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【金版学案】2014-2015学年人教版高中英语选修七练习:Unit 1 第三学时 Using Language:]

英语· 选修 7(人教版)

Unit Living well
第三学时 Using Language:

Reading,Listening and Speaking

一、单词拼写 根据中文或首字母提示填空。 1.They soon became fully integrated into the loca

l ________(社 区).


2.Only a truly free person has human __________(尊严).


3 . Your technical ________( 援 助 ) in the project is greatly appreciated.


4 . The seeing eye dog( 导盲犬 ) was the blind man's constant ________(同伴).


5.There are four emergency e________ in the department store.


6. The old couple have grown several r________ of cabbages in the garden.


7.We're working with a team of a________ on the plans for the new building.


8.Your birth c________ says when and where you were born.


二、词语活用 在下列空格中填入适当的复合形容词。 Honoured as “School flower” , Jane is a 1.____________girl and everybody knows she's 2.____________and generous.Now she runs a clothing factory.Every year Jane will donate a lot of money and clothes to help those in need and the 3.____________clothes made in her factory are 4.____________ throughout the country.

答案:1. goodlooking

2. warmhearted

3. ready?made 4. wellknown

三、填空 在下列各句空格中填入恰当的词。 1. I have a heart disease, ________ makes me very weak, ________

I can't walk as quickly ________ others.


2.Never had he dreamed that he was to be the chief architect ________ the national stadium.


3.Try to make the disabled feel they are ________ important as others ________ shop here.


4.I suggest that the seats at the back ________ be placed higher ________ those at the front ________ that everyone can see the screen easily.


5.People said that he was one ________ a million.In ________

words,he looked very strange.


6.One funny thing was ______________ my little daughter hadn't seen her father for a long time and ________ was difficult for her to recognize him.




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