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What is love英语作文

What is love?
What is love ?A humourous person may say love is photogenic ,it needs darkness to develop . One who is involved with someone happily may hold that love is like a rose ,it can intoxicate the whole world .If some are hurted by love , they may think love is wickedness . And there is a boy who once told me that love is the mist lingering around the mountain peak and it only looks beautiful far away . He said that after a devastating broke-up .

What is love ?Different people hold different opinions based on their own experiences . I dare say you have already thought about it for many times like me . Yeah ,not only have i thought about it ,but also I have asked many friends' opinions .However , one of them who have being talking love for several years only gave me a rough answer .As a youngster ,it is common for us to seek love .But,as far as i am concerned , it's better for us to ask ourselves what is love before we start the journey of

love .So ,we'll have a direction to woo the Mr or Miss right and a strong mind to stay with the right person .

What is love ?As for me ,now i guess love never have

an exact

definition . It is like the great wind ;it blows us hither and thither ;it gives us different experiences and feelings .So ,it's hard to grasp love tightly .But right now ,i think love is a double sword which brings us not only ecstasy but also sadness sometimes . The most important two things for a couple are the compatible personality and strong affection to each other . I may change my mind in the future ,but who knows ? You know ...

love is a feeling, more specifically it is your affection toward someone or a group of individuals. different people have different opinions on love, but the dictionary definition of love states that it is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

some people argue that love doesn't exist because you can't see it. however, i think that this statement is absurd. for instance, the air is there, but you can't see it. love is something personal, and there's no right or wrong way to describe it. love can lead people to do selfish things, or the other way around that it can transform a helpless person into an independent individual who can contribute to the society.

in general, love is a positive feeling. we need love, for if the world lacks the feeling called love, then we won't be able to appreciate the bright sunshine, the loveliness of the spring and many other aspects of nature. the society needs love in order to thrive and for the people to feel an uplifting sense instead of feeling pessimistic and sorrowful. love brings joy and happiness, but more importantly, it enlivens all the living beings; we cannot live without it.



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