons; comments) Now let’s focus on the first part. I think one sentence is enough to describe the phenomenon. Now take out your written work. First I’d like you to share your writing with your groupmates and choose the best sentence of your group and then show it to the whole class. (展示几位学生的第一段现象描写的句子) Which sentence do you think is the best? Their sentences are concise and to the point, which reflect the principles of writing. Concise means write with no unnecessary words. (板书: Be concise; To the point ) While writing we should keep them in mind.

Now I show you some sentence structures and you can refer to them as a reference. (展示教师准备好的句子) 1.最近的一项调查表明. ? A recent study shows… ? According to the recent survey … ? Recently, a survey has carried out, showing that… ? …haven’t formed / developed the habit of having breakfast. 2. Now let’s come to the second part: the possible reasons why middle school students don’t have breakfast. ( 请学生说说他们写的作文中的原因, 教师板书: lack of time, be in a hurry, study late and get up late; have no appetite for ( …spoil one’s appetite ); be on a diet ( keep slim; lose weight) Yes, you have thought of more reasons than I had expected. But can we put all the reasons into our short passage? Sure, we should choose some and leave some out. But how to connect them coherently and smoothly is a big problem. (板书:Be coherent and smooth). If a piece of writing is coherent, its parts are connected in a clear and reasonable way. Now please discuss in groups and each group chooses the best written one, which should be concise and coherent. (学生讨论,之后展示几个好的样本) Now let me show you some expressions as a reference. (教师幻灯片展示:表示原因:) ? There are several reasons accounting for this phenomenon. ? A number of factors account for / lead to / contribute to / result in this phenomenon. ? The reasons for this phenomenon can be listed as follows.

? The most common reasons given for skipping breakfast are lack of time, no appetite for food, not being hungry or being on a diet. 3. Now let’s come to the third part: comments. Though this part is open-ended, we also can get a clear clue. First we should show our attitude towards the phenomenon, for or against. And then illustrate your point of view with some details. Finally, offer your suggestions. (板书:comments: viewpoint; supporting details; suggestions) What’s more, if we want to get a high score, we should polish our sentences and use more different sentence structures and proper connections, which will help to make our composition take on a new look. Now please share your writing with your groupmates and choose the best one. (展示学生作业,点评) Do you think it’s a good sentence? How to improve it? Which expression is better of them two? (教师展示幻灯片上的句子) Viewpoint: ? Having no breakfast does great harm to our health. ? Not having breakfast tends to have negative effects on your health. ? Never shall we underestimate the importance of having breakfast. ? Breakfast is of vital importance.

Supporting details: ? It helps put energy and vitality into the beginning of the day. ? With proper breakfast, you will feel energetic and will not get tired easily. ? Having no breakfast will usually make you eat more for lunch and dinner and crave for snacks, especially sweets, so that your motive of losing weight by skipping breakfast stays unachievable. ? It is scientifically proven that teenagers who have breakfast will have better concentration, problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination. Also they will be more energetic, creative and alert. Suggestions: ? Try to grab something to eat if you’re in a rush and make it nutritious. ? Let’s begin our day with a healthy / hearty breakfast for the sake of our health and study. ? Do yourself a favor by getting up early enough to have a healthy breakfast. Your body and your grades will reflect the change. When examining and polishing the sentences, all of us have noticed that you have used some proper connections to link the sentences together, making the passage more smooth and logical. That’s great. You have done a good job. Now please reread your own writing and try to correct the mistakes and polish the sentences and then copy it on the blank sheet. Remember: Good handwriting also counts! (板书:Be neat) Now let’s appreciate the polished version.

板书设计: Part 1: Phenomenon lack of time be in a hurry Part 2: Reasons study late and get up late have no appetite for… be on a diet (keep slim, lose weight) Part 3: Comments Viewpoint Supporting details Suggestions Connections: smooth logical Principles of writing 1. Be concise 2. To the point 3. Be coherent& smooth 4. Be neat breakfast skippers


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