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七年级上册英语Unit 7第七课时导学案(段文兵)

上课班级 主备教师 教 学 目 标
知识与 能力 过程与 方法 情感态 度与价 值观

七(2)、七(3) 段文兵 副备教师 叶碧洁

Unit 7 School clubs 的 Reading 部分 2014 年 12 月 23 日星期 二


熟悉 Rosie Bridge School 丰富的社团活动,口述一般过去时的基本结构 通过略读和找读等策略深入理解课文 培养参与社团的积极性 了解一般过去时的概念 核心词汇及语法 一些图片 PPT 分组讨论法 教师授课过程(教师活动) 学生学习过程(学生活动) 学生完成 What do you know?部分的图文 配对练习 教学意图 引出单元话 题

教学重点 教学难点 教具准备 教法运用 学法指导 基本环节

导入 新课


初 学 新 课

Read written language in meaningful 1. Using modals to chunks make a polite ? Recognize recurrent patterns in language request structure Using formulaic expressions to express ? Identify details that support a main idea exclamation Scan a text to locate specific information


让学生想一 想身边的社 团,勾起他们 对本单元话 题的兴趣


I. 引 导 释 疑

1. Free talk: 1) Did you have a good time during the winter holidays? 2) What about the Spring Festival? 3) Did you get lucky envelops? How much money have you got? ?


Open an interaction by greeting someone in a appropriate manner Maintain an interaction by asking and responding to others’ opinions Close an interaction by using appropriate formulaic expressions

Let students master the new words easily.





拓 展 学 习

Understand the connection between ideas by identifying linking words or phrases ? Recognize recurrent patterns in language structure. Recognize the presentation of ideas through headings, paragraphing, spacing, italics, bold print and punctuation


Maintain an interaction by asking and responding to others’ opinions Maintain an interaction by acknowledging, agreeing or disagreeing, replying, asking questions, adding or giving examples, explaining and using formulaic expressions


学生认读和 理解单词,找 读文章,提取 文中关键信 息。

当 堂 检 测

Part one ? School: Club name: ? Time: v. 消失 n.机器人 v. 参 加 n. 火箭 adj. 惊讶的 ? How many clubs does the 及 时 掌 握 和 article talk about 解课堂教 Where does solar power 了 学效果 come from?

课 堂 小 结

disappear [?dis??pi?] robot [?rob?t] attend [?'tend]

rocket [?r?kit] surprised [s??pra?zd]

Understand intention, attitudes and feelings stated in text by recognizing features 。

Ss can understand what they learn in this lesson.


1. 模仿录音的语音、语调,朗诵课文; 2. 抄写单词和短语; 3. 完成《综合练习册》P108

规则变化 原形 attend launch ask

过去式 attended launched asked

不规则变化 Learn learnt Say said Take took Are were

教 学 反 思

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