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unit 2 Healthy eating

unit z Healthy eatincj 1 Find words and expressions from the text that mean the same. 1. _________ something that you say that you know is not true 2. _________not to be punished for somethin

g 3. _________uncooked 4. _________the strong wish to know about something 5. _________someone who buys things or services from a shop, company, etc 6. _________a particular quality that gives someone or something an advantage II. Fill in the blanks with words from the left box and paraphrase the italicized parts using the phrases from the right box. 3 balancect diet raw loseweicjht l09eheart, 5lim oucjht七o ene叼etic loseinterest l09eface Julie wanted to become thinner. She knew she . .. - .-_ eat more vegetables and fruit but little meat. However, as she was so afraid of being laughed at by her friends, she did not consultj a doctor but lived on a of rice, __ vegetables, bananas and lemons.. Three weeks later, she found she weighed as much as ever. She felt so sad and hopeless about. herself and her behaviour changed. She didn't dare to face her boyfriend and she was unwilling: to visit her friends any more. Luckily, her best friend Fred came to see her and encouraged her to exercise, eat a diet and enjoy life again. Soon Julie became amazingly and _ ! She felt very happy.

Do the underlined letters in each group have the same pronunciation? Tick the' odd one out. Then check if the words in each group refer to the same kind of; food. Cross out the odd one and give your reasons.

4 . In pairs make up a dialogue about food you like or dislike, using the expressions below and as many food words as you know. My favourite foocl/fruit/meati5 ,,,. fried chicken smoked chicken roa9t duck /'mfonctof,... Iclon'toft;eneat.,,, barbecuedmutton /emonbeef sweetandsour fl5h Ireallyhate,... /can'tqtand,,,, steamedfish creamedpotatoes friecdecj6j9/ant ,,. make me cjain//ose we16jht cucumber salad bo//ect eqqs gtir-fried muqhrooms EXAMPLE: Do you know how to make soupl Yes, I put in mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs to make a vegetable soup. Oh, / can 't stand tomatoes, .... 12 叩

1 2 3 Underline the sentences containing modal verbs in the reading passage and use the function words below to explain the meaning of the modal verbs. ntention Duty F7ermi55ion F'ocj~ibility Gues9in 翻 Ability Choose suitable modal verbs from below to complete the following dialogues. There may be more than one possibility. ou翻ht / OUCjhtn't to cjhould /5houlcln't mu5 七n’七 neeGln't (clon't) have七o will can / can't SAM: MUM: SAM: MUM: How can I grow thinner, Mum? Well, you eat food with plenty of fibre that helps you digest better. And you stop drinking cola or eating sweet food. Does it mean I eat my favourite fried chicken any more? Not exactly, if you love fried chicken, you give it up. Just eat it less often. You worry too much: a little fried chicken do you good ! DOCTOR: You are them? LUCY: I picked DOCTOR: Oh, but LUCY: Thank y CHARLES: Iwish TOM: Eating day. sick because you've eaten poisonous mushrooms. Where did you get them in the forest. I know we eat fresh vegetables. you eat them until you're sure they are not poisonous. ou, doctor. I'll be more careful next time. I could see things clearly in the dark. carrots help you see better. You eat some every Now work in pairs. One of you asks a question. The other answers it. Then swap over. Remember to use modal verbs in your dialogue. EXAMPLE: What should you do after school l I have to go home at once. I need to take the bus and I have a bus card. I ought to do my homework as soon as I get home. Other possible questions are: Do you know what you have to do when you borrow books from the library? Do you know what to do when your teeth ache? Do you know what to do if you need to meet someone you don't know at the airport?

Do you know what to do if you want to get a discount in a shop? Do you know what you should do when you meet the hostess in your friend's home?


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