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广东省阳东广雅学校2014-2015学年高中英语《Unit1 Women of achievement》教案(4)新人教版必修4

Period 4
Step 1. Check the homework Step 2. Word formation

Word formation

1) Fill in the chart with a suitable verb or noun form. Pay attention to the connection between them. (p.4 Ex. 2) 2) Check the answers 3) Work in groups to discuss how verbs can be changed into nouns. -ment agree--appreciate--admit--tour---ation -ion -ist move--examine--educate--separat e---

Step 3. Words and expressions explanation. Words: connection, behave, worthwhi le, observe, argue, inspire, achieve, campaig n, dress, deliver, inten d Phrases: move off, lead a…life, crowd in, put sb. /sth. to death, look down upon/on, carry on, refer to Step 4. Exercises 1) Complete the sentences with the words in their pro per forms. (1) A sense of (achi eve) is very important for a student. achievement (2) It is strange that the old l ady is (dress) in red. dressed (3) His life (devote) to helping the poor. was devoted (4) It is worthwhile (walk) to work every day. walking (5) The school being built is ( intend) for the homeless children. intended ( 6) He observed her face (turn) red. turning 2) Complete the passage.( P42 Exercise 2) Step 5. Assignment Fill in the blanks in the exercises on page 4 of the students book

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