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1、 ()How()they are working! A.hardly B.a hard C.hard D.a hardly 参考答案:C 2、 ()Can you finish()an elephant in two minutes? A.draw draw C.drew D.drawing 参考答案:D 3、 ()Do you know(

)she will go to the cinema with us? A.if B.where C.who D.which 参考答案:A 4、 ()I didn’t get up()Father came back from the factory. A.when B.until C.while D.because 参考答案:A 5、 ()We go to school every day()Sunday. A.besides B.except C.beside D.except for 参考答案:C 6、 ()The socks()mine. A.are D.were 参考答案:A 7、 ()When he was(),he left home to work in different cities. his twenty his twenty his twenties his twenties 参考答案:C 8、 ()It’s()now.Let’s hurry. A.half passed six B.thirty passed six C.half pass six D.half to seven 参考答案:C 9、 ()noisy they are making! A.What B.What a C.How D.How a 参考答案:B 10、 ()The elephant is()big that he can’t be put into()a small cage.,so B.such,so,such D.such,such 参考答案:C 11、 ()My clock doesn’t().Can you mend it for me? A.use B.move C.’walk 参考答案:D 12、 ()didn’t visit the Great Wall. A.One of the boy B.One of the boys C.One of boy D.One of boys 参考答案:B 13、 ()Granny Lin often()us()interesting story in the evening. A.tell,a B.tells,an C.tell,an D.tells,a 参考答案:B 14、 ()it was so cold,the boy went out without a cap. A.But B.When C.Although D.Because

参考答案:A 15、 ()Several()are still watching the traffic on May Day. A.hundreds polices B.hundred police C.hundred polices D.hundreds police 参考答案:B 16、 ()He bought()from a shop. old,blackwood,round table B.a round old blackwood table old,round,black wood table D.a round,blackwood,old talbe 参考答案:C 17、 ()travelers come to visit our city every year. A.Hundred of B.Hundreds of C.Five Hundreds D.Hundred 参考答案:C 18、 ()I’m very thirsty.May I have(),please? A.two cups of teas B.two cups of tea C.two cup of teas D.two cup of tea 参考答案:B 19、 ()My room is()the second floor. B.on 参考答案:B 20、 ()There are ten computers in the computer room.Three were made in Japan and()seven were made in China. A.another B.other C.the other D.the others 参考答案:C 21、 ()One day Jim walked along()towards his boat. A.sand B.the sands C.sands D.the sand 参考答案:B

22、 ()Have you picked up()rubbish and thrown it into a dustbin? A.more B.some C.much D.many 参考答案:D 23、 ()Thank you for()us so well. teach B.teaches C.teaching D.taught 参考答案:C 24、 ()None of us knows which floor()on. she B.she living C.she is D.did she live 参考答案:C 25、 ()He will stay here for(). and half month and a half month months and half and a half months 参考答案:A 26、 ()You are late.The film()for five minutes. A.has begun B.had begun C.has been on D.had been on 参考答案:C 27、 ()I borrowed a book()grammar()the library. A.on,to B.about,from C.of,in D.with,at 参考答案:B 28、 ()They waited()the bus came. B.until C.when 参考答案:A 29、 ()Will you make()with Tom? A.friend

B.a friend C.friends D.the friend 参考答案:C 30、 ()——What’s in the fridge?——There()some orange,some milk and some apples. B.are C.have D.has 参考答案:A 31、 ()Mr.Green gave us()on how to learn the language. advice B.advices C.some advice D.some advices 参考答案:C 32、 () —— Where are the smiths? I saw them this morning.——They () England for ther winter holidays. A.have been in B.have been to C.have gone in D.have gone to 参考答案:D 33、 ()The little boy wishes to be(). A.Lei Feng B.the Lei Feng C.this Lei Feng D.a Lei Feng 参考答案:D 34、 ()Either Li Lei or Jim()going to carry water for Grandma Li tomorrow. A.was B.were D.are 参考答案:C 35、 ()When are you going to leave()Kunming? A.of C.for D.towards 参考答案:C 36、 ()People are inventing new sports or games(). A.sometime B.some time

C.all the time D.whole the time 参考答案:A 37、 ()The famous scientists()Beijing two days ago. A.arrived B.have got to C.left D.have been away from 参考答案:C 38、 ()the school is! A.what big B.what a big C.How big D.How a big 参考答案:B 39、 ()The ice in the lake is about one metre().It’s strong enough to skate on. A.long B.high C.thick D.wide 参考答案:C 40、 ()Miss Gao,with John()going into the classroom. A.are C.will D.were 参考答案:B


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