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2015-2016学年高中英语 Module1 Vocabulary and reading课件 外研版选修6


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. damage encourage impress prepare recognise

1. The singer was really good! She impressed __________ me a lot!
2. He had an accident and damaged his bicycle. __________

3. Don’t shout at the children. You
encourage them to do better. should ___________ prepare for your 4. Make sure you _________

English examination. Do more homework!
recognised a boy 5. At the party, I _____________

who used to attend my school.

Read the passage and decide what kind of book it is from. A. an English teaching book B. a business course C. a book which tells you what to do at social event D. a book to help you prepare for a speaking examination


1.It is quite difficult to develop the social skills.

2. If you don’t want to damage you confidence then you should avoid some topics to strangers.

3. If you want to impress other people, don’t talk too much.

4. You shouldn’t ask any question while other people are speaking.

5. Changing the subject is necessary as a


6. Not all the flowers are welcomed by the host.

7. Wherever you go, you’d better find out the social

rules there first.

situations you may meet in Give some ____________
social your daily life and tell us _________
__________ are very important and they skills are ___________ to learn. easy

Learn how to do small talk Develop your Learn the learning skills


prepares you for more serious Small talks ________ conversations __________ . You should be prepared _______ and have

some _______ low-risk conversation openers
ready ______.For example, you can think of a recent news story or tell people about your studies _______ _______. In

order not to damage your confidence ________ you
“Safe” things and avoid should talk about _______
topics talking about some ________ to strangers

Communication is a _________ two-way process– it ________ involves speaking And listening. You will
impress people if you ______ don’t talk too much. By ________ gestures you can using encouraging _________ noises and ________

show that you are _______. listening You should use
positive body language. There are also some _______ look away don’ts. For example, you shouldn’t _____ ____

from the person who’ s talking to you and don’t
change the subject or _______ _______ finish other people’s

sentences for them.

If you go to a ______ social ________ occasion in another
rules can be country, remember that social _____

______. In some countries, you have to different arrive ___ ___ at a party: in other counties, on time

you don’t need to.___ ______, you need to In addition
stay Also, in know how long you should ____.

some countries, you _______ mustn’t take flowers of
certain color, because they are ________. a _______ unlucky

find ____ out first. Whatever it is, you should ___

1. According to the article, should people plan what they’re going to say at parties? Yes, they should prepare some topics to talk about.

2. What do people think about

those who talk too much?

They are not impressive…

3. Describe two things you shouldn’t do in a conversation.

Look at your watch; yawn..

4. Why is it a good idea to nod and smile when the other person is talking?

To show that you are listening.

5. What does the quotation from Benjamin Disraeli tell you about people?

People like talking about themselves.


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. yawn nod avoid lack smile

1. When I meet strangers, I don’t like to talk about

avoid answering personal myself, so I _______
questions. 2. There are very few foreign visitors to my town,

lack the opportunity to meet people so we _______
from other countries.

3. I said that we don’t have enough opportunity to speak English and he _____________ nodded his head in agreement. 4. I think the man I spoke to was tired—he _________ a lot. yawned 5. He looked very sad when I asked him about his

sighed when he answered me. home. He ___________
6. I felt very welcome when I arrived at the party.

smiled at me and shook my hand. The host ____________

Look at the phrases from the passage and answer the question.

1. If you can talk confidently, does this mean that you are worried about

talking to people? No, it doesn’t.

2. What kind of advance planning
could you do before going to a party in a foreign country?
You could find out what the social conventions are about arriving, leaving and bringing gifts.

3. Can you give an example of a lowrisk conversation opener if you were talking to a friend of your parents’, for example?
“Did you watch the Cup Final last Saturday?” / “Have you sent he new James Bond film?”

4. What encouraging noises and gestures can you make when you’re having a conversation in Chinese?

Smiling, nodding, saying

“yes” and “Oh, really?” etc.

5. What is an example of

positive body language?
Facing the person who is speaking and making eye


6. Are social rules the same in every country?

No, they aren’t.

Discuss your opinion about the following.
1. Which of the ideas in the reading passage do you

think are useful in your society?
2. Are there any conversation techniques that you

think you will use in the future?
3. Which of the listening skills are you good at?

4. Which of the social skills do you need to improve?
5. What are some of the usual small talk topics

in China?


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