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高一英语必修一 unit3语法课教案

Book1 unit3 Travel Journal(学案)
课型:语法课 设计人:邓婷婷 时间:2013-10-15 学习目标: 1.从本单元找出以下的重点短语并识记。 从 ... 以后 _ever since_ 关 心; 惦念 __worry about____ 喜爱 ;喜 欢 __be fond of____ 下决心___make up one’s mind___

让步;投降___give in____ 通常;照例____as usual___ 2.理解并记忆文章中的语言点; 3.灵活运用句型翻译句子并把句子整合成 5 句话 其中 2 是重点,3 是难点 学习过程: 1.语言点学习

(1)When I told her the air would be hard to breathe and it would be very cold, she said it would be an interesting experience. (P18)
[句型]: 主语 + be + adj. + 不定式 [例]: I am glad to meet you. 很高兴遇见你。 [点拨]:1)用不定式的主动形式表达被动含义。 2)该句型中 adj.常用 easy /hard / beautiful 等。 此句型还可以转换成 It + be + adj. + 不定式 [拓展]:如果要说明不定式表示的动作是谁做的,可以在不定式前加介词 for 或者 of。 此 时句型结构为

It + be + adj. + for / of + 代词(名词) + 不定式 [观察句子] : 1) It is good of you to come and meet us. 你能来看我们真是太好了。 2) It was selfish of you to do so. 你那样做真的是自私了。 3) It is necessary for us to study hard. 对我们来说努力学习是必要的。 4) It is possible for them to catch up with us in a short time.对他们而言,
短期内赶上我们是有可能的。 [归纳]:在” It + be + adj. + for / of + 代词(名词) + 不定式”句型中,表示

的形容词后常用 of.这类词有 kind/ nice/ careless 等;而表示 形容词后常用 for,如 easy /difficult /possible 等。
(2)现在进行时的用法 现在进行时的一般用法: ①表示正在进行的动作:She is watching TV. 她正在看电视。

②表示发展中的或正在改变的情况。表示渐变的过程。 The weather is getting colder and colder. 天气变得越来越冷了。 ③与副词 always 连用,表示赞赏、厌烦、生气等情绪。 You are always thinking about others. 你总是为别人考虑。 现在进行时的特殊用法: 现在进行时态表示将来, 即表示按计划或安排将要发生的动作,但仅限于几个表 示起止动作的动词, 如:arrive, come, go, start, leave, stay, move. ①I’m leaving tomorrow.我明天要离开。

②Are you staying here till next week? 你要在这儿待到下周吗? ③I’m going.我就走了。 ④We are leaving for Nanjing tomorrow. 我们明天就去南京。 ⑤They are coming here this afternoon. 他们今天下午来这儿。 (3)It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.(P18) [句型]:强调句的结构 It is / was +被强调成分+that/ who + 其它部分 [点拨] 1)强调距中 it 不能更换;is / was 与”其余部分”的时态一致,不受被强 调部分单复数的影响。 2)被强调部分可以是除以外的任何部分,如果强调的部分是人(主语),可用 who, 也可用 that;强调的部分是人(宾语),可用 whom;其他一律都用 that。 (4)Although she didn’t know the best way of getting get to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly. (P18) [点拨] 1).这是一个主从复合句。Although 引导让步状语从句,不能再和 but, and, however 连用。有时候从句的主语和 be 可省略. 2).insist + that 从句: ”坚持要求(做某事)”, that 从句用虚拟语气, 谓语用” (should)+动词原形”, 3).insist on doing sth. ”坚持要求(做某事)” 2,达标检测 (1) ___little boys spent ____little time planting ______many trees. D A. So; so; so B. Such; such; so C. So; such, so D. Such; so; so (2) The teacher told the students to stop _____ to him. D A. To write and listen B. writing and listening C. writing and to listen (3). ______,but he insisted on going to school. C A. Though he was ill B. He was ill C. Having been ill D. To be ill (4)He is so _______that no one can persuade him to change his mind. D A simple B hard-working C fortunate D stubborn (5).To climb the mountain is ___ hard work and to go down the mountain is ___great danger. B A. a; a B. a; / C. /;/ D. /, a (6)________ will be sent to Ning Xia to work as a teacher. D A. Do you think who B. Whom do you think C. Do you think whom D. Who do you think (7)There are __________ many beautiful sweaters in the shop that I can’t decide which to choose. A A. so B. such C. very D. too (8)The doctor insisted that I __________ more fruit and vegetables. C
A. took B. had taken C. would take D. take



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