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【人教版】必修二:Unit5 Music reading课件

1.Do you like music? 2.What kind of music do you like? 3.What other styles of music do you know?

Warming up

A traditional Christmas song, Choral which is often sung in the church on Christmas Day.

Country music is popular music in the style of music from the southern and western US.

A popular music
in the style of music form the southern and western US.

A style of music that
was popular in the 1950s, and has a strong loud beat.

It was born in the US around 1890. It was sung by black people and its roots in Africa.

Classical music
Classical music---Music that people

consider to be serious and has been
popular for a long time.

Orchestra---A large group of people playing all kinds of musical instruments among together.

Chinese Folk Songs
Folk music---It has been passed down

from one generation to another. At first it
was never written down. People learnt it from their parents. Most of the songs are

about country life, the seasons, animals,
and about love and sadness in people’s life.

1.How do you feel when you listen to the different kinds of music?
I feel … 2.Do you feel the same? 3.What kind of music makes you feel better? 4.Why do you like to listen to music?

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert.”

Classical music Rock ’n’ Roll Orchestra n. Orchestral adj. Orchestral music 古典音乐 摇滚乐 管弦乐队;交响乐团 管弦乐的 管弦乐,交响乐




Folk music jazz Country music

说唱者 民歌 爵士乐

合唱的 合唱曲;合唱团

Choral adj. Chorus n.

1.What is music band?(search the
definition of music band) 2.What do you know the band in the

world or in the china?

What is music band?
? Is a group of musicians; ? Create or play music together; ? They are true music lovers.

Have you heard about any of the famous bands in the world? List some if you have.
Beyond Backstreet boys Big bang EXO Tfboys


Backstreet boys



The Monkees

Do you know anything about The Monkees?

? A Famous Band
? Rock & Roll
? Popular between the 1970s and the 1980s

? Daydream Believer

A big hit!

1.The title is “THE BAND THAT WASN’T”, what do you think of it? Guess what the passage will tell you. 2.Can you guess the meaning of the title ? 曾经不是乐队的乐队。

Fast reading





1.How many musicians were there when the band was formed at the beginning ? A. Four B. Three C. Two D. One 2.The monkees started their career by playing music ______ A. in the street B. in the subway C. on a TV show D. in a studio 3. The music that the monkees played was based on ______ A. their own music B. the Beatles C.classic music D. Folk music

Careful reading
The 1st Paragraph: A General Introduction The 2nd Paragraph: How bands are formed

Questions:Please read paragraph 2carefully and think about those questions. 1. Who are many American bands formed of? 2. Why do they play music to the passers-by in the street or subway? Answers: 1. They are formed of high school students. 2. Because they can earn some extra money or they can use the money to pay for their instrument.

The 3rd Paragraph: The Monkees’ Starting Days Question: 1. What did the band usually do in the TV show? 2. Could they be called a band in the beginning? Why? Answers: 1. They played jokes on each as well as played music. 2. No. Because they could neither sing nor write songs themselves.

The 4th Paragraph: The Monkees’ Best years Questions: 1. When did they become serious about their music? 2. In 1996 they produced a new record. What was it for? Answers: 1. A year after they united. 2. To celebrate their time as a real band.

Read and get the main idea of the passage.
? The passage is generally on The Monkees’ road towards success. At first they didn't know how to sing or how to write songs themselves. But at last they learned to write and sing songs very well and became a real success.

1. Surf the internet to find more about “band”. AND Write a short passage to introduce your own band. 2. Finish the exercises on page 35.
3. Review the new words and phrases on the passage.


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