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2013-2014学年高二英语课件: Unit 5 The power of nature-Reading 1 (新人教版选修6)

高二 选修6 Unit 5




What does a volcanologist’s work look like?

An Exciting Job
I. First reading

an and skim the whole text and then finish the multiple-choices.

1.What’s the main idea of para.3 ?
A. Boiling rock which erupts from the volcano and crashes back to earth causes less damage. B. The lava that flows slowly down the mountain causes far more damage. C. The eruption is much more exciting to watch. D. There had been an eruption in the side of the mountain.

2. The writer doesn’t mind the occasional danger of his job because ________.
A. He travels to unusual places and meets interesting people from all over the world B. He likes the different ways of working C. He thinks his job the most important D. He is excited about dangers and feels alive

3.As a result of the glaciologist's work, _________.
A. other scientists predict the progress of lava from the volcano B. many people have been warned to leave their homes C. the eruption causes less damage D. the eruption may be prevented breaking out

4.Why did the volcanologist's run out of the house into the back garden? A. Because his bed began shaking. B. Because his bedroom suddenly became as bright as day. C. Because he thought there was an earthquake in Hawaii. D. Because he wanted to collect information about the eruption.

5. What does the writer mean by using “lucky” in the sentence “ I was lucky enough to have a much closer look at it. ” ?

A. He left much safer on the top while the other two scientists climbed down into the crater. B. It was his first sight of an eruption.
C. It was the first time for him to watch the crater. D. both B and C.

6. What does the word “alive” mean in the sentence “... danger excites me and makes me feel alive”? A.Living or not dead. B. Active or lively. C. Continuing. D. Healthy.

7. Why did the writer put on special clothes to look at the crater? A.Because he wanted to take some special photos. B. Because he was concerned about his safety. C. Because the other two scientists asked him to. D. Because he wanted to climb down into the crater.

II. Second reading (intensive reading) Before reading, glance through Exercise 1 on Page 35.

1. Why is a Volcanologist's job important? Volcanologists study volcanoes so that they can warn people when the volcano is going to erupt and so save many lives.

2. Where is Mount Kilauea? Mount Kilauea is in Hawaii.

3. Why is the lava that flows on Mount
Kilauea more dangerous than the actual eruption ? The lava flows down the mountain and can cover up or burn villages in its path. The rocks that erupt from the volcano usually don’t damage anything because no one lives near the crater.

4. What caused the writer’s bedroom to become as bright as day even though it was night?
The light that was caused by the red-hot rocks and gas that erupted from the volcano.

5. Why did the scientists have to get close to the volcano after it began erupting?
The scientists needed to get samples of the lava so they could study them.

6.Why was it difficult for the writer to walk towards the edge of the crater?
The author was wearing special protective clothing that made it difficult to walk.

7.What does the writer find impressive about volcanoes even after studying them for many years? The writer finds their beauty and their potential to cause great damage very impressive.

III. Read the text and fill in the blanks.
The Profe Volcanologist writer ssio n unusual Job ◆ Travels to 1______ places and meets interesting 2________ people from all over the world. ◆ Helps to protect volcano people from the Collects 3________ .

The Professio Volcanologist writer n predict Job ◆ Helps other scientists to 5_______ where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast it will flow.

The first exper ience

The ◆ My bed began day of 7_______ and I heard shaking the a strange sound. 6 ◆ My bedroom eruption became as 8______ bright _____ _ as day. ◆ fountaining was Red hot lava 9 ____________ hundreds of meters into the air.

The first experi ence

The day after the eruptio n

◆ We 10 made our way _____________ to the edge of the crater with protective suits and looked down into the red, boiling centre. ◆ The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study.

Having learned a little more about
the work of a volcanologist, do you

think it is a occupation you would
enjoy? Give your reasons.

No. I probably wouldn’t enjoy this job because I would have to live in other countries and also I don’t like being in dangerous. Also, I’m not

very good at science.

Yes, I’d like to do a job like this because I would enjoy working outside and I think I would enjoy the adventure. It would be exciting to meet people from different countries and I would feel good about helping people avoid danger.

Spend some time researching one disaster. You can use books, magazines, newspapers or the Internet. Collect pictures or diagrams and look for information about:

? what causes this kind of disaster ? actual events that happened in the past in China and/or the rest of the world ? how people helped the victims ? what is being done to prevent the disaster happening again or to lessen the damage


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