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The Miami heat, was founded(成立) in 1988 and joined the NBA。 05-06, 11-12, 12-13NBA Championships (总冠军)

Lebron James 2009 - 2013 in five years to win 4MVP (NBA

most valuable player.) In 2012 won the career(生涯) first NBA championship and the NBA finals(总决赛) MVP and a gold medal in the Olympics(奥运金牌). equalling(追平) Michael Jordan's record in 1992 . In 2013 won the NBA championship, for 2 consecutive years(连续两年) won the regular season (常规赛)and finals MVP, is Michael Jordan, the history of the NBA

Darin Claisen hereby

America designer(设计师) Darin Claisen hereby marked Lebron James's new design. Mark retention(标志保留了) of the iconic (标志性的)crown graphics and his name the first letter (首字母)"L", "J" is set(相集), and the continuation of the concise style consistent.(并延续一贯的简洁风格)

MVP(all star全明星)


American Airlines Arena(美航球馆)

The Miami heat's home stadium(主场 球馆), built(建成) in 1999, can accommodate(容 纳) 19600 spectators.

Eric - Siboersitela

Eric - Siboersitela current (现任 )heat coach, won two championships, often won the best coach (最佳教练)

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