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选修 6 Module 5 单词讲解
1 terrify vt 使惊恐 terrifying = terrible adj 可怕的; terrified adj 害怕的 The loud noise from outside _______everyone who heard it. A terrify B terrified C terrible D terrifying 2 wrinkled adj 布满皱纹的, 满是褶皱的; wrinkle v/n (使)起皱纹, (使)起褶皱; 皱纹; 妙计,好主意 She _________her forehead in disgust. 她厌恶地皱起眉头. Give me a wrinkle or two. _________________. 3 chase v/n n 追逐,追踪; After a long chase, we caught the pickpocket. v (1) 追逐,追踪,追求 chase + N; chase after + N Two policemen ____________ the thief. (2) 东奔西跑;chase about/around I have been _________ around town all morning looking for a present for her. 4 disgust n 厌恶,嫌恶; vt 使恶心,使人厌烦 (无进行时) ________ adj 感到厌恶的,恶心的;________ adj 令人作呕的,十分讨厌的; I felt _______ at his bad behavior. 我对他的举止反感 He looked away in disgust. 他厌烦地把头转开。 The smell of the fish disgusts me. 鱼的腥味令我恶心. She was disgusted at/with her husband. 她对她的丈夫感到厌烦. 4.refuse v 拒绝,回绝; n 废物,垃圾 总结画线部分的用法: I think he won’t refuse me./ medicine ___________ The bank refused him the loan. ____________ My legs refused to carry me further. ____________ 5 contrast n/v 对照,对比 n. in contrast to--- 与---相比;be a contrast to--- 是—对比,对照; In contrast to the city life, time seems to pass slowly in the country. Her gracious behavior was a great contrast to her sister ’s. Such a ______ between brother and sister is surprising. A contrast B contrary C contact D content v. contrast N with N (与)对立,对比;contrast with--- (与)成对照,/显然相异; The teacher often contrasts his handwriting ______hers. The white boat _______ with the blue sea. 6. rush vt./vi. 急速行动;仓促完成;催促; n 冲,奔; 匆忙, 繁忙; They rushed to see what was happening. There is no rush. 不用着急. Rush_____ 冲进;匆忙进入;in a rush 匆匆忙忙; rush hours (公共车辆)_________ 7 fear n/v 害怕, 恐惧, 担忧.; ________ adj 可怕的; 担忧的; ______ adj 无畏的, 不怕的; All his employees fear him. _____________ She has a great fear of fire. in fear of 害怕, 忧虑; for fear of/ that--从句-- 以免, 以防; I fear that-- (比 I’m afraid 正式) 我担心--I daren’t tell you what he did, ______ he should be angry with me.

A for fear of B for fear that C feared D fearing 8 throw oneself on/upon 扑到在---上;指望,依靠; throw oneself into 致力于,投身于; throw light on/ upon _____________ throw sth _____ 抛弃, 扔掉; throw about/around 乱扔--; 9. beneficial adj. 有益的,有帮助的; benefit n. 利益,益处,帮助;救济金; vt/vi. 有益于, 对-----有益; Fresh air and good food are beneficial to the health. The money is to be used for the benefit of the poor ______________ You will benefit from experience. 从---中受益 Your body will obtain much _____ from the medicine. A advantage B profit C benefit D value 10 cure vt/vi. 使人恢复健康;治愈; n. 治疗法,治愈药,对策 cure sb/ sth 治疗,医好,改掉(坏习惯);cure sb of sth 治疗/改掉某人的疾病,恶习; a cure for sth (病的)治疗方法,解决方法 Is there a new cure____cancer? ; ________________ 治愈某人的病; cure a child of bad habits 革除孩子的恶习; 12 a sequence of 一系列, 一连串---; a sequence of victories 一连串的胜利; in sequence adv 依次地, 一个接一个地; He describes _____________leading to the robbery. 他描述了抢劫案发生前的一系列情况. 12 insert vt 插入,写入,刊登(广告等) insert sth into/in sth; insert a key in/into a lock; 13 identical adj 同一的,相等的,完全相同的 __________ adv 完全相同地; _________n 相同,一致;身份 be identical to/with 与---相同; The knife is identical to/with mine. 14 resist 抵抗, 反抗; 抗, 耐; 忍耐, 忍住; resist + N/doing--The metal ______ rust. 这种金属是防锈的. I could hardly resist laughing. 我忍不住要笑. 15 breed v 生产,繁殖,培育,抚养; 招致, 滋生(bred-bred); cn 品种,种类(kind) Rats and rabbits___________. 老鼠和兔子繁殖得快. Poverty often breeds crime. 贫困常滋生犯罪. 16suspect vt 猜疑, 怀疑; 以为, 猜想; 察觉,发觉; suspect + that---从句以为, 猜想--; suspect + N + to be--- 以为, 猜想--; I suspect _____he is the pickpocket. I _______ him to be the pickpocket. 我猜他是那个扒手. 17 accompany vt 陪伴, 伴随, 伴奏; accompany sb on/at/to sth She accompanied her friend ____ a concert. (陪某人去) He was accompanied ____his girlfriend (由某人陪同) 18 take/ keep control of 控制, 管理(动作); lose control of 对---失去控制; 19 arise vi (由---)发生, 出现; (从---)升起; arise from + N Accidents can arise from carelessness. 意外事件可能___________. Smoke ______ from the chimney. 烟从烟囱升起.

选修 6 Module 5 单元测试 一、单词点击 1. Jurassic Park is an i________ land where there live dinosaurs 2. It is know to all that sunshine is b________ to plants 3. My opinion is i________ with his. I completely agree with him 4. The black mountain c________ sharply with the white snow 5. At present,a c________ of the birth rate is still an emergency in some Asian countries 6. His ________(皱巴巴的) skins suggest that he is quite old 7. ________(陪伴) by Hammond’s two grandchildren,they are sent on a tour through Jurassic Park 8. The government is ________(鼓励) to take steps to protect the environment 9. The hostages (人质) suffered a________(可怕的) ordeal (折磨) 10. It is completely ________(胡扯) to say that scientists can clone an entire human being at the moment 二、短语回顾 1. again ________ again 一再,屡次 2.contrast ________ 与…形成对照 3.throw oneself ________....扑倒在…上 4.treat…________ 把…当成…对待 5.____ and down 上上下下,来来回回 6.burn ________ (火)燃尽,烧完自灭 7. (be) identical ______ 和…一样/一致 8. knock ________ 摧毁 10. get ______ _____ control 摆脱控制 10.break ________ 分解 三、|语法必备 1. If I ________(be) you ,I would not agree with what he said. 2. If we had started earlier, we ___________________(not miss) the train 3. If she ________________________(not ill), she might have come 4. If you were to succeed, everything _________________(be) all right 四、单项选择 1.I enjoyed the movie very much. I wish I _____ the book form which it was made. A. have read B. had read C. should have read D. are reading 2.It is strange that he ____ so. A. would say B. would speak C. should say D. will speak 3.I can’t stand him. He always talks as though he ___ everything. A. knew B. knows C. has known D. had known 4.Would you rather I ______ buying a new bike? A. decided against B. will decide against C. have decided against D. shall decide against 5. You look so tired tonight. It is time you ___.

A. go to sleep B. went to sleep C. go to bed D. went to bed 6. If I ____ you, I ___ more attention to English idioms and phrases. A. was; shall pay B. am; will pay C. would be; would pay D. were; would pay 7. If only I ____ how to operate a computer as you do! A. had known B. would know C. should know D. knew 8. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it___. A. breaks B. has broken C. were broken D. had been broken 9. We all agreed to her suggestion that we ___ to the Great Wall for sightseeing. A. will go B. go C. shall go D. should have gone 10. The young man insisted that he ___ nothing wrong and ___ free. A. did; set B. had done; should be set C. do; be set D. had done; must be set 五、阅读理解 If someone says to you: “give me five”, do not search your pocket to get five yuan! It will make others laugh! The person's not asking for your money, but your fingers. In the US, "give me five" or "give me the high five" is a popular gesture ( 动作). You can see it often in films or on TV. It means the clapping (拍) of each other's raised (举起的) right hands together. People do it when they meet for the first time or something happy happens. For example, a student has good marks in exams or wins a lottery ticket (彩票).If a football team wins a game, the players will give high fives to everyone around to celebrate. This gesture may come from the old Roman gesture of raising the right arm for the emperor(皇 帝). This showed that the person raising his arm did not have a sword (刀) in his hand. Why not try to give the high five to your friends? 1. “Give me five” is a gesture to _______. A. make people laugh B. ask for money C. celebrate success D. give my five yuan 2. The gesture “give me five” is the clapping of _______. A. toes B. hands C. arms D. fingers 3. When you ______, you give your friends high fives. A. lose your money B. go back home C. win a football game D. pick up some money 4. The gesture started in _______ according to the story. A. Rome B. America C. China D. Britain 5. Why did the Romans raise the right arm for the emperor? Because ______. A. they were proud of their emperor B. they were happy to see the emperor C. they wanted to show their respect to the emperor. D. they wanted to show there were no swords in their hands




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