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M7U1 Project


Unit 1 Living with technology


Making a list of advantages and disadvantages

1. How many of you have a mobile phone? 2. Why do you use mobile phones? 3. Can you list some functions of mobile phones?

Different functions of mobile phones

Making a phone call

Playing games

playing games

taking photos

Listening to the music

Surfing the Internet

sending text messages

Now let’s read a newspaper article about the possible negative effects of mobile phone use on people’s health. Try to find out the main ideas of the article.

Main points There is something important about being together and sharing life that cannot be found over a telephone wire. Destroy the peace one has or waste one’s precious time. Using the mobile phone for text messages is the worst.

Supporting details

Main point 1: ?There is something important about being together and sharing life that cannot be found over a telephone wire. Supporting details
?Which is more of a fiend, someone you often talk to over the phone or someone you often talk to face to face? ?If you need help, who can help you better, someone far away or someone in the room with you?

?Main point 2 Destroy the peace one has or waste one’s precious time. ?Supporting details: No matter what the circumstances, when the phone rings, everyone stops so that the call can be answered. ? When the family are eating or chatting together ? When one is absorbed in a book or tries to rest ? when having a face to face talk with a friend

?Main point 3
Using the mobile phone for text messages is the worst. ?Supporting details:

Relationships are nearly always quite

Language points

1. In the USA, the Amish-a Christian group-are famous because they drive carriages instead of cars, do not use TVs or refrigerators, and do not have personal telephones. famous 出名的;著名的 鲁迅作为一名作家很出名。 Luxun is famous as a writer. 济南因其温泉而出名。 Ji Nan is famous for its’ springs. instead是个副词,是代替、顶替的意思。Instead 常用在句末,说明被代替的人或事物。 我们得请张力代替了。 We’ll have to ask Zhang Li instead.

让他替你去吧。 Let him go instead. 我没有钢笔,因此就用铅笔代替了。 I didn’t have a pen, so I used a pencil instead. 另外,instead 之后可带of,构成“instead of” 短语,意思也是“代替,顶替”,但 instead of后 面必须加上所被代替的人或事。 如:我替兄弟来了。 I came instead of my brother. 我要替我妈妈洗衣服。 I’ll do the washing instead of my mother.

2. There are other disadvantages to the phone, as well. As well 副词 “也”。 汤姆也参加了那次聚会。 Tom went to the party as well. as well as 连接并列主语时,谓语动词与前面的 主语保持一致。 Exercises: likes music. (1) Tom as well as his friends _______ (2) Tom’s friends as well as Tom _________ like music.

3. The use of technology for communication rather than talking face to face is one reason why this is true. rather than而不是,与其……不如……。可作为 一个连词词组,用来连接两个并列成分,表示 在两者中进行选择,意为“是A而不是B”,“要A 不要B”,“宁愿A而不愿B”。后面可以接名词、 名词短语、代词、形容词、副词、动词、不定式、 动名词等。例如: (1) 接名词 与其说他是教师,不如说他是作家。 He is a writer rather than a teacher.

(2) 接代词 你是我的客人,而不是她。 You, rather than she, are my guest. (3) 接形容词 这颜色似乎是绿的,而不是蓝的。 The color seems green rather than blue. (4) 接副词 船沉的很快,而不是很慢。 The ship sank quickly rather than slowly. (5) 接动词 他不是喜欢她,而是爱她。 He loves her rather than likes her.

(6) 接介词短语 他不是在早上而是在晚上到公园里去。 He went to the park in the evening rather than in the morning. (7) 接动词+ing 她喜欢跳舞而不是唱歌。 She likes dancing rather than singing. (8) 接过去分词 他把房子改建,而不是整修。 He had the house rebuilt rather than repaired. (9) 接句子 我们应该帮助他,而不是他应该帮助我们。 We should help him rather than he should help us.

Project Time
As we have learnt how to make a statement and how to support it, now you need to complete the project to make a list of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer use / MP3 / TV
Chose a topic and discuss with your partners on this topic. Then write a list of the advantages and disadvantages of …

Advantages and disadvantages of computer use ?What are the advantages of using computers? ?What are the disadvantages of using them? ?Do you think computers are a danger to your health? ?Can you list some evidence to prove your statement?

Writing structure
?Introduction ?Advantages / evidence ?Disadvantages / evidence ?Conclusion

Useful expressions
?It is said that… / It is acknowledged that… ?Sb. Believed / thought that ?hold an opinion that ?additionally / in addition ?on the other hand ?in the same way ?…

Write an article on advantages and disadvantaged of computer use.



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