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北师大版高一英语:unit10 your money 导学案


Your money 导学案


A tip:All that glitters is not gold. 闪闪发光物,未必都是黄金。 学习目标:1.掌握以下单 puzzle,software 和以下词组: For a start, what is m

ore, think twice, make a living, take a look at,It is…that…等(A 级) 2.理解文章中 para.4-5 重要句子;(B 级) 3.能较好地理解课文 para 4-5。(C 级) 学习重点:以上单词,词组以及重要句型的理解掌握。(C 级) 单词拼写: 级) (B 1 Children like to go to the park for __________(娱乐) 2 The box c________many bools is very heavy. 3 The boy b__________well at school and was praised. 4 While in the tree,try to keep your b__________. 单项选择(C 级) 1 If you want to learn skating,it is important to learn______ yourself.
A to keep to balance skate B to keep balancing C to keep skating D to keep to

2 There are too many difficulties for us _________.We really don’t know ______ to do.
A to deal with;how B to do with;how C to deal with;what D to do with;that

3 At last twenty people were injured in the car accident,three children________. A contained B included 新授课: StepI:单词检测,听写单词(A 级) ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ StepII:短语翻译---背一背。 级) (B


containing D including

1 if so _______________

2 for a start _______________

3 make a living ____________ 4 develop local economies_______ 5 take a look at ___________6 what is more ____________ 7 think twice ______8 imporve the lives of local people______ StepIII:阅读并翻译课文 4-5 自然段,并背诵下列句子。 级) (B 1 In fact, it is you who have the most important role to play in stopping Yellow River erosion.
2 For a start , it can buy you a tree, which will help make soil stay on the land. 3 On land with rich soil,local farmers can grow crops to make a living.

4 All this started with 5 yuan! StepIV 课文句子解析。 (B、C 级) 1You may agree with this point of view. 【辨析】(1)agree with +某人(sb)或表示“意见,看法”的词。 : 赞同…,同意…;与……一致(相符)(气候,食物等)适合… ; (2)agree to sth 表“提议,办法,计划”的词 (proposal,method,plan) (3)agree on \upon sth.双方或多方就……达成共识 (4)agree with sb.on sth.对某事跟某人意见一致 (5)agree to do sth 同意做某事 及时反馈:用 agree with , agree on , agree to 填空。 (1)The food does not (2)I quite (3)His story (4)Both sides (5)We
A can’t agree with

me. 这食物对我不适合。 you. 我完全同意你的意见。 the facts. 他的陈述与事实相符。 these terms. 双方都同意这些条件。

leave early. 我们同意早点出发。
B can’t agree C quite agree with D quite agree

【选一选】1)Sorry,I really________you. 2)--Do you agree _______what he said? --Yes,I could’t agree_________. A with;him B to;more C with; more D to;with

2 In fact, it is you who have the most important role to play in stopping Yellow River erosion. 翻译:____________________________________________ 该句为 ,其结构为: 。 强调句可以对句子中谓语以外的任何成分进行强调。 Eg: He has taught English for three years in this school

It is he who has taught English for three years in this school. It is English that he has taught for three years in this school. It is for three years that he has taught English in this school. It is in this school that he has taught English for three years.
你能说出以上例句都是对原句的什么成分进行了强调吗? 及时反馈: (句型转换,对划线部分强调) 1)I met him in the factory where I worked ten years ago. ______________________________________________________ 2)I was walking in the street when it started to rain. ________________________________________________________ 3)--Was it in 1963______the American astronauts succeeded _______landing on the moon? --Yes,that’s right. A when;on B that; on C which; in D that ; in 3 For a start , it can buy you a tree, which will help make soil stay on the land. 【导学】 :for a start =to start\begin with 首先,第一 翻译:1.一开始,大家一起唱了首歌。 ,everyone sang a song together. 2.开始我们有九名会员。 We had nine members to 我没有足够的时间。 _________________________________________________________



4 what is more 而且,还有,更重要的是 【课文原句再现】___________________________________________ 【链接】what’s worse (worse still)更糟糕的是 What for ? So what ? 为何目的,为何理由 那又怎么样呢? ,he was What if …? 要是……将会怎样? 翻译:他半夜才回家,而且,还喝醉了。 He came home after midnight, and drunk. 5 China’s seond longest river 中国的第二长河 【课文原句再现】__________________________________________ [用法归纳] 1)China’s seond longest river 作 the Yellow River 的同位语。不能说成 the China’s seond longest river. 2)表示第几大、长、宽…用定冠词/形容词性物主代词/名词所有格…+序数词+形容词最高

Eg: her third beautiful doll/the first longest 【及时反馈】 :He told me that was_______________________ (他这一年第二长的假期) 单项选择(C 级) 1.It is Dave William_______runs a website _______he D.that; encoueages people to protect the environment. A. who; what who 2.—We have planned to set out tomorrow. --________ it rains tomorrow? A. Even if B. As if C. How if D. What if 3.I advised him to _______ _______ before deciding to quit school. A. think twice B. think about C. think of D. think over 4.In the _______ of most people, there will be a good harvest

B. that; which C. who; where

this autumn.A.opinion 5
A If not B If so C

B. look C. thought D. idea
why not D What if

Will you have a free evening tonight?_______,let’s have a dinner together.



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