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第7模块词汇编写 3

模块 7

Unit 1


1. ①disability n. 伤残;无力;无能 We should do what we can do to take care of those with disability. ②disabled adj.伤残的 Her late

st book discusses the problems of the disabled. 2. hearing n. 听力;听觉 Her hearing is poor.她的听觉不灵。 3.eyesight n. 视力 He has poor eyesight.他的视力不好。 4. never mind 不必担心,不要紧 Did you miss the bus? Never mind, there'll be another one in five minutes. 你没赶上公共汽车吗? 不要紧,五分钟后就来一辆. 5.syndrome n. 综合病征;综合症状 The spots on his throat are part of a syndrome. 他嗓子里的红斑是一种综合征的部分症状。 6.infantile paralysis 小儿麻痹 He had got infantile paralysis since he was four years old 7. lap n. 跑道的一圈;重叠部分; (人坐着时)大腿的上方 She is proud to have broken a record by running two laps this year . The child sat on its mother's lap. 小孩坐在妈妈的膝上。 8. ① ambition n. 雄心;野心 Her son is filled with ambition to become a great inventor. 她儿子一心想成为伟大的发明家。 ② ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的 She's ambitious and eager to succeed. 9. dictation n. 口授;听写(的文字) He used dictation to give his answers into a special machine. Let’s have a dictation . 10. noisy n. 吵闹的;嘈杂的 Although some may think the cinema is noisy.

1. suitable adj. 适合的;适宜的 The problem is how to find a suitable man . 2. entry n. 项目;进入;入口 You are going to read an entry on a website called “Family Village”. The children were surprised by the sudden entry of their teacher. 3. beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的 The people find the website beneficial. benefit n. 利益,好处 v. 有益于,受益 This project is of great benefit to everyone. 这项工程对每个人都大有好处。 You must study hard for the benefit of your own.

为了你自己的利益你必须努力学习。 The new railway will benefit the village people . = The village people will benefit from the new highway . 4. in other words 换句话说 In other words there are not many people like me . 5. clumsy adj. 笨拙的 I am very clumsy and drop things or bump into furniture. 6. bump vi. 碰撞;撞击 He often bumps into furniture. 7. outgoing adj. 外向的;友好的;外出的;离开的 I am very outgoing. 8. adapt vt. 使适应;改编 ①I have learned to adapt to my disability ②The film is adapted from a true story.这部电影改编自一个真实的故事。 ③She adapted herself to the new job.她适应了新工作。 9. bench n. 长凳 I could only enjoy football from a bench at the stadium. 10. cut out 切去;省略;停止(做某事) I cut out the paragraph in this article. 我删除了这篇文章的一个段落。

1. microscope n. 显微镜 First, learn how to focus the microscope.首先,学习显微镜如何调焦。 2. out of breath 上气不接下气 ①He came running into the classroom,out of breath. ②Remember to hold your breath when you dive into the water. ③Fish can’t breathe out of water.鱼离开水就不能呼吸。 3. absence n. 缺席;不在某处 ①Every time I returned after an absence. ②She called in your absence.你不在时她来过电话。 ③How many students are absent from class today? 今天有多少学生缺课? 4. fellow adj. 同伴的;同类的 n.同伴;同志;伙伴 ①They are my fellows at school. 他们是我的同学。 ②He recalled his fellow traveler with pleasure. 他愉快地回忆起他的旅伴。 5. ①annoy vt. 使……不悦;惹恼 These flies are annoying me.这些苍蝇真使我心烦 ②annoyed adj. 颇为生气的 1 was really annoyed that I hadn’t been invited. ③ annoyance n. 烦恼 I felt annoyance at being teased. 我恼恨别人取笑我。 6. all in all 总而言之 A11 in all,it was a great Success.总而言之,那是个极大的成功。 7. firm n. 公司 adj.结实的;坚固的;坚定的 Our firm is likely to reap (收获)a big profit this year.

今年我们公司很可能获得巨额利润。 I don't think the chair is firm enough to stand on. 8. software n. 软件 My ambition is to work for a firm that develops computer software. 9. sit around 闲坐着 Several young girls were sitting around looking bored. 有几个女孩儿没精打彩地随处坐著 In the yard children are everywhere,sitting around。院子里孩子们四处闲坐着。 10. as well as 和;也 ,和……一样好 ①She can speak Japanese as well as English. 她会说日语和英语。 ②She did as well as anybody else. 她做得比别人毫不逊色。 ③As well as going to the movies and football matches with my friends。I spend a lot of time with my pets. D 1. parrot n. 鹦鹉 The boy had a parrot on his right shoulder. 男孩把一只鹦鹉放在右肩上。 2. tank n. (盛液体、气体的)大容器;缸;大桶 He has filled up the tank with petrol. 他已给油箱装满汽油。 3. tortoise n. 陆龟;龟 The tortoise was far behind him. 4. in many ways 在很多方面 In many ways my disability has helped me grow stronger psychologically and become more independent. Both of them have a lot in common in many ways. 5. psychology n. 心理(学) I am always interested in psychology. psychologically adv. 心理(学)地;精神上地 Most people can't psychologically handle the wait.大部分人在心理上不愿意等待。 6. make fun of 取笑 So don’t feel sorry for the disabled or make fun of them and don’t ignore them either. 7. encouragement n. 鼓励;奖励 Your encouragement made me more confident of my future. 你的鼓励使我对我的未来更加有信心。 Peter, my English teacher, never fails to encourage us to study hard. (encourage sb. to do )我的英文老师彼得总是鼓励我们要好好用功。 8. conduct n. 行为;品行 vt.指挥;管理;主持 She explained her conduct to her boss. He conducted the members of the audience to their seats. Most metals conduct electricity. 大多数金属能导电。 9. mainstream n. 主流;主要倾向 But some people are out of the mainstream.但是,也有一些人的品味是非主流的。 10.fulfilling adj. 令人满意的;令人愉快的 If you make a promise, you should fulfill it. 你若是作出允诺,就必须履行。

Working for others can be most fulfilling.为他人而工作会使人感到极大的满足。

1. ①ambition n. 雄心;野心 Her son is filled with ambition to become a great inventor. 她儿子一心想成为伟大的发明家。 ②ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的 She's ambitious and eager to succeed. 2. ①annoy vt. 使……不悦;惹恼 These flies are annoying me.这些苍蝇真使我心烦 ②annoyed adj. 颇为生气的 1 was really annoyed that I hadn’t been invited. ③ annoyance n. 烦恼 I felt annoyance at being teased. 我恼恨别人取笑我。 3. ①beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的 The people find the website beneficial. ②benefit n. 利益,好处 v. 有益于,受益 This project is of great benefit to everyone. 这项工程对每个人都大有好处。 You must study hard for the benefit of your own. 为了你自己的利益你必须努力学习。 The new railway will benefit the village people . = The village people will benefit from the new highway . 4.absence n. 缺席;不在某处 ①Every time I returned after an absence. ②She called in your absence.你不在时她来过电话。 ③How many students are absent from class today? 今天有多少学生缺课? 5.adapt vt. ①使适应;②改编 ①I have learned to adapt to my disability ②The film is adapted from a true story.这部电影改编自一个真实的故事。 ③She adapted herself to the new job.她适应了新工作。 6.beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的 Fresh air is beneficial to our health. It's a beneficial result to us. 7.supportive adj. 支持的 They were all extremely supportive to me. She has been very supportive during my illness. 8.assured adj. 确实的, 保障的, 有自信的 She positively assured me that it was true. His public speaking manner is still not very assured. 9.conscious adj. 神志清醒的,意识到的,自觉的,有意的 He was badly hurt, but he still remained conscious. He was very conscious of his shortcomings. I am conscious that I have done right 10.ceremony n. 仪式,礼节,典礼

Not father but mother was present at the ceremony. The ceremony went off without a hitch.典礼进行得很顺利。 Book 7 Unit1 单词 编写人:马成昌

1. community n. 社区;团体;社会 Everyone should invest some time in community service. 2. profit n. 收益;利润;盈利 The shop expects to make a small profit this year. There is very little profit in selling newspapers at present. 3. dignity n. 尊严;高贵的品质 The real dignity of a man lies in what he is, not in what he has. There was something impressive about Julia's quiet dignity. 4. approval n. 赞成;认可 To start with, we haven't got the approval. I hope the arrangements meet with your approval. 5. meet with 遇到;经历;会晤 No matter what difficulty you will meet with, carry out your plan. 6. exit n. 出口;离开;退场 He headed for a wrong exit. 7. outwards adv. 向外 Now he made holes in the wall and placed his guns in them, pointing outwards. 8. basement n. 地下室 In the basement water streams down the walls. Thrift(节约) is the basement of richness. 9. row n. 一行;一排/vt..&vi 划(船). Students stand hand in hand in a row. They tried to row the small boat off with a paddle. 10. impair v. 削弱;损失 Loud noise can impair your hearing.

1. earphone n. 耳机 She told me where to find the earphone. 2. handy adj. 方便的;有用的 Our flat is very handy for the schools. My extra earnings came in very handy. (我的额外收入可备我不时之需。) 3. wheelchair n. An elderly patient was sitting in her wheelchair. 4. access n. (接近的)方法;通路;可接近性 Students must get access to good books.( 学生必须有机会读到书。) The only access to the town is across the bridge. (到镇上唯一的通路是经过一座 桥。)

5. accessible adj. 可接近的;可进入的;可使用的 A manager should be accessible to his staff. (一个管理人员应该让职员感到平 易近人。) This island is accessible only by boat. 6. adequate adj. 足够的;充分的 His knowledge is adequate to do this job well. Adequate water is supplied to every household. 7. architect n. 建筑师 He is known as a successful architect. The boy made up his mind to become an excellent architect. 8. all the best (口语) (祝你)一切顺利 Here's wishing you all the best in the coming year. 祝愿你来年一切顺利。 9. certificate n. 证书 No one had seen her marriage certificate. The driver's certificate was suspend ed(吊销) by the police. 10. graduation n. 毕业;毕业典礼 After graduation n, he lives on his own.

1. bowling n. 保龄球 I have some/a great interest in playing bowling. 2. congratulation n. 祝贺;庆贺 Well, first part complete here, congratulation! This is a matter for congratulation. 3. congratulate vt. 祝贺;庆贺 One can congratulate oneself on one's victories. I want to congratulate you with all my heart. 4. assistance n. 协助;援助 I can't move this piano without assistance.. You can't rely on his assistance . 5. companion n. 同伴;伙伴 Jack, mislead by bad companion, get into the drug habit She looked small by the side of her companion. 6. literature n. 文学(作品) ;著作;文献 That period was a bright page in the history of Chinese literature. Literature is a mirror of its time. 文学是时代的镜子。 7. slavery n. 奴隶制度 Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in the United States. 8. resign vi.&vt. 辞职;辞去(工作、职位等) I'm not sure whether to resign or stay on.. He made known his decision to resign. 9. abolish vt. 废除;废止 The first step is to abolish the existing system..第一步是要废除现行体制。 Do they suggest that we abolish the Olympic Games ?

10. abolition n. 废除;废止 It has been two years since the abolition of the custom. We all hope for the abolition of war.我们都希望消灭战争。

1. politics n. 政治(学) She plays an active part in local politics. No doubt her death is related to politics. 2. adapt vt.使适应;改编 The author is going to adapt his play for television. One should adapt oneself to the changed conditions He doesn't think he can adapt himself to the hot climate. 3. adapt to 适合 The new students are very slow to adapt to the rules. You must adapt to the norms (准则)of the society you live in. 4. mental adj.精神的;心里的 He's suffering from severe mental disorder. We should pay more attention to our mental health. 5. mainstream n.主流 But some people are out of the mainstream. He needs to be brought back into the mainstream 6. outgoing adj.外向的;友好的 She's very outgoing. Jeanette is a very outgoing person 7. ambition n. 雄心;野心 In his youth he had the ambition of being a pianist. Her ambition knows no limit.她的野心没有限度。 8. annoy vt. 惹恼;使…不悦 His endless chatter(唠叨) began to annoy me. 他不停的唠叨使我厌烦起来。 9. annoyed adj. 颇为生气的 People were annoyed by his behavior. 10. annoying adj. 令人气恼的 How annoying, I've left my wallet at home! 多讨厌,我把钱包落在家里了。 This interruption is very annoying.

1. household adj. 家庭的;家用的 n. 一家人;家庭 There are many household appliances in this shop. 这个商店有许多家用用具。 The whole household was early last Sunday. 上星期天全家人都起得很早。 2. fiction n. 小说;虚构或想象出来的事 I like to read science fiction. 我喜欢读科幻小说。 Real life is sometimes stranger than fiction. 现实生活有时比小说还离奇。 3. desire vt. 希望得到;想要 & n. 渴望;欲望;渴求 Do you think it is possible for a robot to have its own needs and desires?

①desire sth 渴望某事 We all desire health and happiness.我们都渴望健康和幸福。 ②desire to do 渴望做某事 He desired to win the game. ③desire sb to do 想要某人做某事 What do you desire me to do? ④desire that sb (should) do 想要某人做某事 The teacher desired that all the exercises(should)be handed in before school was over. ⑤desire for sth / to do / that … … He has a strong desire for success / to succeed. The people expressed their desire that the war (should) come to an end. 4. satisfaction n. 满意;满足;令人满意的事物 Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 包你满意。 Looking at a beautiful painting always gives one satisfaction. 观赏一幅美丽的图画使人心满意足。 5. test out 试验;考验 It was going to be tested out by Larry’s wife , Claire. Scientist test out theories by experiment. 科学家用试验来检验理论。 6. bonus n. 额外津贴;奖金;红利 The firm repaid her hard work with a bonus. 公司发给她奖金以酬谢她的辛勤工作。 7. alarm vt. vt. 使警觉;使惊恐;惊动 However, when she first saw the robot, she felt alarmed. ①be alarmed at / by … … 对… 感到担心,害怕 Alarmed by the noise, the birds flew away. 那声音把鸟吓飞了。 n. 警报;惊恐;报警器;闹钟 ②sound the alarm 发警报 She decided to sound the alarm. 她决定发出警报。 ③in alarm 惊慌地 He jumped up in alarm. 他惊慌地跳了起来。 The alarm went off at five. 闹钟在 5 点响起。 ④alarming adj. 令人担心的;令人害怕的(形容事或物) at an alarming rate 以惊人的速度 The rainforests are disappeared at an alarming rate.雨林正以惊人的速度消失。 8. alarmed adj. 担心的,害怕的 I'm rather alarmed (to hear) that you're planning to leave the company. (听说)你打算脱离这个公司,我有些担心。 9. apron n. 围裙 Could you tie this apron round me? 你受累把围裙给我系上行吗? 10. sympathy n.同情(心) ①express one’s sympathy for 对…表达同情

When he was scolded by our teacher,I expressed sympathy for him 当他被老师责骂时,我对他表示同情。 ②have / feel sympathy for 对…同情 Do you have/feel sympathy for the beggars lying beside the road? ③out of sympathy / curiosity / respect 处于同情/ 好奇/ 尊敬 Out of sympathy for the homeless children, he gave them shelter for the night. Book 7 Unit 2 单词 编写人:刘传华

1. realistic adj. 现实主义的,逼真的 We have to be realistic about our chances of winning . 2. abstract adj. 抽象的,深奥的 n. 摘要 These paintings are really abstract. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was so abstract that few people could understand it. 3. sculpture n. 雕塑 What would you rather do---paint pictures, make sculptures, or design building ? 4. gallery n. 美术陈列室,画廊 Do you ever visit art galleries ? 5. faith n. 信任,信心, 信念 ① have faith in … 对…有信心 I have great faith in you. Art is influenced by the customs and faith of a people. ② lose faith in … 失去信心 I have faith in her, but she has lost faith in me. 6. fingernail n. 手指甲 The princess has a habit of biting her fingernails. 这位公主有一个咬手指甲的习 惯。 7. absurd adj. 荒谬的,可笑的 What an absurd suggestion! 8. haircut 发型;理发 That's a nice haircut. 9. makeup n. 化妆品 I can not tell who's who when the women take off their makeup. 女士们卸了妆,我就分辨不出谁是谁。 10. accompany vt. 陪同,陪伴,伴随;伴奏 ①accompany sp 陪某人到某地 As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops,he wrote out a list of items for her. ②accompany sth 用……给某人伴奏 The singer was accompanied on the piano by her sister. 那位歌手由她姐姐作钢琴伴奏。 ③be accompanied by.. 由……陪伴 .

Strong winds were accompanied by heavy rain. 大风伴有暴雨。 n. 陪伴;陪同 /公司 ④in company with 和…一起 Germany, in company with France, refused to lift the ban. 德国和法国一起拒绝解除禁令。 ⑤in the company of sb 在某人的陪伴下 ⑥keep 陪伴某人 Would you like me to stay and keep you company? 要我留下来陪你吗?

1. overweight adj. 超重的;体重超长的 The baggage is two kilos overweight. 2. elegant adj. 优雅的;高雅的;讲究的 The lady wears an elegant dark suit. 那位女士穿着雅致的深色套装。 3. favour n. / vt. 喜爱;恩惠;支持,赞同 As a favour, Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant. The idea is beginning to gain widespread favour. 这个主意开始得到广泛的赞同。 ①do sb a favour/do a favour for sb 帮某人一个忙 Could you do me a favour and pick up Sam from school today? 今天你能帮我个忙去学校接萨姆吗? ②owe sb a favour 欠某人一个人情 ③in one’s favour 对某人有利;对某人有帮助 That might be in your favor. 那可能对你有利。 ④ask a favour of sb 请某人帮个忙 ⑤in favour of 支持,赞成 We are all in favour of your ways of solving the problem. 我们都赞成你解决这个问题的办法。 4. pile n. 堆;摞;叠 ①a pile of / piles of 一堆;大量;许多 There were a pile of magazines on the desk. 桌上有一堆杂志。 I’ve got piles of work to do this evening. 今晚我有一大堆工作要做。 vi.&Vt. (把……)堆起;堆积;塞满;蜂拥而入 ②pile up 堆积起来,把…堆积起来 We piled the books up on the table. 我们把书堆放在桌子上。 She piled everything into her suitcase. 她把一切物品装进衣箱。 5. scan vt. 细看;仔细查看;粗略地看;浏览;扫描 I scanned the newspaper when I was waiting for the bus. 6. cushion n. (坐、跪时用的)软垫;靠垫;垫子 He lay on the floor with a cushion under his head. 7. bedding n.寝具;铺盖 He runs a shop for bedding.

8. necklace n. 项链 He gave me a necklace as an anniversary gift. 9. typical adj. 典型的,有代表性的 A typical picture at this time was full of religious symbols. ① be typical of sb to do sth. 某人做某事具有典型性 He was late again. It’s typical of him to keep everybody waiting. 10. evident adj. 明显的,明白的 But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century.

1. clerk n. 售货员;职员;旅馆接待员 The clerk was employed on trial. 那职员正在试用期。 2. counter n. 柜台;计数器 He placed the money on the counter. 他把钱放在柜台上。 3. ring up 给… …打电话 Ring up, and try to arrange an appointment for me with my doctor. 打个电话,替我跟医生预定看病的时间。 If this man rings up for me again, don't put him through. 要是这个人再给我打电话,不要给他接过来。 4. turn around 转向;回转 The bus had to back up and turn around.汽车得往后退,再倒过来。 As she turned around,there stood Gladys Claffern. ①turn in 上交 ②turn down 调小(音量);拒绝 ③turn up 把(音量)开大;出现 ④turn out 关掉;结果是;生产,制造 ⑤turn over 翻转;移交 5. awful adj. 极坏的;极讨厌的;可怕的; (口语)糟透的 It would be awful if he found out the truth. 如果他发现了真相,那就糟了。 6 .coincidence n. 巧合(的事) By coincidence 巧合的是 By coincidence, oil paints were also developed at this time, which made the colors used in paintings look nicer and deeper. 7. masterpiece n. 杰作,名著 Without the new paints and the new technique, we would not be able to see the many great masterpieces for which this period is famous. 8. shadow n. 阴影,影子 They were eager to show how light and shadow fell on subjects at different times of day. 9. ridiculous adj. 荒谬的,可笑的 They said that the painters were careless and their paintings were ridiculous. 10. controversial adj. 争论的,争议的 At the time they were created, the Impressionist paintings were controversial.

1. adopt vt. 采用,采纳;收养 People began to concentrate less on religious themes and adopt a more humanistic attitude to life. (采用) He adopted a child from the countryside, that is to say, the child is adopted. (收养) 2. possess vt. 拥有,具有,支配 Rich people wanted to possess their own paintings . It is illegal to possess a gun in this country. 3. possession n.(尤作复数) 所有,财产 They paid famous artists to paint their houses and possessions as well as their activities and achievements. ①in possession of 拥有 He is in possession of the house. ②in the possession of 拥有 The house is in the possession of him. 4. superb adj. 卓越的,杰出的 So they could decorate their superb palaces and great houses. 5. technique n. 技术,方法,技能 This technique was first used by Masaccio in 1428. 6. affair n. 事物;事情;暧昧关系 ①(私人的、个别的)事情,工作 personal affair 私事 That’s my affair, not yours. 那是我的事,与你无关。 ②(用复数形式) (公家的、职业上的)业务,工作 foreign/world affairs 外交事务/世界事务 affairs of state 国事,国务,政务 public affairs/family affairs 公务/家务 ③暧昧关系 love affair 桃色事件 7. armchair n. 扶手椅;单座沙发 I sank (down) into an armchair. 8. declare vt.宣布;声明;表明;宣称 ① declare against/for 表示反对/赞成…… They declared for / against the proposal(建议). ② declare sb./ be 宣布某人或某事…… The government declared the matter to be true. ③ declare war on/against… 向/……宣战 The government has declared a state of emergency. 政府已宣布进入紧急状态。 I declare this bridge open.我宣布大桥正式启用。 Germany declared war on France on 1 August, 1 9 1 4.德国在 1914 年 8 月 1 日向 法国宣战。 ④ declare that… 宣布/宣称…… He declared that the whole project was a waste of time.他宣称整个项目是在浪费

时间。 ⑤ declaration n. 宣布;声明;宣言 9. cuisine n. 烹饪(风味) ;菜肴 Chinese cuisine is very different from European. 10. envy vt. 忌妒;羡慕 ①envy sb (for) sth. 妒忌或羡慕某人某事 She always envies me(for)my curly hair. 她总是羡慕我的一头卷发。 What a sweet victory to be envied by those women! 受到那些女士的妒忌,这该是 多么甜美的胜利! n. 忌妒;羡慕;令人羡慕的人或东西 ② with envy 羡慕地,忌妒地 She looked at my new car with envy. 她羡慕地看着我的新车。 ③ be the envy of sb./sth. 羡慕(或忌妒)的对象/东西 She is the envy of the whole street. 她是整条街上人们羡慕的对象。 ④ out of envy 出于妒忌 He spoke ill of Bruce out of envy. 出于妒忌,他说了布鲁斯的坏话。 Book 7 Unit2 单词 编写人:邓 浩

1. leave…alone 不管;别惹;让……一个人待着;和……单独在一起 You shouldn’t have left such a child alone at the station at night 你不应当让那样一个小孩在夜晚独自呆在车站。 The child doesn’t want to be left alone at home. 这个孩子不想一个人被留在家里。 2. digital adj. 数字的;数码的;手指的; 脚趾的 Most of the computers we are using are digital computers. 我们正在使用的计算机大多数是数字计算机。 This is my newly bought digital watch. 这是我新买的数字手表。 3. mailbox n. (美)邮筒;信箱 The workers sort the mail from the mailbox. 工作人员从邮箱中分拣邮件。 I drop the letter into the mailbox in front of the Post Office. 我把信塞进邮局前面的邮筒里。 4. state vt. 陈述;宣布 His general state of health is fairly satisfactory. 他总的健康状况相当令人满意。 Please state the facts honestly. 请如实地陈述事实。 5. aside adv. 在一边;向一边 I laid my book aside, turned off the light and went to sleep. 我把书放在一边,关了灯睡觉。

He put aside his book and began to listen to me. 他把书放在一边,开始听我讲话。 6. set aside 将……放在一边;为……节省 或保留(钱或时间) She sets aside a bit of money every month. 她每月都存一点儿钱。 The decision was set aside. 决议被搁置。 7. grand adj. 大的;豪华的;雄伟的 How grand the mountains look in the early evening! 暮色中群山是多么壮丽! No other building is as grand as the new hotel. 新建的宾馆是当地最豪华的。 8. alphabetical adj. 字母(表)的;按字母顺序的 You must arrange these books in alphabetical order. 你要把这些书按字母顺序排好。 The words in the dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order. 词典中的词是按字母顺序排列的。 9. receiver n. 收件人;接收机;电话听筒 Please put the receiver back after calling. 打完电话后,请把听筒放回原位。 Their business has failed and is in the hands of the receiver. 他们的公司垮了,现在由破产管理人管理。 10. in all 一共;总计 That's 5.40 in all. 总共 5.40 英镑。 He visited, in all, ten hospitals in China. 他在中国共参观了 10 家医院。

1. affection n. 喜爱;爱;感情 Her affection for him is deeply rooted. 她对他的爱很深。 Every mother has affection for her children. 每个母亲都爱她的孩子。 2. bound adj. 一定的;密切相关的 It's bound to rain soon. 过一会儿肯定会下雨。 You are not legally bound to answer these questions. 在法律上,你没有义务非回答这些问题不可。 3. be bound to 一定做…… The question is bound to come up at the meeting. 会上必然要讨论这个问题。 I am bound to say I disagree with you on this point.

我必须声明不同意你这一点。 4. biography n. (由他人撰写的)传记;传记文学 He likes to read biographies of great men to promote himself. 他喜欢读伟人传记来提高自己。 His biography is a saga of scientific research. 他的传记就是一部科研记实。 5. holy adj. 神的;上帝的;圣洁的 They led a holy life. 他们过着圣洁的生活。 The poem sings the praises of holy love. 这首诗歌颂圣洁的爱。 6. imagination n. 想象(力) ;创造力;幻想物 That's beyond the reach of my imagination. 那是我想象不到的。 These plans reveal a complete failure of imagination. 这些计划显得毫无想象力。 7. transfusion n. 输血 The injured man has lost a lot of blood and has to be given a transfusion. 那个受伤的男子失血过多,必须进行输血。 8. part-time adj. 兼职的 I'm looking for a part time job. 我正在找兼职工作。 9. staff n. 全体员工;手杖 The staff speak as one man on this issue. 在这个问题上全体职员意见一致。 The old man walked with a wooden staff. 那老汉拄着木拐杖走路。 10. .disagreement n. 分歧;不一致 I’m afraid I disagree with you. . slogan n. 标语 口号

1. master’s degree 硕士学位 She's presently working on her master’s degree. 她目前在攻读哲学博士学位。 2. navy n. 海军;海军部队 He is a gunner of the British navy. 他是英国海军的一名炮手。 Beiyang Navy is the earliest naval force of China. 北洋水师是中国最早的海军部队。 、 3. junior adj. 较年幼的;资历浅的;地位较低的 n.年少者;晚辈;等级较低者 I started the job as a junior secretary. 刚开始这份工作时,我是初级秘书。

She ranks as my junior in the clan. 她的辈分比我小。 4. PhD=Doctor of Philosophy 哲学博士学位;博士学位 She's presently working on her PhD. 她目前在攻读哲学博士学位。 5. biochemistry n. 生物化学 Her research is breaking new ground in biochemistry. 她的研究正在开辟生物化学的新开地。 I am going to start my doctorate in biochemistry next year. 我准备明年开始攻读生物化学博士学位。 6. Boston n. 波士顿(美国东北部城市) He meets his future father-in-law during his visit to Boston. 他在波士顿小住期间遇见了他未来的岳父。 I'm flying to Boston on the shuttle. 我将乘穿梭班机去波士顿。 7. talent n. 天才;特殊能力;才干 He has neither talent nor the desire to learn. 他既无天分也不想学习。 My sister has a talent for music. 我妹妹有音乐天赋。 8. chapter n. (书中的)章;篇;回 He has got prepared to write a new chapter. 他已经准备动手写新的一章。 He could recite the prose chapter and verse. 他能一字不漏地背诵那篇散文。 9. empire n. 帝国 He is the builder of the great empire. 他是大帝国的创立者。 His business empire was truly vast. 他的企业规模极大. 10. contradictory adj. 引起矛盾的; 好反驳的 be contradictory to sth 与…相矛盾 His remark was contradictory to the truth. 他的叙述与事实矛盾。

1. theoretical adj. 理论(上)的;假设的 These findings have both theoretical and practical applications. 这些发现具有理论和实际的应用。 Theoretical study must be closely integrated with practice. 理论学习要紧密结合实际。 2. framework n. 框架;结构 Government is the one who establishes national policy framework. 国家政策体系的是由政府建立的。

It's a bridge of steel framework. 那是座钢铁结构的桥梁。 3. thinking n. 思想;思考 Independent thinking is an absolute necessity. 独立思考是绝对必要的。 Night is a good time for my thinking. 夜间是我思考的好时候。 4. divorce n. 离婚;断绝关系 vt.与……离婚;与……脱离 Boredom is not a ground for divorce. 日久生厌不能成为离婚的理由。 He is unable to divorce fantasy from reality. 他不能将幻想与现实分开。 5. obey vt. & vi. 服从;顺从 Dogs can be trained to obey orders. 狗可以训练得听从命令。 Soldiers are expected to obey their orders without question. 军人应当绝对服从命令。 6. disobey vt. & vi. 不服从;违抗 Many drivers disobey traffic rules. 很多司机不遵守交通规则。 Those who disobey must be punished by law. 违法分子必须受到法律的惩罚。 7. assessment n. 评价;评定 His assessment of the situation was spot-on. 他对形势判断得很正确。 Your assessment is substantially correct. 你的估计基本正确。 8. take …… seriously 认真对待 You can’t take his promises seriously; he never keeps his word. 你不能看重他的承诺;他从不守信。 If you can’t take your study seriously, you will fail in the coming exam. 如果你不认真对待你的学习,你会在即将到来的考试中不及格。 9. award n. 奖(常用于奖项名) ;奖品;奖金 vt. 授予;颁发 It is impossible to honor her with the award. 奖品授给她是不可能的。 The champion was awarded the gold medal. 冠军被授予了金牌。 10. help out 帮助;帮……摆脱困境 She helped out when her neighbor became ill. 邻居生病时,她去帮忙照料。 The swimmer was seized with cramp and had to be helped out of the water. 游泳者忽然抽筋,因而不得不由他人救助出水。

Book 7 Unit 3 单词 编写人


1. anecdote n. 轶事,奇闻 The reading passage is two anecdotes written by an old man called Clancy. 2. baleen whale 须鲸 whale 鲸鱼 We may live to see the extinction of the whale. 人类或许能亲眼见到鲸的灭绝。 3. annual adj. 每年的,按年度计算的 n. 年刊,年鉴 It was a time when the killer whales, or “killers” as they were then called , helped the whales catch the whales that were on their annual migration. His essay is copied from a college annual. 他的论文是从一本大学年刊上抄下 来的。 4. migration n. 迁徙,迁居 Scientists have studied the migration of fish over long distances There was a huge migration of people into Europe because of the war. 因为战争,大量的移民涌入欧洲。 5. migrate vi. 迁移,迁徙 In winter many of our birds migrate form here to warmer countries. 6. witness vt.当场见到,目击 n. 目击者,证人,证据 He is a key witness in this case.在这个案件中,他是一个主要见证人 I witnessed it with my own eyes many times. Did anyone witness the traffic accident 7. accommodation n. 住所,住宿 On the afternoon I arrived at the station, as I was sorting out my accommodation , I heard a loud noise coming from the bay. We can provide accommodation for six people. 8. accommodate vt. 供给住宿,使适应,容纳,提供 The cottage could accommodate up to five people. 这间小屋最多能容纳 5 个人。 9. shore n. 岸,海岸 offshore adj. 近海的,离岸的 After swimming for an hour, he finally gained the shore. 10. opposite prep. 在…对面 adj. 相对的,相反的 We ran down to the shore in time to see an enormous animal opposite us throwing itself out of the water and then crashing down again. (prep.) I asked the man opposite if he would open the door. 我问对面的人他愿意不愿意 开门。(adj.)

1. opposition n. 反对,敌对 We found ourselves in opposition to our friends on this question. 我们发现在这个问题上我们与我们的朋友立场相反。

2. yell vi.大叫,呼喊 n. 叫声,喊声 Another whaler yelled out, “…” You don't have to yell; I can hear you. 3. pause vi./ n. 暂停,终止 Without pausing we jumped into the boat with the other whalers and headed out into the bay. He paused before making the important decision. 他在作出这个重要决定前犹豫不决。 4. oar n. 桨,橹 In dragon boat rowing each person has one oar. 划龙舟时每个人都拿着一支 桨. 5. telescope n. 望远镜 I saw them through telescopes from the top of the building. 我从大楼的顶端用望远镜看到了他们。 6. teamwork n. 协作,配合 In football teamwork is even more important than individual skill. 在橄榄球比赛中,全队的配合比个人技术甚至更加重要。 7. dive vi./n. 跳水(的动作) ,潜水(的动作) ,俯冲 He dived from the bridge and rescued the drowning child. 他从桥上跳入水中,救起溺水的孩子。 What a beautiful dive! 多么优美的跳水! 8. flee vi.(fled, fled)逃避,逃跑 vt. 逃离 The frightened people fled from the fire. The fog was fleeing before the rising sun 9. drag vt. 拖,拉,扯 Its body was dragged swiftly by the killers down into the depths of the sea. She dragged herself out of bed, still half asleep. 她挣扎着起了床,还是睡眼惺 忪。 10. depth n. 深(度) ,深处 The snow is two feet in depth. This creature lives in the depth of the ocean.

1. meantime adv. 其间,同时 in the meantime You buy the fruits, in the meantime I'll cook breakfast. 2. lip n. 一片嘴唇; (容器或洞的)边,口 I'd like to tell you what I know but my lips are sealed. 我何尝不想把我知道的都告诉你,只是有口难言。 3. overboard adv. 越过船舷进入水中 She fell overboard and the sharks got her. 她从船上跌落水中,被鲨鱼咬了。 4. urge vt. 催促,极力主张 They urged us to give our support. They urged on us the need for cooperation. 他们向我们强调合作的必要性 5. abandon vt. 放弃,遗弃,抛弃

Those who abandon themselves to despair can not succeed. 那些自暴自弃的人 无法成功。 The next-best solution is to abandon the project altogether. I could see he was terrified of being abandoned by us. 6. shark n. 鲨鱼 The shark is dangerous to swimmers. 7. help…out 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危难 What evidence was there that Old Tom was helping the whalers out ? 8. relationship n. 关系,血缘关系,交往 In view of our long-standing relationship, we agree to allow you a discount. 考虑到我们长期的关系,我方同意给你方折扣。 The relationship between them is being improved. 他们之间的关系正在改善. 9. conservation n. 保存,保护 Most people have come to accept the need for conservation of natural resources. 现在大多数人已认识到保护自然资源的必要。 10. preserve 保护,保存,保持 It's the duty of the police to preserve the public order. I think these interesting old customs should be preserved. 我认为这些有趣的旧习俗应该保存下去。 reserve vt. 保留,预订 n. 自然保护区 Please reserve a seat for me. 请为我预定一个座位。 He still reserved his opinion on some points. 在一些问题上,他仍然保留自己的 意见。 a wildlife reserve 野生动植物保护区

1. jog vi. 慢跑 vt.轻推,轻撞 He goes jogging every night. 他每晚慢跑。 The wagon jogged along on the rough road. 马车沿着崎岖不平的道路颠簸前 行。 2 . iceberg n. 冰山 Four days after the Titanic set out, a very big iceberg floated towards her. 泰坦尼克号出发四天以后,一座巨大的冰山向它漂来。 3. seaside n./ adj. 海边(的) ,海滨(的) We had an outing to the seaside last summer. Winter is the low season at seaside hotels. 冬季是海滨旅馆业的淡季。 4. net n. 网,网络,网状物 He hit the tennis ball over the net. 他把网球打过了网. Practise throwing the ball into the net. 练习投篮. 5. target n. 目标,靶,受批评的对象 The company has met their export target. 该公司已经实现了它们的出口目标. I aimed at the target but hit the wall. 6. tide n. 潮汐,潮水,潮流 We couldn't swim the tide was too far out.

Time and tide wait for no man. 岁月不等人. 7. dimension n. 维(数) ,方面,侧面 Time is sometimes called the fourth dimension. 时间有时被称为第四度空间. There is another dimension to this problem which you haven't considered. 这个问题还有你尚未考虑到的另一个方面. 8. space n. 空间,太空,空地,空格 There is plenty of space here to move about. 这里有很大的活动空间。 Our earth moves through space. The hotel has garage space for thirty cars. 这家饭店有停放 30 辆小汽车的车位。 9. fulfill vt. 完成,履行,执行,满足 You must fulfill your promise. 10. fulfilling adj. 令人高兴的, 令人满意的 In other words, they can lead a more fulfilling life.

1. beneficial Sports are beneficial to building our bodies. 2. benefit n. 利益,好处 vt. 有益于,得益 This project is of great benefit to everyone. He is glad of it and you will benefit from it. 3. resign vi./vt. 辞去,辞职 I've made a decision to resign. I'm not sure whether to resign or stay on. 我拿不准主意是辞职还是留任。 4. access n. 方法,通路 ,可接近性 Students must get access to good books. 学生必须有机会读到书。 The only access to the town is across the bridge. 5. accessible adj. 可接近的,可进入的,可使用的 A manager should be accessible to his staff.一个管理人员应该让职员感到平易近 人。 This island is accessible only by boat. 这个小岛只能坐小船去。 6.similar adj. 类似的 His dress is very similar to mine in colour. 7. infect vt. 传染, 感染 The open wound soon became infected. 8. effective adj.有效的,生效的 Advertising is often the most effective method of promotion(推销). 9. response n.反应,回答,响应 ①She made no response to my letter. ② I hurried in response to my friend's summons for help. with 讨论,处理,涉及,对付 ① I have a huge pile of letters to deal with. ②Your request will be dealt with in no time. Book 7 Unit 3 单词 编写人 聂庆海

1.reflect vi.思考 & vf.映射;反射;思考 ①Her sad looks reflected the thought passing through her mind. 她忧戚的面容反映出她内心的思想。 ②The sunlight was reflected in the water. 日光由水面反射出来。 2.pure adj.纯的;纯粹的;纯洁的 ①She is a pure girl. 她是一个纯洁的女孩。 ② this garment made of pure wool, or of wool mixed with nylon? Is 这件衣服是纯羊毛的,还是羊毛与尼龙混纺的 ? 3. cell n..细胞;(蜂房的)巢室 ①Growth resulting from increase in cell size without cell division. 生长指由于细胞体积的增大而非细胞分裂而导致的生长 ② The prisoner paced the floor of his cell. 那犯人在牢房里来回地走著。 4.aware adj.意识到的;知道的 be/become aware of 对……知道、明白;意识到…… ①I wasn't aware of that. 我没有意识到。 ② Their sudden attack made us more aware of the danger around us. 他们突然的攻击使我们更加注意我们周围的危险。 5.vivid adj.生动的;鲜明的;鲜艳的 ①This place conjures up vivid memories. 这个地方使人回忆起许多生动的往事。 ② This girl gave a vivid description of the event. 那女孩对这件事作了一番生动的描述。 6.neat adj.<口>好的;整齐的;匀称的 ①He keeps his office neat and tidy. 他保持办公室清洁整齐。 ② She laid her dress on the bed to keep it neat. 她把连衣裙放在床上以保持平整。 7.seaweed n.海草;海藻 The smell of seaweed took him back to his childhood. 海草的气味使他回想起童年时代。 8.narrow adj.狭窄的;有限的;狭隘的 ①The gate is too narrow for a car. 大门太窄,汽车进不去。 ② The heavy traffic crawled through the narrow street. 拥挤的车辆慢吞吞地穿过狭窄的街道。 9.flashlight n.闪光信号灯;手电简; 闪光灯 He took a flashlight lest it should get dark before he returned. 为了预防回来以前天就黑了,所以他带着手电筒。

10.upside down 上下翻转 ①The house was turned upside down by the burglars. 屋子里被夜贼弄得乱七八糟。 ② She turned the discussion upside down by asking a foolish question. 她问了一个愚蠢的问题把讨论搞乱了。

1.suck vt.& vi.吮吸 ①Don't suck your thumb; it's so dirty. 别舔手指头,太脏了。 ② don't want to get sucked into the debate about school reform. I 我不愿意牵扯到这场学制改革的争论之中。 adj.锐利的;锋利的;敏捷的 ①I cut my finger on a sharp stone. 我的手指被一块锋利的石头划破了。 ② Bring the object into focus if you want a sharp photograph. 要照出清晰的照片,就要把焦点对准物体。 3.tasty adj.好 吃的;可口的 These pancakes made by my mother are really tasty. 我妈妈做的这些煎饼非常好吃。 4.giant adj.巨人的;巨大的 & n.巨人;伟人 ①Shakespeare is a giant among writers. 莎士比亚是作家中的大文豪。 ② jin is a literary giant. Ba 巴金是一位文坛巨匠。 5.grey adj.& n.灰色(的) ①Her hair is tinged with grey. 她的头发有些花白。 ② Have you any grey suit in stock? 你们有灰色西服的现货吗? 6.scare vt.恐吓 & vt 受惊吓 (be)scared to death 吓死了 ① The dog scared the thief away. 狗把小偷吓走了。 ② You did give me a scare. 你真吓了我一跳。 The child was scared of the fierce looking dog. 这孩子害怕那条外表凶恶的狗。 7.shallow adj.浅的 ;肤浅的;浅显的 ① She has a rather shallow personality. 她的个性相当浅薄。 ② That dish is too shallow to serve soup in. 那只盘子太浅了,不能盛汤。 8.steep adj.陡峭的

①This hill is too steep to ride up on a bicycle. 这山太陡了,骑自行车可上不去。 ② They climbed the steep mountain inch by inch. 他们一点一点地攀上那座陡峭的山。 9.boundary n.界限;分界线 ① The ball rolled to the boundary. 球向著边线滚去。 ② They marked the boundaries of the football fields. 他们画出了足球场地的边界。 10.Antarctic adj.南极的 the Antarctic 南极洲 ① Holidays in the Antarctic are a niche market. 南极假日游是一个利基市场。 ② The scientist has spent six months in the solitudes of the Antarctic. 这位科学家已经在人迹罕至的南极待了六个月了。

1.awesome adj.使人敬畏的;令人畏惧的 ① awesome. It's 棒极了! ② awesome thunderstorm. An 2.leap vi.& n.(1eapt,leaped;leapt,leaped) 跳;跳跃; 儿跳过(障碍) ① got over the stream with a single leap. He 他一跃就跳过了小溪。 ② There has been a great leap in the number of births in these past five years. 这五年来,出生人数有很大的增长。 3.seal n.海豹;封条;印章 & v. 封住 ① The seal on this bottle is broken. 这个瓶上的密封纸破开了。 ② The envelope was firmly sealed. 这个信封封得很严实。 4.refund v.t.退还;偿还 n..退款 ① She demand a refund. 她要求退款。 ② have been instructed by the company to offer you a refund. I 公司让我给您退款。 5.pension n.养老金;退休金 ① went to the post office to draw his pension. He 他到银行去取退休金了。 ② retired on a company pension. He 他退休时得到公司的退休金。 6. risk n.危险,风险 ①at risk 处境危险;遭受危险

The disease is spreading, and all young children are at risk. ②at the risk of … 冒……危险 (短语介词) He saved my life at the risk of his own. ③run the risk of…冒……危险 (短语动词) We can't run the risk of losing all that money. 7. judgement n. 看法;判断;判决 ① In my judgement, we should accept their apology. ②He has made serious errors of judgement. 8. have nothing to with 与……无关 They think that the disease has nothing to do with their own life. [拓展]have something to do with 与……有关 The man has something to do with the murderer. 9. response n.反应,回答,响应 ①She made no response to my letter. ② I hurried in response to my friend's summons for help. 10. encourage vt.鼓励,促进,支持 ①encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人干某事 Peter often encourages his children to study hard. ②encourage doing sth.鼓励做某事 Our English teacher encourages learning the useful expressions by heart.

Book 7 Unit 4 单词 编写人 张志霞

1. clinic n. 门诊部;小诊所 His clinic is near the newly-built railway station. 2. operate vi. 工作;运转 vt. 操作 n. operation operator This gift covers the cost of exercise books and textbooks for community primary schools that operate in poor or remote villages. The lift doesn't operate properly. 3. security n. 安全;保护;保障 Goats increase in number quickly and add much to a family’s food and financial security. 4. financial adj. 财务的;金融的;财务的 n. finance This company was in serious financial difficulties. 5. distribute vt. 分配;分发; distribution n. 分配;分发;分布状态 This gift covers the cost of production and distribution of seedlings, as well as training in tree care for the local villagers . Some types of plants are widely distributed. 6. political 政治的;政党的 Her decision seems to show a lack of political judgement. 7. economic adj. 经济的;经济学的 Adults develop the confidence to participate in the social, economic and political

lives of their communities. 8. tailor n. 裁缝 vt. 剪裁;缝制 A tailor is a person who majors in making clothes. 9. click vi./vt. 发出咔喀声 n. 咔喀声 On the internet page , when you click on each gift, you get a description of that gift. 10. tractor n. 拖拉机 ;牵引机 What is a tractor used for?

1. trunk n. 树干;躯干;大衣箱 trunk library 箱式图书馆 The government made a trunk library for the children in the village. 2. supplement n. 增补的事物;补充;附录;增刊 Many poor families need nutritional supplements. 3. sew vi. 缝 vt. 缝制;缝合 sewing machine 缝纫机 Mummy is sewing a coat with a sewing machine. 4. plough vi. 犁地;耕地 We need some oxen for ploughing. 5. loan 贷款 Tom is applying for a loan to set up women’s self-help group. 6. seed n. 种子;萌芽 seedling n. 秧苗;树苗 This gift provides seeds and simple agricultural equipment. 7. anniversary n. 周年纪念 You can use the cards for any special occasion---wedding , births, birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries, etc. 8. purchase vt./n. 买;购买 When you purchase an item , we will send you an attractive card for you to send to your special person. She made several purchases in the dress shop. 9. in need 在困难中;在危急中 Choose from this catalogue a really useful gift for some of the world’s poorest and bring hope for a better future to a community in need. 10. voluntary adj. 自愿的;志愿的;无偿的 vt./n/ volunteer The gift you give is not something your loved one keeps but a voluntary contribution towards the lives of people who really need it.

1. donate vt. 捐赠 Would you like to donate an unusual gift ? 2. catalogue n. 目录 This is the world’s most useful gift catalogue. 3. angle n. 角度;角 I’ thinking of a shape which has four straight sides of different lengths with four 90° angles. 4. astronaut n. 宇航员;太空人

He was watching an interview of the first Chinese astronaut . 5. comb n. 梳子 vi. 梳发 She smoothed her hair down with a wet comb. 6. toast vt. 烤(面包等) ;敬酒 n. 烤面包(片) ;土司面包;干杯 A grill is a mental shelf for cooking meat, toasting bread, etc. 7. arrangement n. 安排;排列 vt. arrange You may use the following travel arrangements. I have arranged that one of my staff will meet you at the airport. 8. paperwork n. 文书工作 It’s getting late and I have to prepare tomorrow’s lessons and do some paperwork . 9. privilege n. 特权,特别优待 It was such a privilege to have spent a day with Tombe’s family. She had led a life of luxury and privilege. 10. otherwise conj. 否则;不然 adv. 用别的方法;其他方面 Otherwise they don’t waste anything . She is not very clever, but otherwise she's a nice girl. 她并不聪明,但在其他方面,她倒是个好姑娘。

1. dry up (指河流、井等)干涸 The food is dried up in the can and the can is then thrown out of the hut. The clothes will soon dry up in the wind. 2. Their work finished , they went home, singing and laughing.(独立主格结构) 3. They have reached the point where they have to separate with each other. 4. Life is a long race where we compete with others to go beyond ourselves. 5. With the government’s aid , those affected by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements . 6. Bitten twice , the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog . 7. Driven by a greater demand for green products,the food company has set higher standards to ensure the quality. 8. be keen on 对……热心 In fact, his parents weren’t even that/so keen on tennis. The southerners are fond of rice while the northerners are keen on dumplings. 9. put sth. down to 把……归因于(owe……to….) No, says Yang, who puts her success down to her hard work and strong determination. 10. come out vi. 出版 Her first album is to come out/be released by the end of this year . E 1. as if 好像 Left unchecked(不打理), it would like as if I only had one eyebrow. The man the policeman followed suddenly stopped and looked as if to see whether something happened around him. 2. They say a person’s eyes are the window into their soul, in which case eyebrows

must be window frames. 3. would rather 宁愿 ① would rather do sth. 宁愿做某事 I would rather see the development of science in China. ② would rather that 主语+ had done/did 虚拟 I would rather we lived in a society full of civil awareness(公民意识) and optimism. 4. can not do enough/can never be too +adj.再……也不过分 ① She couldn’t thank him enough for coming to her aid. ②You can never be too careful when crossing the street. 5. erase 清除 She had a sweet smile , one that even being on her feet( 站着 )for the whole day couldn’t erase. 6. .appeal n. 呼吁;恳求/vt.将…上诉/vi. 有感染力;呼吁;求助 ①There have been several appeals for an end to the fighting. appeal to (对某人)有吸引力; (使某人)感兴趣 ②It will appeal to those who love Impressionist and Post- Impressionist paintings. 7. preference n.喜爱;偏爱 ①I'd choose the small car in preference to the larger one. have a preference for 对…偏爱;钟爱… ②Frick had a preference for pre-twentieth century West paintings. 8. in the flash 活着的;本人 ① He was so excited about meeting a famous scholar in the flash. ② I've seen her perform on television, but never in the flesh. 9. exchange n. 交换;交流;互换 vi.&vt.调换;交换 ①He gave me an apple in exchange of an orange. ②I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people, or any other generation. 10. senior adj. 年长的;高级的;高年级的 ①The first person who saw his article was a senior editor from his department. be senior to 比…年纪大 ②He is ten years senior to me. Book 7 Unit 4 单词 编写人 王金富

1. airmail n. 航空邮件 How much is the postage for an airmail letter to Canada? 寄往加拿大的航空信要多少邮费? An airmail letter to China normally cost 50 cents, but this letter seem a bit thick. 寄往中国的航空信一般是 50 美分,不过这封信好像厚一点。 2. fortnight n.两星期 His birthday is Monday fortnight. 他的生日是两星期后的星期一。 I see them about once a fortnight.

我大约两星期见他们一次。 3. hear from 接到……的信 It was wonderful to hear from you. 收到你的信真是太高兴了。 I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 我盼望着收到你的来信。 4. be dying to 极想;渴望 I know you’re dying to hear all about my life here. 我知道你急于了解我在这里的生活情况。 All the students are dying to know the result of the exam. 所有的学生都急于知道考试的结果。 5. roof n. 屋顶;车顶 She and I can't live under the same roof. 她和我不能住在一起。 6. muddy adj. 泥泞的;泥土般的 The muddy water slowly cleared. 有泥的水慢慢地变清了。 It's muddy underfoot. 地上很泥泞。 7. textbook n. 教科书;课本 This is the standard textbook on the subject. 这是这一科的权威性课本。 This textbook has twenty units. 这本课本有二十单元。 8. concept n. 观念;概念 This concept is at the very core of her theory. 这个概念是她理论的核心。 I can not understand the so abstract concept. 我无法理解如此抽象的观念。 9. bucket n. 水桶;吊桶;提桶 Go and fill this bucket with water for me. 去替我装满一桶水来。 I knocked over the bucket and the water poured (out) all over the floor. 我打翻了水桶,水流了一地。 10. the other day 不久前的一天 I saw him in town the other day. 我最近有一天在镇上见过他。 It was a terrible piece of work you turned in the other day. 那天你交的作业太糟糕了。 B 1. weekly adj.&adv. 每周(的) She writes (about/on politics) for a weekly journal. 她为一家周刊写(政治性)文章。 There is an interesting article in this weekly.

这期的周刊上有一篇有趣的文章。 2. bubble vi. 起泡;沸腾;汩汩地流动 He bubbled questions. 他接二连三地提问题。 The gas bubbled to the surface of the water. 气体变成气泡升上水面。 3. relevant adj. 有关的,切题的 Her words aren’t relevant to what we should discuss. 她所说的与我们应讨论的毫无关系。 These comments are not directly relevant to this enquiry. 这些意见与这项调查没有直接联系。 4. remote adj. 遥远的;偏僻的 Mail comes to this remote village only once a week. 邮车每周只到这个偏僻的村庄一次。 The connection between these ideas is very remote. 这两种看法之间的距离很大。 5. ridge n. 山脊;屋脊 The floor of the Atlantic ridge in the middle from north to south. 大西洋洋底在中部形成由北向南的海脊。 He walked along the mountain ridge. 他顺着山脊走。 6. weed n. 杂草;野草 The garden is choked with weeds. 花园杂草丛生。 There are so many weeds in his field! 他的田里有那么多野草! 7. weed vt.&vi.除杂草 I spent the whole day weeding in the garden. 我一整天都在锄园子里的草。 8. hut n. 棚屋;小屋 They tore down that old hut. 他们把那间旧草屋拆掉了。 The hut was made out of pieces of wood. 这小屋是用木板建造的。 9. rectangle n. 矩形;长方形 This room is a rectangle. 这间屋子是长方形的。 10. rectangular adj. 长方形的;矩形的 I put a rectangular box on the table. 我把一个长方形的盒子放在桌子上。

1. adjust v. 适应;习惯;调整;调节 The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to adjust.

小屋内很黑,因此眼睛要过好一阵子才能适应过来。 I usually adjust my watch before I go to work in the morning. 我通常早上上班前校准我的表。 2. platform n. 台;平台;讲台; (火车站的)月台 He was walking up and down the station platform. 他在火车站的月台上走来走去。 Jane walked boldly up to the platform without faltering. 简沉著大胆地走上讲台。 3. tin n. 锡 The only possessions I could see were one broom, a few tin plates and cups and a couple of jars. 我所看到的仅有的家具就是一把扫帚、几个锡盘和锡杯,还有 两个罐子。 4. jar n. 罐;广口瓶 The only possessions I could see were one broom, a few tin plates and cups and a couple of jars. 我所看到的仅有的家具就是一把扫帚、几个锡盘和锡杯,还有 两个罐子。 5. sniff vt.&vi. 闻;嗅;用鼻子吸 I sniffed the food; it smelled delicious. 我闻了闻食物,食物很香。 You’d better go out to sniff the fresh morning air. 你最好出去呼吸早晨的新鲜空气。 6. participate vi. 参与;参加 She didn’t participate in the discussion. 她没有参加讨论。 I loved listening to the family softly talking to each other in their language, even though I could not participate in the conversation. 他们家里人轻声细语地用自己的语言在交谈,我很喜欢听他们谈话,尽管我不能 加入他们的谈话。 7. interpreter n. 解释者,口译者 Luckily, Tombe could be our interpreter. 幸运的是,汤贝可以做我们的翻译。 Speaking through an interpreter, the president said that the talks were going well. 总统通过翻译员说会谈进展良好。 8. dry out (使浸水等之物)完全变干;干透 Hot sun and cold winds can soon dry out your skin. 火辣辣的太阳和寒风可使你的皮肤很快变干燥。 Tombe told me that the can was heated to dry out the leftover food. 汤贝告诉我说,加热罐子是为了把里面的残菜剩饭烧干。 9. dry up (指河流、井等)干涸 During the drought the river dried up. 干旱期间,河流干涸了。 10. grill n. 烤架;大平底锅 vt. 烧烤;炙烤 He spent the summer bussing table in a downtown grill. 整个夏季,他都在城里一个烧烤店帮助清理餐桌。

1. leftover n. 剩余物;残留物;剩饭 adj. 剩余的 She threw the leftovers in the garbage. 她把剩饭倒进垃圾桶。 2. evil n. 邪恶;罪恶 adj. 邪恶的 His behavior showed he was an evil person. 他的行为表明他是一个邪恶的人。 War, famine and flood are terrible evils. 战争、饥荒和洪水都是可怕的灾祸。 3. otherwise conj. 否则;不然 adv. 除此以外,用别的方法;其他方面 Shut the window, otherwise it’ll get too cold in here. 把窗户关好,不然屋子里就太冷了。 Otherwise they don’t waste anything. 否则的话他们是不会浪费任何东西的。 4. privilege n. 特权;特别优待;荣幸;优惠 It was such a privilege to have spent a day with Tombe’s family. 跟汤贝一家度过一天,真是一种特别优待。 In countries where there are still not many schools, education is a privilege. 在学校仍不多的国家,受教育是一种特权。 5. arrangement n. 安排;排列 There are special arrangements for people working overseas. 对赴海外工作的人员有特别安排。 We finally came to an arrangement over the price. 我们最终就价格问题达成协议。 6. toast vt. 烤(面包等);敬酒 n. 烤面包(片),土司面包;干杯 My daughter likes toast for breakfast. 我女儿早餐喜欢吃烤面包。 They toasted the signing of the new agreement. 他们举杯祝贺新协议签订。 7. paperwork n. 文书工作 Paperwork consumed much of the committee's time. 文书工作耗费了委员会许多时间。 8. comb n. 梳子 vi. 梳(发) Let me fix my hair (ie brush and comb it) and I'll be ready. 我梳梳头,马上就好。 She combed the mud out of the dog's fur. 她梳去狗的皮毛中的泥土。 9. astronaut n. 宇航员;太空人 The astronaut accepted danger was part of the job. 太空人承认他们的工作中包含著危险。 My son's dream is to be an astronaut. 我儿子的理想是当宇航员。 10. broom n. 扫帚

He picked up the broom to help me sweep the floor. 他拿起扫帚帮我扫地。 He stopped sweeping and rested on the broom. 他停止扫地,倚着扫帚休息 E 1. what if 要是、倘若……怎么样 What if the train is late? 火车要是晚点会怎么样呢? She was dying to see him again but what if he didn’t want to see her? 她极想再见到他,但如果他不想见她怎么办? 2. what for 为何目的;为何理由 What did you do that for? 你为何做那件事? 3.what about (提出建议)……怎么样 What about a trip to France? 到法国去旅游一趟如何? 4. volunteer n.&v. 志愿者;志愿做,义务做,无偿做 He volunteered his services as a driver. 他自愿服务担当司机。 5. cover vt. 覆盖,常与 with 或 by 连用 He then covered the vegetables with banana leaves and left them to steam. 他然后用香蕉叶子把这些蔬菜盖上,等着它们蒸熟。 Much of the country is covered by forest. 这个国家的大片领土被森林覆盖。 6. cover v. 走完(一段路程) ;看完(多少页) ;有(多少面积) ,占……;谈到, 涉及;采访,报道;足以支付,够付 By sunset we had covered thirty miles. 到日落的时候我们已走了三十英里。 His speech covered a lot of ground. 他的演讲涉及的内容极为广泛。 She is covering the party’s annual conference. 她正在报道这个政党的年会新闻。 $100 should cover your expenses. 100 美元应该足够支付你的费用了。 7. possession n. (C) 财产,所有物,占有物(常用复数) The ring is one of her most treasured possessions. 这只戒指是她最珍贵的财产之一。 The only possessions I could see were one broom, a few tin plates and cups and a couple of jars. 我所看到的仅有的家具就是一把扫帚、几个锡盘和锡杯,还有 两个罐子。 8. possession n. (U) 具有,拥有 The possession of a passport is essential for foreign travel. 出国旅行必须持有护照。 That house was in the possession of Tom.

那间房子为汤姆所拥有。 9. lay vt. 放,搁下,展开;下(蛋) ,产(卵) ;摆放餐具(准备就餐) She laid the baby down gently on the bed. 她把孩子轻放在床上。 Fresh grass had been laid on the floor and there was a newly made platform for Jenny and me to sleep on. 地上摆放着一堆新鲜的草,还新放了一个平台,是供詹妮和 我睡觉用的。 10. come across 偶然遇到或发现,碰见 The boys who had never come across anything like this before started jumping out of the windows. 男孩子们以前从来没有见过这种情况,吓得都往窗外跳去。 She came across some old photographs in a drawer. 她偶然在抽屉里发现了一些旧照片。 Book 7 Unit 5 单词 编写人 魏可建

1. adjust to 适应,调节 Astronauts in flight must adjust to weightlessness. I've made a few minor adjustments to the seating plan. 2. keep it up 保持优秀成绩,继续干下去 I've been working twelve hours a day, but I shall not be able to keep it up. 3. fit in 相适应,相融合 He's never done this type of work before; I'm not sure how he'll fit in (with the other employees). ①fit in with 与…相处融洽,与…符合/适合 Do these plans fit in with your arrangements? 4. motherland 祖国 They fought for their motherland shoulder to shoulder. 5. visa 签证 He is applying to the Consul for a visa. 6. queue n. 队列,行列 v. 排队 ① a queue of 一群,大量地 ② queue up for 排队等候 There's a long queue of people waiting for new houses People are queuing to buy tickets. 7. cafeteria n. 自助食堂,自助餐厅 The cafeteria is short handed so we'll have to wait in line. 8. lecture n. 演讲,讲课 She ran over her notes before giving the lecture. He lectured to his students on modern writers. 9. qualification n. 资历,资格 What sort of qualifications do you need for the job? 10. preparation n. 准备,预备 ① do preparation for 为…做准备

He didn't do any preparation for this exam, so he failed. Preparations for the Queen's visit are almost complete.

11. recommend v. 推荐,建议 ① recommend sb to do = recommend doing 建议做,劝某人做 I wouldn't recommend you to go there alone. ②recommend that should do 建议做 The doctor strongly recommended that he take a holiday. ③ recommend sb/sth to… 把 …推荐给… 12. shopkeeper n. 店主 The shopkeeper knocked10% off the bill. 13. idiom n. 成语,习语 To my knowledge, there is no such idiom in English. 14. comfort n.舒适,安慰 v.安慰 They are now living in relative comfort. I tried to comfort him after he was defeated by his opponent. 15. comfortable adj.舒服的 Were it not for science, we could not live a comfortable life. 16. substitute n.代替者,代用品 v.用…代替… ① substituted A for B 用 A 代替 B The coach substituted Smith for Jones. Water is not a proper substitute for wine. 17. substitution n. 替代品;代替 Two substitutions (ie of players) were made during the match. 在比赛中换了两次人。 18. academic adj. 学校的,学术的 Computer science is now a fully-fledged academic subject. 19. requirement n. 需求,要求 They cannot (choose) but admit that our requirement is reasonable. 20. require v. 要求,需求 ① require doing 要求干某事=require sb/sth to do The floor requires washing. ② require that should 需要 The situation requires that we should stay here. ③ require sb of sth 要求/命令某人… What do you require of me?

21. essay n. 文章,散文 This essay is admirable in all respects. This essay represents a considerable improvement on your recent work. 22. tutor n.导师,助教,家庭教师 His parents employed a tutor to teach him Greek.

For extra money, she tutors on weekends. 23. revise v.复查,修正,复习 He revised the manuscript of his book before sending it to the publisher. 24. revision n. 复查,修正,复习 The catalogue is under revision. 25. draft n. 草稿,草案 vt. 起草,草拟 Who will draft the indictment? He drew a draft of the car. 26. numb adj.麻木的,失去知觉的 My fingers were numb with cold. 27. acknowledge vt.承认,确认,答谢 He is unwilling to acknowledge defeat. ①acknowledge doing / that 从句 承认… He acknowledged that he was defeated. He acknowledged having been defeated. ② acknowledge …as / to be … I acknowledge your statement to be true. 28. as far as one is concerned 就…而言 As far as I am concerned, I don’t agree with what you said about the matter. 29. contradict vt. 反驳,驳斥;与 ... 矛盾 The report contradicts what we heard yesterday. 30. contradictory adj.与…矛盾的 His remark was contradictory to the truth. There were contradictory versions of what happened. / of what the President said. D 31. autonomous adj.自主的,自治的,独立的 an alliance of autonomous states 32. autonomy n. 自治,自主,独立 The separatist is demanding full autonomy for their state. 33. apply vt. 涂;敷;搽;应用;运用 vi. 申请;请求;使用;有效 Apply the cream to your face and neck. Before you go abroad, you must apply for a visa. ① apply sth. to sth. 把……涂到……;把……运用到…… The rule can’t be applied to every case. ② apply oneself to 致力于;专心于 The new comer applied himself to the job. 34. take up 拿起;接受;开始;继续;占据 I still can’t believe that I am taking up this prize that I won last year. I have taken up teaching since I graduated from university. 35. board n.牌子,板子 ① boards 董事会,委员会;舞台演艺业 the Are you still trading the boards? 你还在当演员吗? ② board 董事会,委员会; the

She has a seat on the board of a large company.她是大公司董事会的一员 The board is/are unhappy about falling sales. ③ board and lodging 膳宿费 ④ on board 在船上,在飞行器上 Have the passengers gone on board yet? 旅客们已经上船(上飞机)了吗? v.给某人提供膳宿;登上船或飞机 She usually boards students during the college term. Please board the ship immediately. Flight BA193 for Paris is boarding. / is ready for passengers to board. 36. summary n. 总结,摘要,概要 Here is a summary of the news. = Here is a news summary. So I made a summary of the article, revised my draft and handed the essay in. ① in summary 总的说来,归纳起来 And so I would say, in summary, that the campaign has been a great success. 37. deserve v.值得,应受 His brave act deserves admiration. ① deserve to do 值得做,应该… He deserves to be punished. = He deserves punishment. ② deserve doing 值得被… Your suggestion deserves considering. = Your suggestion deserves to be considered. 38. opportunity n. 机会,时机 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work on the project. Don't hesitate; seize the first opportunity that comes along! 39. accommodation n. 膳宿;和解;住处;方便 Our accommodation is barely adequate.我们的住房不太够用。 This hospital has accommodation for 200 patients.这家医院有二百个病人床位。 If labour and management don't reach an accommodation there will be a strike. 如果劳资双方达不成妥协,就会发生罢工。 It's a great accommodation to me.这对我极为方便。 40. diverse adj. 不同的,多种多样的 The program deals with subjects as diverse as pop music and Beijing Opera. 节目涉及从流行音乐到京剧这样形形色色的题材。 Her interests are very diverse. diversity n. 多样性,差异 We should get a thorough understanding about the cultural diversity of the United States. 我们应该对美国文化的多样性有一个全面的了解。 ① wide diversity of 各种各样的 a There is a wide diversity of opinion on this matter.

Book 7 Unit 5 单词 编写人 蔚传宝 A.

1.occupy v 占据;占领;占用 Her time is fully occupied with her three children. be occupied with Linda was occupied with the work of redecorating her house. 2.enterprise n.事业;事业心 The enterprise is an applicant of this credit。 He is a man of great enterprise. 3.apology n.道歉;谢罪 Please accept my apology. I demand an apology. 4. seminar n.(专题)研讨会 There is a seminar on international business opportunities this evening. He played down his role in the success of the seminar. 5. videophone n.可视电话 This new videophone will meet almost all our requirement. 6.Rugby n.(英式)橄榄球 In rugby football, passing forward is against the rules. Rugby is another popular winter sport. 7.bachelor n.获学士学位的人;未婚男子 bachelor’s degree 学士学位 He remained a bachelor all his life. 8. routine n.常规;日常事务 adj.通常的;例行的 They did it as a matter of routine. We must introduce some system into our office routine. 9. minibus n.小型公共汽车 The minibus will sit ten people. Minibus is most popular in towns. 10.optional adj.可选择的;随意的 I had no option but to do so. He had no option but to agree.

B in and day out 日复一日 day after day 日复一日地 day by day 一天天地 from day to day 一天天地 day in ,day out 天天;一天又一天 Day in, day out, you can see the old man in the same place and same time. 2.cage n.鸟笼;兽槛 The old man wants to buy a cage for birds. A lion has escaped from its cage. 3.bark vi.(指狗等)吠叫;咆哮 n.犬吠声;树皮 Those trees have very beautiful white bark. Not only did the dog bark at him, but (it) bit him.

4. battery n.电池(组) ;电瓶;炮台 Does your car battery charged easily? If the battery is dead, the motor won't turn over. 5. site n.地方;地点;现场 The group goes on a lecture tour of site in Greece. All visitors to the site must wear safety helmet. 6. drill vi./vt.钻(孔) n.钻;钻机 This drill can bore through rock. The dentist's drill made a lot of noise. 7.oilfield n.油田 He said that he had never been to Shengli oilfield. Another big oilfield is being opened up. 8. agent n.代理人;经纪人 travel agent 旅行代办人;旅行代理人 The agent spoke on behalf of his principal. The tour is arranged by our local travel agent. 9.eographical adj.地理(学)的 They are getting to know the geographical house. They are doing geographical researches. 10. parallel adj.平行的;相同的;类似的 Her experiences parallel mine in many instances. My experience in this matter is parallel to yours.

1.abundant adj.丰富的;充裕的 The country has abundant supplies of oil. The dictionary is abundant in sunny words, healthy words, happy words. 2.govern vt./vi.统治;支配;管理 They demand the right to govern themselves. Who are the men who really govern in this country? 3.onwards adv.向前地;前进地 The shop is open from this day onwards. I shall be at home from 8 o'clock onwards. 4. destination n.目的地 We eventually arrived at our destination. The rider spurred forward to his destination. 5. inn n.客栈 They put up at an inn for the night. 6.out of the question 不可能的;不值得讨论的 It is out of the question for him to stay in office so late. Missing school to watch the football match is out of the question. 7. hike vi./n.远足;徒步旅行 The storm upset their plans for a hike.

We are going on a four-mile hike to the lake. 8. tomb n.坟墓 A group of student placed a wreath at the tomb of the national hero. We visited the tomb of Shakespeare. 9. settle in (迁入新居、更换工作后)安顿下来 Later, man began to settle in the places where the food and water were plentiful. They moved the local people and settle them in another place. 10.conclude vt./vi.结束;推断出 conclusion n.结论;结束 draw a conclusion 得出结论 I wish they would arrive at some conclusion. From what is said above, we can draw a conclusion.

1.expose vt.暴露;揭露;使曝光 expose…to 使显露;暴露 Poor John was exposed to the wind and rain. Now it has been exposed to the light of day. 2.blame vt.责备;谴责 n.过失;责备 be to blame 该受责备(应负责任) lay the blame on vt. 责怪(归咎) Not only you but (also) I am to blame. He was only partially to blame for the accident. vt./n.连接;联系 link…to…将…和…联系或连接起来 Is there a link between smoking and lung disease? Railway lines link country towns with the capital. 4.consist vi.组成;在于;一致 consist of 由…组成 The report does not consist with the fact. Water is said to consist of oxygen and hydrogen. 5.delight n.快乐;高兴;喜悦 vt.使高兴;使欣喜 Her heart beat fast with delight. He takes great delight in painting. 6.take up 拿起;接受;开始;继续 take off 起飞;脱掉 take on 承担;呈现 take over 接收;接管 take out 取出;拔掉;开始 take in 接受;让…进入 You're very unfit; you ought to take up running. 7.previous adj.在前的;早先的 We've had no previous dealings with this company. Have you had previous career experience?

8.slide into (快捷而悄声地)移动;溜进 She is able to slide into a room without anyone noticing. The thief slid into the room. 9.fall ill 生病 She has to stay home because her son fall ill. If falling ill, I'll stay home taking a good rest. 10. treat vt./vi.治疗;对待;款待 n.款待;招待 This meal is my treat, so put your money away. For a birthday treat they took him out on the town.



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