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一天武松刚旅游回来遇见一个酒店 One day, Wu Song just meet a restaurant on the route after a trip.

第一幕 武松:小二,上菜单,你们有什么招牌菜。 Song:Water,do you have any signature dishes form the menu? 小二:客官,我们店最棒的菜是蒜蓉蜗牛,要试试吗? Water:Sir, the best dish is the snails with garlic at the reseaurant,like to try some? Song:No thanks, that really sounds strange,I'll tell what,just forget the snails and bring me a nice juicy beeves and a large of wine. 小二:客官,我们的酒是三碗不过岗,你还是来小杯的吧。 Water:Sir,three bowls make it difficult to pass the Gang,like to try small cup? 武松:我平生三大好,第三就是喝酒,磨磨唧唧什么,快上酒! Song:I have three hobbies, third is to drink wine.Don't be too slow and go fast! [旁白:小二给个奇怪的眼神,下去了。武松在吃酒,这时,老板娘端菜上来了。] Water give him a startled look then left. Here comes the landlady when Song is drinking wine.

第二幕 [武松酒喷,因为老板娘妆容太吓人] Landlady: sir,where you came from and where do you go? Song: I traveled to Singapore yesterday,it is really interesting there and the traffic is very well. Landlady:Really? Song:that’s for sure.Hey,are this picture of you in the wall? Landlad:yeah,that’s me in frond of my uncle’s home.When I was a kid,I used be there two weeks every summer.I had a great time there.

第三幕 [一会儿武松饮酒后要走] Song will left there after drinking for a while. Song:Water,I must go home. Could you tell me where the Jingyang hill is? Warer:Go straight and turn right, you will see a big stone engraved with the jingyang hill. But there is a fierce tiger, I suggest you’d better go with friends. Song(两眼放光):Do you know what is my second hobby? (小二摇头)Song:Dozen tiger! (音乐,两只老虎) Water: Dozen tiger Now,that really sounds strang. [武松上山与老虎进行了激烈的斗争,最后老虎快被他打死了,此时一个美女踩着滑轮把武 松撞到了。] Wu song have a fierce battle with the tiger at the hill, The tiger almost got killed by him at last. When a beautiful woman conmes with rollerblade and hit song.

Woman: Oh, I'm really sorry. Are you OK? Song: I'm fine. Woman:Say, are you from the Jingyang hill? Song: Yes, I am, originally. Woman: Did you grow up there? Song: Yes, I did, but my family moved here eight years ago when I was kid. And where did you learn to Rollerblade? Woman: Here in the hill. This is only my second time. Song: Oh,cool.I want to learn it.Can you give me some Lessons? Woman: Sure. Just follow me. [武松就要离开,此时老虎说话了] 老虎(大声吼) :What's the matter?you don't like to play me? Song: Do you know what I like the most? Tiger: Rollerblade? Song(摇头); chase after the girls. Tiger(狂追)I am a female,too.



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