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2012深圳牛津版新版七年级上Unit 6 练习

Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

Unit 6 Traveling around Asia
选择填空 I.从下面每小题的 A.B.C.D 选项中选出可以替换划线部分的最佳选项。 1. Tom and Jack will go to se

e their teacher next week. B.visit D.write to

2. He crossed the street and got on a bus at the bus stop. A.went across B.walked down C.went to D.went after

3. Shenzhen is a modern city that young people love to live in it. A.old and small and fashion C.interesting D.boring

4. My grammar doesn’t know how to read a guide. A.a guiding book B.a magazine C.a story D.a novel

5. The house is in the center of the city. A.on the right B.on the left the middle the bottom

II.从下面每小题的 A.B.C.D 选项中选出可以填入空白处最佳选项。 1. I am looking for a new flat, but this ____is too small for me. B.ones D.a

2. If winter_______, can spring be far behind? A.coming B.comes C.come D.came

3. You should be quiet when you ___in the reading room. A.will be B.don’t be C.aren’t D.are

4. ____is the weather like tomorrow?---It will be sunny. Let’s go ______together. A. How, to cycle B. What, to cycle C. How, cycling D. What, cycling

5. He usually____TV at night. But he ____ a book yesterday.,read,read, reads,reads

6. What do you think of______?--It’s a beautiful country and ____are very friendly. A. Germany, Germans B. Germany, Germen C. German, Germany D. Germen, Germany

7. Australia is famous ___ kangaroos, right?---Yes, I saw ___ of kangaroos there last summer. A.for, hundred,hundred C.for, hundreds, hundreds

8. How ___is your school from here?---It’s about ___hour’s walk. A.long, a B.long, an C.far, a D.far, an

Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

9. ____you go to the zoo yesterday?---Yes, I saw some animals,___ tigers, pandas and monkeys. A. Do, such as B. Did, such as C. Do, for example D. Did, for example

10. I’ll not return the book to you_____ you come here before nine o’clock. A.if B.unless C.or

11. If you don’t want to go running, I_______. A.won’t, too B.also, don’t C.won’t,either D.also, neither

12. If the teacher ____me,____me at once. A.need, tell B.needs, tell C.need,telling D.needs,telling

13. He tired his best to _____ who broke the window, but he _____. A.find,failed B.find out, succeeded C.find, succeeded, D.find out, failed

14. There ___ many beautiful buildings, bridges and ponds. A.are C.will have D.have

15. He is one of the best basketball ____in his team and he ____play football well. A.player, also B.player, too C.players, too D.players, also

16. Hurry up,______ you will be late for school. A.and B.or D.but

17. The gardens here are ____ from others.---I think so. They are very_____. A.different, beauty B.the same, beauty C.different, beautiful D.the same, beautiful

18. You can visit Hongkong____many modern buildings. A.seeing see C.saw D.seen

19. ____the Ocean Theatre, ____can watch a dolphin show. A. At, visit B. On, visitor C. At, visitors D. On, visitors

20. Are these ____ places_____?--- No, they are all natural. A.special, man-made B.interest, man-made C.special, man-make D.interest, man-make

填空题。 用括号内单词正确形式填空。 1. If we have time, we will go to visit places of ___________(interesting) in China. 2. Turn left and go in that ________(direct) as the sign says. 3. In winter, I really hate___________(get)up early.

Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

4. Children love the ________(natural) very much. 5. France is well _______(know) for its wonderful wine. 6. The mountains there are all very _________(beauty). 7. We have a lot of ______________(traditional) in China. 8. Many _________(tour) come from all over the world to visit Guanrzhou. 9. Next year, they plan to build many tall _______________(build) in town. 10. Shanghai is one of the _______________(large) cities in the world.

书面表达。 请以“Welcome to ______City”为题,写一篇 60 词左右的短文,介绍一个你熟悉的旅游城市。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________



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