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外研版 Book II Module 2 No Drugs Reading and vocabulary

Book II Module 2 No Drugs Reading and vocabulary(学生用)
I. Learning aims
1. Language aims To study the following new words and expressions: addictive addicted cannabis cocaine inject

heart rate injection needle danger increase powerful drug addict 2. Ability aims blood pressure

(1)To learn some new words and expressions related to drugs; (2)To improve the ability of reading comprehension; 3. Moral aims To keep away from drugs and value the lives.

II. Learning Difficulties and Key Points
1. To master the vocabulary and expressions. 2. To understand the harm of drugs.

III. Learning Procedures Part one
1. Read the two passages quickly and choose the best topic for article1 and article2. A. Drug Addict and His History B. Dangerous Activity of Teenagers C. The Dangers of Using Cocaine Article 1: ___ ___ Article 2: _____ 2. Look through Parts 1-6 on page 13 and decide which article these parts belong to. Article 1 contains Parts _____________________ Article 2 contains Parts _____________________

Part two
1. Read the two articles and decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F). If possible, correct the false one. 1).Cocaine can be smoked and also injected. ( ) 2).People who inject cocaine are in more danger if they share needles. ( ) 3).Cocaine makes your heart go more slowly. ( ) 4).Smoking crack cocaine can change people’s behavior. ( ) 2. Complete the blanks according to the passages.

Adam, ____ is 19 years old, is a _____ addict. ______ he was 15, he started _________drugs. He ________ cannabis from a man. One day, the man _____ him some crack cocaine. Later he went to ask the man for _______crack cocaine, ______ he didn’t have enough money to buy it. He was in terrible ______.The next day, he __________a house, stole a TV and a video recorder, sold them and then he got the money _______ more crack cocaine. By that time, he was _______to crack cocaine. So he had to steal something. One day, the police ______ him to the police station. Then he ________a doctor’s advice and__________ taking crack cocaine. Now he works in a center for drug addicts, _________ others to stop taking drugs.

Group discussion Work in groups to discuss the dangers of taking drugs. Homework
每年的 6 月 26 日为国际禁毒日。 假如你是李明, 请你围绕“珍爱生命, 远离毒品”(Yes to life, No to drugs)这一主题, 根据下面所给的要点提示, 用英语给在校的中学生写一封倡议书。 要点提示: 1. 吸毒有害健康:有可能导致心脏病、高血压等; 2. 吸毒极易成瘾,且戒毒很难; 3. 吸毒耗资巨大,吸毒者为了获取毒资,有可能犯罪; 4. 如果发现周围有人吸毒,你应该报警;远离吸毒者,不与之交往。 注意: 1. 词数:120 词左右。 2. 生词提示: International Day Against Drug Abuse 国际禁毒日 commit a crime 犯罪 3. 文章开头已给出。 A letter to High School Students Dear friends, _______________________________________________________________________________



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