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全 国 100 所 名 校 最 新 高 考 4 My soul is at rest, peace and joy are mine. So wipe the 52 from your face. Go on with the living... At that moment I was certain where the poem had corrie from. There’s 53 that my mom was comforting put off for so long.
55 gratitude, instead of sorrow, know-

in the hospital, and was responsible for raising her three chilc have varying degrees of autism (孤独症)? At 5:00 am, Danna was awakened by loud barking. A p wing and scratching at her sheets, giving Danna several pain; legs. Was she under attack? Danna sat upright in bed. No, attacking her, she realized. The room smelled strongly of smc a fire~and the pit bull was trying to wake her up. “The alarms didn’t go off; nothing went off,” Danna tolc “He, s what went off. ” D. share D. strength D. ignore D. cried D. lose D. eventually D. unfair D. turned over D. concerned D. persuade D. space D. made up D. fighting D. reached D. floated D. turn D. worry D. doubt D. ashamed D. gained The pit’s quick actions allowed Danna and her family to e in According to WSAZ news, Danna,s landlord (房东)exp dogs from the house. So the pit bull wasn’t Danna’s pet. 1 Ghost, and he belonged to Danna’s aunt. She was only sta: night to help care for the children as Danna recovered from the Ghost normally wouldn’t even be there. The fire itself started in an upstairs bedroom, the room of siah. But Josiah was the only member of the household r night—he was away at an autism treatment center. “If he ' wouldn’t be alive right now,” Danna said. 56. Pit bulls win a bad reputation mainly because ___________ . A. some of them behaved badly B. all of them are full of violence C. their strong prejudice to people D. they are quite different from other dog breeds 57. The dog barked loudly that night to____________ . A. surprise C. attack Danna in B. warn Danna of th get help from Danna D. be honored as a \ 58. The underlined part “in the nick of time” can be best A. ahead of time C. at the same time
B. at the exact time D.

On the drive to the grave, I ing that I have a loving, and caring mother, a mother who was still comforting me from beyond the grave. 0) A. forget A. courage 38. A. own 錄 A. worried 40. A, pass 41. A. silently 42. A. careful 43. A. came along 44. A. guilty 45. A. remind 46. A. truth 47. A. set down 48. A. filling 49. A. paid 50. A. spoke 51.A. rush 52. A. sweat 53. A. awareness 54. A. easy 55. A. sang B. express B. confidence R^bear
B ,

C. understand C. patience C. remember C. annoyed C. disappear C. closely C. unexpected C. broke down C. calm C. wish C. chance C. picked up C. storing C. longed C. jumped C. change C. tears C. possibility .C. afraid C. accepted

the nick of time.


Rfly B. difficultly R casual B. went by B. anxious B. warn B. key B. went down R shaking B. searched R came R stop Rdirt B. prediction B. eager R felt

me. I was 54 to do what I had 第 三 部 分 阅 读 理 解 (共两节,满分 40 分) 第 一 节 ( 共 15 小 题 ;每 小 题 2 分,满分30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选 项。 A Pit bulls, a kind of dog breed (品种),get a bad reputation. They’re often viewed as violent, unpredictable and poorly behaved, even though there is nothing to indicate they’re different from any other dog breed Call it dog prejudice, if you >vilL One bad apple, and all the rest get called rotten. But at least one pit bull can really be called a hero this week. On Monday night, Danna Smith of Huntington, West Virginia, was getting some much-needed sleep. The single mother had recently spent time

59.____________________________________________ Imomei at the last t is implied in the passage that Ghost ________________. A. belonged to Danna and her aunt B. just recovered from the hospital stay C. was supposed to be away from the house D. was helping care for the children that night

Congratulations! You got a good performance on your、fi and have been called back for another interview: So, how will t] terview be different from the first? This time around, expect to spend more time at the comp more people and have your skills and personality examined more

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