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题目:Should government encourage large industries and companies move to cities or to regional areas? Discuss.


The pace of human development has been enormously accelerated since the Revolution of Industry, this revolution has brought us both merits and demerits . Some wish to enjoy the results of modern industries without jeopardizing even potential benefits in both physical and spiritual areas ,thus asking the large industries and companies to move away from densely-populated areas like some metropolis. Others feel quite well to dance with industries and large companies under the same sky, and feel sated to see them in their eyesight. I will discuss both sides and give my own evaluation.

Opponents raise many reasons to go against the vicinity between cities and large industries. They believe that many of these industries are hazardous and even fatal to human health, this monstrous system may deprive us the vigor and potential to enjoy our life and the products it produces. They also point out that for the convenience of employment and enrolment, these companies can be located in the satellite cities in the regional areas, not precisely in the urban proper.

Proponent come up with quite different views. They firstly point out that not all industries are perilous to human, like some fine chemistry industries and even some tertiary industries, both of which can dwell harmoniously with people and offer them both their products and job opportunities. They also believe moving these companies to regional areas is prohibitively expensive and unnecessary to the management , which may deter them from investing in their country.

Personally, I side with neither side. This thesis is just too general in the scope and definition of the concept “industries and companies”. As we all well know, not every industries is harmful and noisy to us ,but some of them are. Thus ,how can we treat these different companies with an identical view? Putting them together and give any comparison is quite unreasonable at all.

Before we jump on any bandwagon , we had better think twice and then give our judgment.





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