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unit1-unit2 phrases

Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
1.依我看 2.赞美、吹嘘

1. if you ask me 2. cracked up 3. bang on about 4. sheltered life 5. try as I might 6. slice off 7. out

of the blue

4.安宁的生活 5.无论我多么· · ·

6.拿走,割掉一些走 7.突然、出乎意料
8.更不用说 9.看中了,瞄上了

8. let alone 9. have one’s eye on

Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
11.觉得有责任做某事 12.收拾行李 13.以· · · 结局 14.叫出· · · 名字 15.要求高的工作

10. bow oneself towards the inevitable 11. feel obliged to do sth.

12. pack up
13. end up in … 14. greet … by name

15. demanding work
16. middle-aged regular 17. dead easy 18. cheer up



Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
19.出现 20.创业 21.金融生意 22.还钱 23.生意红红火火 24.感谢信 25.改造房子 26.百倍 27.得到最好的回报

19. turn up
20. set up one’s business 21. finance business 22. pay back 23. thriving business 24. thank-you note 25. adapt the house 26. 100-fold 27. give the best return

Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
1.发现一个神奇的仙境 2.从现实世界中解放出来 3.生活的调味品 4.与其说是机会毋宁 说是威胁 5.与他人交流 6.步出前门 7.超越周遭的环境 8.壮观景象

1. discover a mysterious wonderland 2. liberate from the real world 3. the very spice of life 4. appear more as a threat than an opportunity 5. interact with other people 6. step out of the front door 7. look beyond the immediate surroundings 8. the striking vistas

Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
9.从经典小说到最近出现的 10.思考别样的人生

9. range from the classics to the most recent 10. reflect on the other lives 11. be enchanted by 12. feel excluded

11.痴迷于· · · 12.感觉被排除在外
13.调动情感 14.对我们的生活方式产 生很大的影响 15.睡前故事 16.一直到· · ·

13. stimulate one’s emotions
14. supremely influential in the way we live

15. bedtime story
16. all the way through to…

Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions

24. run round the four bases of the diamond 25. score points 26. runners (who are) already on a base 27. induce pleasure and satisfaction 28. desperately seek to do… 29. reproduce the marvelous sensation 30. withstand the hunger to do…

25.得分 26.已在垒上的选手

28.疯狂地寻求 29.重复体验某种感觉


Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
1.摆满了书 2.有闲工夫和· · · 打交道 3.大量的

1. completely lined with books 2. have the leisure of working with… 3. a goodly number of 4. long to possess look upon ... as… rather than…


5.将· · · 看做是· · · 而不是· · · 5. 6.进行斗争 7.将· · · 搞到手

6. wage the struggle to do… 7. lay hands on 8. be calculated to 9. whet one’s appetite


Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
10.热情的推荐 11.扼杀人类基本的冲动 12.尽力分享 13.割舍自己的珍藏 14.不断的流通

10. the passionate recommendation 11. throttle the basic impulse of human beings

12. strive to share
13. part with one’s most cherished possessions 14. in constant circulation 15. be enriched threefold 16. an irrepressible impulse


Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
17.提供无偿的建议 18.埋头读书 19.对某人的利益至关重要的 20.将· · · 搁置一边 21.使劲琢磨 22.知识库或娱乐储备

17. offer a piece of gratuitous advice 18. drown in books 19. be strictly advantageous to one’s welfare 20. leave… alone 21. think as intensely as you can 22. the store of knowledge or the fund of enjoyment 23. forego this extra pleasure or enlightenment

23.放弃这份额外的乐趣 或启迪

Active reading 2: Resources

Useful expressions
24.抑制自己的冲动 25.整个文学库藏 26.重复性

24. resist one’s impulse
25. the whole storehouse of literature 26. the repetitive quality

28.博览群书的人 29.这种情况是绝无仅有的 30.一个行动家、冒险家 和探险家 31.文学界的凯撒大帝

27. the entire realm of literature
28. a prodigious reader 29. This case is unparalleled. 30. a man of action, an adventurer and explorer 31. the Julius Caesar of literature


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