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【江西专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(十一):Unit 1 Festivals around the world](新人教必修3)

课时作业(十一) [必修 3 Unit 1 Festivals around the world]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1. In the weeks before the Academy Awards ceremony, movie reviewers make predictions about which of t

he movies and actors ________. A.have awarded B.will award C.are awarded D.will be awarded 2.________not to drive after drinking, some drivers are still trying their luck, which is really dangerous. A.Being reminded B.To remind C.Having reminded D.Reminded 3.In the past few years thousands of films ________all over the world. A.have produced B.have been produced C.are producing D.are being produced 4.My mother seems________for a woman her age. A.enough energetic still B.enough still energetic C.still energetic enough D.still enough energetic 5.My son has gone abroad. I'm looking forward to him ________. A.return return C.returning D.returned 6.He was nominated(提名??为候选人) for the best actor ________. A.reward B.scholarship C.award D.result 7.________ is true ________ the manager's daughter was injured in the accident. A.It;that B.As;that C.What;as D.That;that 8.In several parts of the city, cars are not permitted, ________ in the main shopping areas. A.actually B.especially C.practically D.averagely 9.I am quite________the plan that we go out and enjoy ourselves on Sunday. honour of terms of view of favour of 10.In many people's opinion, that company, though relatively small, is pleasant ________. deal with B.dealing with be dealt with D.dealt with 11. The US has put pressure on the yuan, ________China argued that the RMB exchange rate is reasonable and balanced. B.while C.when D.which 12.The open?air ________ has been put off because of the bad weather.

A.occasion B.congratulation C.celebration D.challenge 13.The student________from the training so much that he was________the first prize in the event. A.benefited; benefited B.awarded; awarded C.awarded; benefited D.benefited; awarded 14.—They ________ have prepared for the meeting more carefully. —But they didn't.What a pity! A.shouldn't B.can't C.may D.ought to 15.Helen looked at________finished report with ________ satisfaction. A.a; / B.the; / C.a; the D.the; an Ⅱ.完形填空 Recently divorced and unemployed,I was on my way downtown to do the rounds of the employment offices.I had no umbrella,for my old one had__16__,and I could not__17__another one. I sat down in the__18__and there against my seat was a(n)__19__silk umbrella with a silver handle.I had__20__seen anything so lovely.I examined the handle and saw a carved__21__.The usual procedure would have been to__22__the umbrella to the conductor,but an idea__23__to me.I decided to take it with me and find the owner myself. (后续内容,请见下页。) 16.A.broken up B.gone away C.fallen apart D.faded away 17.A.afford B.borrow C.find B.bus D.train 19.A.ugly B.beautiful C.worn D.ancient 20.A.even B.always C.already D.never B.number D.brand 22.A.turn in off up D.carry away 23.A.occurred B.ran C.struck D.happened I got off the bus in a downpour and__24__opened the umbrella to protect myself.Then I__25__a telephone book for the name on the umbrella.I called and a lady__26__. Yes,she said__27__,that was her umbrella,which her parents,now dead,had given her as a birthday present.But,she__28__,it had been stolen__29__her doorstep a month before. She was so excited that I__30__I was looking for a job and went directly to her house.She took the umbrella,and her eyes were filled with__31__.She wanted to give me a__32__,but—though twenty dollars was all I had in the world—her happiness at regaining this__33__possession was

beyond words and I believed accepting her money would have__34__something.We talked for a while and I left. A week later,I got a job as a sales manager__35__.It might be my kindness that paid off.But who knows? 24.A.firmly B.suddenly C.casually D.thankfully B.searched D.used 26.A.appeared B.replied C.answered D.screamed surprise panic silence anger 28.A.assumed B.added C.declared D.announced 29.A.from C.beside D.of 30.A.mentioned B.forgot C.realized D.remembered 31.A.memory B.honor C.tears D.thanks B.position C.hug D.reward 33.A.expensive B.common C.rare D.special 34.A.bought B.ruined C.expressed D.enjoyed 35.A.immediately B.naturally C.hopefully D.unexpectedly Ⅲ.阅读理解 Former Irish President Mary Robinson was just making a polite conversation with an Ethiopian(埃塞俄比亚的)teenager about her wedding day.The 16yearold had already been married for a year.“She looked at me with the saddest eyes and said,‘I had to drop out of school’,” Robinson said in a telephone interview.“That conveyed to me the reality, ” said Robinson, the first woman to serve as Ireland's President and former U. N.High Commissioner for Human Rights.“Her life,as far as she is concerned,had more or less ended.” Robinson said keeping girls in school was one of the most important things policymakers could do to address the coming challenges of an ever?increasing population,predicted by the United Nations to reach 7 billion soon.“European countries are concerned about aging populations, but this is much less of an issue than the huge number of people which we are going to see over the next 40 years when the population goes from 7 billion to 9 billion,” she said.“Almost all of that increase will be in poor developing countries,so that we have a very big challenge.” Family planning experts worry in particular about the future population explosion in Sub? Saharan Africa.In May, the United Nations projected the world population would reach 9.3 billion in 2050 and 10.1 billion by 2100.Much of that growth will come from Africa, where the population is

growing at 2.3 percent a year—more than double Asia's 1 percent growth rate.If that rate stays consistent, which is not certain, Africa's population will reach 3.6 billion by 2100 from the present 1 billion. Joel Cohen , a professor of population studies at Rockefeller University and Columbia University in New York,said universal secondary education offered a way to reduce population in high birth rate regions.In addition to providing information about birth control , a secondary education teaches women to reduce their own fertility, improve the health of their children and allow them to move from a mindset of having many children in the hope that some will survive to improve the quality of each child's life,Cohen wrote in the journal Nature. 36.In the first paragraph,the author introduces his topic by________. an example B.explaining his opinions C.describing the poor education system D.coming straight to the topic 37.What can we learn from the passage? A.Robinson is happy after talking to the Ethiopian girl. B.Robinson is a successful expert in population studies. C.Robinson is worried about the population growth. D.Robinson encourages female education. 38.What is Joel Cohen's view about secondary education? A.It provides basic knowledge of health. B.It reduces aging population. C.It makes people pay more attention to education. D.It can change people's parenting ideas. 39. According to the passage, one of the most important ways to control high population growth is to________. A.let girls go away from Africa B.keep girls in school C.let young girls remain single D.keep girls in families

课时作业(十一) Ⅰ.1.D 考查动词的时态和语态。由 make predictions 可以看出,动作还没有发生,所以 用将来时,演员是被奖励的,所以用被动语态,故选 D。 2.D 考查过去分词作状语。remind 和其逻辑主语 some drivers 是动宾关系,也就是说, 司机是被提醒的。尽管被提醒不要酒后开车,一些司机仍然心存侥幸,这十分危险。 3. B 考查动词的时态和语态。 in the past few years 为现在完成时的标志, 主语 “thousands of films”和谓语动词“produce”为动宾关系, 所以用完成式的被动语态。 句意: 在过去的几年里, 世界范围内数千部电影被制作。 4.C still 应该放在被修饰的形容词前面,而 enough 应放在被修饰的形容词之后,所以 选 C,意为:足够的精力充沛。 5.C 考查动名词的用法。此处 to 是介词,其后 him returning 为动名词的复合结构。 6. C 考查名词辨析。 award 颁奖, 奖赏。 句意: 他被提名为最佳男演员奖的候选人。reward 酬劳; scholarship 奖学金; result 结果。 7.A 本句为 it 用作形式主语的句型,真正的主语为 that 引导的主语从句。 8.B 考查副词辨析。actually 实际上; especially 特别,尤其,其后可以接介词短语; practically 实际上; averagely “平均地”。句意:在城市的一些地方,特别是主要的商业区, 汽车是不允许进入的。 9.D 考查介词短语辨析。in favour of 支持。in honour of 为了纪念;in terms of 就?? 而言;in view of 鉴于,考虑到,由于。 10.A 考查主动表被动形式。在“be + 形容词 + to do”结构中,其后的不定式常用 主动形式。 11.B 考查状语从句的连接词。此处 while 意为:尽管。句意:尽管中国认为人民币汇 率合理平衡,但是美国仍对元施加压力。 12. C 考查名词辨析。 celebration 庆祝。 句意: 户外庆祝因为坏天气被推迟了。 occasion 时刻; congratulation 祝贺; challenge 挑战。 13.D benefit from 从??中获益;be awarded the first prize 被授予一等奖。 14.D 考查情态动词。句意:——他们本该更细心地准备会议的。——但他们没有这样 做。真可惜!ought to have done 过去本该做某事而未做。 15.B 考查冠词。第一空为特指“已完成的那份报告”,故用定冠词 the;第二空为抽 象名词,不填冠词。 Ⅱ.家庭的不幸、失业的压力和生活的窘迫并没有让我丧失道德,我将捡到的雨伞归还给 了它的主人。最终善有善报,我出乎意料地找到了一份销售经理的工作。 16.C 我没有雨伞,因为那把旧伞已经“散架”了。fall apart “破碎,散架;情绪失控; (组织)解体;(协议、关系)破裂” ,符合语境。break up“(使)破碎”;go away“离开;走开”; fade away“褪色;逐渐消失”。 17.A 由于离婚和失业,我买不起另外一把伞。afford 表示“买得起;能支付”。 18.B 根据第三段的开头“I got off the bus?”可知,我在“公共汽车”上坐了下来。 19.B 本句的后半部分提到这把伞是丝质银柄,由此可知这是一把非常“漂亮的”伞。 20.D 这把伞做工讲究,我以前“从未”见过如此可爱的东西。 21. C 根据第 25 空后面的“?for the name on the umbrella.”可知, 伞柄上刻有一个“名 字”。 22.A 这是在公共汽车上捡到的别人丢失的东西,正常的程序是把雨伞“上交”给售票 员。turn in“上交”。 23.A 我“想到”一个主意,决定自己带着雨伞找到失主。occur to sb“(主意或想法突

然)浮现于某人的脑海中”。 24.D 作者在倾盆大雨中下了车,由此可知作者打开这把伞遮雨时非常“感激”。 25.B 我从电话簿上“查找”雨伞上的那个名字。search“查找,搜寻”。 26.C 我拨通电话后,一位女士“接听”了电话。此处 answer 表示“接电话”。 27. A 突然有了雨伞的消息, 女士自然感到非常“惊讶”。 后三项分别表示“恐慌”“沉 默”“愤怒”,显然不符合语境。 28. B 此处 add 表示“补充说”。 assume“假定”; declare“宣布, 声明”; announce“宣 告,公布”。 29.A 这把伞一个月以前就被人“从”门阶前偷走了。 30.B 女士如此激动以至于我当时“忘记”了自己正在寻找工作,径直去了那位女士的 家。 31.C 女士接过这把雨伞后,眼中溢满了“泪水”。 32.D 根据本句内容可知,女士想给我钱作为“报酬”。 33.D 第四段提到这是女士已经去世的父母送给她的生日礼物,由此可知这是一把非常 “特殊的”雨伞。 34.B 我相信接受了她的钱就会“毁坏”某种东西。 35.D 下一句提到也许是我的善心有了回报,由此可知我“出乎意料地”得到了一份销 售经理的工作。 Ⅲ.人口的快速增长困扰着世界。有关人士指出,控制人口快速增长的一种方式就是提高 女性的受教育水平,进而改变人们头脑中固有的传统生育观念。 36.A 篇章结构题。在本段中,作者以爱尔兰前总统 Mary Robinson 与埃塞俄比亚的一 位已婚少女的交谈为例引入话题,所以 A 项正确。 37.C 推理判断题。第二段引号中的内容提到“欧洲国家担心出现人口老龄化问题,但 与人口快速增长相比,这算不了什么。几乎所有的人口增长都发生在发展中国家,这将是一 个巨大的挑战。 ”由此可推断她担心的是人口增长问题。 38.D 推理判断题。由最后一段的最后一句可知,Joel Cohen 在《自然》杂志中写到中 等教育可以改变人们的育儿理念。 39.B 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句前半部分中的内容可知,控制人口快速增长的最 重要的方式之一是让女孩儿上学。


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