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Unit 2
working the land
The first period Warming ,Pre-reading and Reading

Warming up 1.Have you ever been to the
countryside? what did you do there?


e you from a farmer’s family? what do you know about farming?

? Have you ever grow any plant?
? Do you know how to grow a plant? ?How do you think to grow our main food----rice?

plow the field

seed (播种)

insert the young plants into the field

fertilize (施肥)

irrigate (灌溉)

harvest (收获)

winnowing ( 扬 谷 )

A poem
by Li shen Farmers weeding at noon, Sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray,

Due to their toiling day.

select the weeds

plough the soil

turn over the soil

farming steps

sow the seeds

remove the weeds



? If tomorrow


Rice is the main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. What do you think would happen if tomorrow there was suddenly no rice to eat?

die of hunger

联合国粮农组织称:饥饿 每年夺去500万儿童生命



and Southeast Asian countries. What do ? Some 700,000 central a child somewhere ? every eight seconds, Americans are you think would happen if tomorrow suffering from hunger today, including in the world dies from starvation. More there children at risk ofrice to eat? 6,0006was suddenly no under the to death. than million children starving age of 5 die starvation ? If from happened, every year. most The African countries suffering that people there severely than 800 million peopleAnd ?would sufferfood shortage are Malawi, More from from starvation. in the Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia world whole country would get into the suffer from chronic malnutrition–-and Zimbabwe. 799 million of them are from the trouble. developing world. More than from About 24,000 people die every day 153 million of them are under the causes. Threehunger or hunger-relatedage of 5. fourths of the deaths are children under the age of five

Warming up International Facts on Hunger andRice is a main food in all East Asian Q1. Poverty(2002)

If you had the chance to do something to help end hunger in the world, what would you do ?

How to solve hunger?

preventing the pests from eating our crops improving the quality of the soil

developing the technology to…
making good use of the waste land

inventing a new kind of food…

Do something to help end hunger in the world!!!

Father of Hybrid Rice

Look at the title of the passage and the picture. What do you predict this passage is going to talk about? Then skim the passage to check if you were fight.

In the late 1990s, Brown, an American scholar, came up with the theory of Chinese Menace( 威胁), which said that in the 2030s, Chinese population will add up to 1.6 billion, and had the question who would feed the large population in China as well as in the world.

Just at that time, a Chinese scientist declared to the world that China can solve the problem by himself and help to solve the same problem in the world.

Scan the passage first to find more information. Name Yuan Longping Age 79 (as of 2009) ____________ ____________
Chinese Nationality _____________ agriculture scientist / farmer Occupation _________________________
graduated from Education _________ Southwest Agricultural College in 1953.

to export his hybrid rice Dream ___________________ so that it can be grown around the globe.
more than normal rice

In 1974, developed hybrid rice which produces 1/3 Achievement _______

violin music, mahjong, swimming, reading Hobbies ___________

1. Which of the following statements tells the main idea of the text? It ’s about____
A. a farmer named Yuan Longping

B. how Yuan Longping became rich and famous
C. an agricultural pioneer named Yuan Longping who worked hard to produce a new strain(种 类, 品种) of rice D. a new strain of rice which is called super hybrid rice

2.Find out the main idea of each paragraph and match the following headings(标题)to each paragraph.
A PIONEER FOR ALL PEOPLE Para1 A. Dr Yuan’s dreams. Para2 B. Dr Yuan’s personality(性格,个 性.) Para3 C. Dr Yuan’s biography(传记) Para4 D. Dr Yuan’s appearance and his achievement.

Careful reading
Q1: What does Dr Yuan look like?


He has a sunburnt face and arms and a slim, strong body. Q2: What is his achievement? He grows what is called super hybrid rice, which makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop(庄稼,农作物,产量) in the same fields.

Dr Yuan was born in_______,graduated from 1930 Southwest Agricultural College In 1950, Chinese _____________________in 1953. 50 farmers produced only _______million tons of rice. In a recent harvest, however , 200 million tons of rice was produced by growing _______________. He Searched for super hybrid rice expanding a way to increase rice outputs without ___________ the circulating area of fields. Now, he is ___________ his knowledge in

less developed countries.

Para 3
Which of the following description about Dr Yuan’s personality is not true? A. He is satisfied with his life because he is now rich and famous. B. He cares little about money and fame(名声). C. He would rather work than lead a comfortable life. D. He enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people.

1. What did Dr Yuan’s rice look like in his dream?
The rice plants were as tall as sorghum.

Each ear of rice was as big as an
ear of corn and each grain of rice was

as huge as a peanut.

① What good qualities do you think Dr Yuan have as a great scientist ? ② If you had the chance to do something to help end hunger in the world, what would you do ?

Suggested answers
1. Invent a new kind of plant to produce more food. 2. Find a sort of fertilizer to give rice enough nutrition(营养)and let them grow quickly and have high product 3. Stop the pollution to the environment and protect the soil in the field 4. Make good use of the waste land.

1. Finish the exercises in Learning about language. P 12

2. Retell the passage



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