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第 16 天

【句型 1】 We, therefore, can make clear from the above discussion that...“因 此,由上面的讨论我们可以明白……” 仿写:因此,由上面的讨论我们可以明白学习英语很重要。 We , therefore , can_make_clear_from_the_above_discussion_that_learning_ English_is_very_important. 【句型 2】 ...the + ...est + 名 词 + (that) + 主 语 + have ever +

seen(known/heard/had/read,etc) ...the most+形容词+名词+(that) +主语+have ever+seen(known/heard/had/read,etc) 仿写:①海伦是我所看过的最美丽的女孩。 Helen_is_the_most_beautiful_girl_that_I_have_ever_seen. ②张老师是我曾经遇到的最仁慈的教师。 Mr.Zhang_is_the_kindest_teacher_that_I_have_ever_had. Ⅱ.完形填空 I have been blessed with the opportunity in my life.It took the neardeath experience of my dad to make me realize that my purpose in life is to __1__ others.My dad suffered from leukemia(白血病) in 1998.__2__ the pain and treatment that he put up with inspired me to be a more kind and __3__ person.I realized life is just too __4__ and it was time for me to make some changes—do the things in life that I wanted to do without making __5__ why I couldn't do them. My dad__6__ a bone marrow transplant(骨髓移植) operation,and after that he was able to reuse his own “cleaned” marrow , so a donor( 捐 献 者 ) was not needed.That was excellent __7__ because donors who are a match are hard to come by.That __8__ me to become a bone marrow donor and hopefully help someone else one day.I also __9__ money for the cancer patients.Yet,I was not satisfied with just that.I had to do more,I __10__ blood every other month and seek opportunities to do other acts of kindness daily.The opportunity,some days,presents itself very __11__ and some days I have to seek it out.Either way,it comes.

I would like to__12__ one of my favorite quotes(名言)with you all: “In an average lifetime,a person__13__ about sixtyfive thousand miles.That's two and half times around the world.I wonder __14__ your steps will take you.I wonder how you'll use the rest of the __15__ you're given.” I want to use my miles to create foot prints of love in this world. 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文,爸爸与死神擦肩而过的经历使作者意识 到要在短暂的人生中多做善事,多给与别人,而不是找各种借口逃避。 1.A.advise 解析 B.ask D.understand

考查语境中动词的辨析。 根据后面的. ..hopefully help someone else one

day 可知,爸爸接近死亡的经历让我意识到我的人生目标是帮助别人。 答案 C B.Watching D.Bringing

2.A.Suffering C.Discovering 解析


个更善良、更愿意给与别人的人。 答案 B B.independent D.receiving

3.A.stronger 解析

考查语境中形容词的辨析。这里需要和 kind 并列的形容词,从上文可

知作者的人生目的就是帮助别人,所以是 giving 给与的。independent 独立; receiving 接受的,不符合语境。 答案 4.A.short C.dangerous 解析 C B.wonderful D.boring

考查语境中形容词的辨析。从后面的 it was time for me to make some

changes...可知,作者认为人生太短暂,需要做出改变了。 答案 A B.promises D.plans

5.A.efforts C.excuses 解析


么不能做的借口。excuse 借口,make excuses 找借口,推诿。 答案 C B.had D.stopped

6.A.refused C.learned 解析

考查语境中动词的辨析。 我爸爸做了一个骨髓移植手术。 固定表达 have

an operation 做了一个手术。 答案 B B.knowledge D.sense

7.A.expression 解析

考查语境中名词的辨析。从后面的 because donors who are a match are

hard to come by.可知,因为配型成功的捐赠很难获得,所以他不需要捐赠是 个好消息。 答案 C B.inspired D.expected

8.A.forced C.allowed 解析

考查语境中动词的辨析。从前面的...the pain and treatment that he put

up with inspired me to be a more kind...可知,这件事激励着我成为一个骨髓移 植捐赠者。inspire 激励。 答案 B B.kept D.hid

9.A.raised C.paid


考查语境中动词的辨析。我也为癌症病人筹集资金,固定表达 raise

money 筹集资金。 答案 A B.test D.sell

10.A.check C.donate 解析

考查语境中动词的辨析。从前面的 I had to do more 可知,我每隔一个

月都献血,寻找机会做一些其他的善举。donate 捐赠。 答案 C B.clearly D.wildly

11.A.secretly C.peacefully 解析

考查语境中副词的辨析。从后面的 some days I have to seek it out.可知,

机会有时自己明显地出现,而有的时候我要将它找出来。clearly 清楚地,明 显地。 答案 B B.divide D.repeat

12.A.share C.record 解析


句名言。share...with sb 和某人分享某物。 答案 A B.owns D.walks

13.A.conveys C.measures 解析

考查语境中动词的辨析。从后面的 I wonder __14__ your steps will take

you.可知,一个人一生平均走 6 万 5 千英里,那是绕地球一周的 2.5 倍。 答案 D B.why D.if

14.A.where C.when

解析 答案

考查语境中连接副词的辨析。我想知道你的脚步会带你到哪里。 A B.miles D.wealth

15.A.materials 解析

考查语境中名词的辨析。根据后面的 I want to use my miles to create

foot prints of love in this world.可知,我想知道你将怎么使用你剩余的英里数 (脚步)。 答案 B

Ⅲ.语法填空 There once lived a boy named Woo Sing , __1__ father brought home a mirror.Woo Sing had never seen one before.So when he saw it for the first time,he didn't understand __2__ it was, but thought he saw __3__ boy,which made him very happy, for he thought the boy had come to play with him.He spoke to the stranger in a very friendly way,but received no reply.He laughed and waved at the boy,who did exactly __4__ same thing.Then he thought,“I'll go closer.It may be that he doesn't hear me”.But when he began to walk,the other boy imitated(模仿)him.Woo Sing stopped __5__ (think) about these strange actions,saying to himself,“This boy is fooling me.He does everything that I do;” and the more he thought about it,the __6__ (angry) he became and soon he noticed the boy became angry too.So Woo Sing __7__ (strike) the boy in the glass, but he only hurt his own hand and went __8__ (cry) to his father,who said,“The boy you saw was __9__ image.This should teach you an important lesson,my son.You should never show your anger to others.Now remember that in real life when you strike __10__ cause you'll hurt yourself most of all.” 【语篇导读】 本文是一篇记叙文,过去有个叫 Woo Sing 的男孩,他爸爸带回 家一面镜子。 一开始他很高兴看到镜子里面有一个男孩,但是后来发现这个男孩 会学他做的事情,他很生气并打了他,结果自己受伤了。

1.whose [考查定语从句。过去有个叫 Woo Sing 的男孩,他爸爸带回家一面镜 子。根据句子结构可知,这里是定语从句,先行词是 Woo Sing,定语从句中 缺少定语,故用 whose。] 2. what [考查宾语从句。 当他第一次看见镜子的时候, 他不知道这是什么。 what

引导宾语从句,宾语从句中缺少表语。] 3. another [考查形容词。 根据后面的 for he thought the boy had come to play with him.可知,他看见镜子里面有另外一个男孩。] 4.the [考查冠词。他朝男孩大笑、挥手,那个男孩也做同样的事情。形容词

same 不可单独用,要与 the 连用。] think [考查非谓语动词。Woo Sing 停下来思考这些奇怪的行为。stop to do sth 停下来去做。stop doing sth 停止做某事,不符合语境。] 6.angrier [考查比较级。他越想越生气。固定句型:the+比较级...,the+比 较级...,越……越……。] 7.struck [考查时态。所以 Woo Sing 就打了镜子里面的男孩。因为是过去发生

过的事情,使用一般过去式: struck。注意 strike 为不规则动词。] 8.crying [考查非谓语动词。但结果是他只是伤了自己的手,于是去找爸爸哭

诉。用现在分词 crying 做伴随状语。] 9.your [考查形容词性物主代词。爸爸对他说:“你看见的男孩是你的影子”。] 10.without [考查介词。现在记住在现实生活中如果你无缘无故地攻击,大部

分时候你会伤了自己 。without cause 无缘无故地。]












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