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编稿:宜兴一中备课组 Living with technology
一、语篇复习 Reading: Fill in the blanks with proper words Many different people 1 c____________ to the development of TV. Most early T

V broadcasts were made using system developed by John Logie Baird in the UK, but his system was very primitive and had many 2 d____________. An American, Philo Farnsworth, made important 3 b____________ in the development of TV in the late 1920s and the early 1930s. Modern TVs use many of the 4 p______________ first discovered by Farnsworth. It was in 1951 that regular color TV broadcasts began in the USA. Regular color TV broadcasts were 5 d____________ in the UK until 1967. Satellites were used to broadcast TV beginning in 1962. Satellites allow TV to be broadcast 6 l_________ over vast distances, with everyone receiving the same broadcast at the same time. They also make TV 7 a__________ to people who live far away from cities. Thomas Edison made the first 8 r___________ of a human voice on his invention, the record player in 1877, which had to be 9 w_______________up by hand. In 1928, the first recorders used to copy sound were made in Germany。 Most early recorders 10 e___________ steel tape to record on. With the development of technology, electrical 11 c___________eventually became so small that portable cassette players were developed. In 1982, the first CDs were made 12 a _________. In 1993, the VCD was born and in 1995, the DVD was invented. Technology is now changing faster than most people can keep 13 p__________ with. No one can 14 f__________ what the future will bring. Project: Read the text carefully and complete the form: To phone or not to phone? Parts & Main ideas Paragraph 1: A brief (1)_______ about the Amish Details ? ? ? Paragraphs 2-5: The (2)___________ of the phone The Amish are Christian group in the USA. They are famous because they are (3)________ cars, refrigerators an d so on. They make full (4)_______ on its advantages and disadvantages whenever a new technology is introduced.

The Amish value (5)_________ conversation and meanwhile they think the phone has disadvantages as follows: ? True friendship and (6)__________ help cannot be found over the phone. ? Most mobile phone calls have no important (7)______and only waste our precious time. ? Friendships built through text messages are quite (8)___________. (9)__________ speaking , the Amish are mentally (10) ________ than most people, so maybe we should get rid of modern technology and return to simpler times.

Paragraphs 6-7: The conclusion


1. delay v/n 推迟(某事) ;延期: delay doing = put off doing 1) We must _______ our ________ until the weather improves. 我们必须把旅行推迟,等天气好转再说。 2) Why have they delayed __________ the school? 他们为什么延期开学? 3) We must leave _________ ________. 我们必须立即离开. 4) There was a delay (of two hours) before the plane took off. 飞机起飞推迟了(两个小时) 2. accessible: 可(或易)得到的;可(或易)使用的[(+to)] Medicine should not be kept _______ it is ____________ __________ children. 药品不应放在儿童容易拿到的地方。 sth be accessible to sb 某物是某人可接近的 access. n 通道,入口,途径 have access to 可接近 the access to sth 接近…. 1) The only__________ ______their house is along that narrow road. 只有沿着那条狭窄的路走才能到达他们的房子。 2) Students must _______________ a good library. = A good library must be ______________ 学生要有使用好图书馆的便利条件。 3. foresee: 预见;预知 (foresaw- foreseen) foreseeable a.可预见到的 同义 predict/forecast 1)It is hard to foresee________ ______ _________. 很难预知将会发生之事。 2)He foresaw that prices would drop. 他预见到物价会下跌。 3)Nobody could foresee ________ _________ away. 没人预见到他的逃跑。 4)We should have foreseen the trouble months ago. 我们几个月前就该预见到这一困难。 4. adaptation: n. 适应,改编,改写;改写本 adapt(oneself0 +to doing 适应 adapt+from 由什么改编 adapt+for 改编成 1)He made a quick ____________ ________ the new environment. 他很快适应了新的环境。 = He quickly _________ _______ the new environment. 2)This play is an adaptation of a novel. = This play is_________ _______ a novel. This text ______ ________ ________ a short story.这篇课文是由短篇小说改写的。 5. vote. v/n 投票,选举,表决 1). The matter will be decided ______ _______. 此事将投票表决。Let’s vote ______the matter. 2). There were 6 votes in favor of/for my suggestion, and 5 against.六票赞成我的建议,五票反对。 3). Vote for the man you can trust. 选你能信赖的人。 People voted against Henry. 人们投票反对亨利。 6. reject: vt. 拒绝,不予考虑 He rejected/refused their invitation directly. refuse 与 reject : refuse 1.拒绝某人的请求要求;2.拒绝给别人所需之物。refuse 后可接不定式表示 “拒绝做某事”,而 reject 通常不这样用。如:He refused to come to the meeting. 他拒绝来参加会议。 He ________ ___________ because he had some other things to do. 7. oppose: 及物动词 vt. 反对;反抗;妨碍[+n/v-ing]=-object to doing 1. Father does not oppose the idea at all. 2. I oppose _______ _______ there alone (你单独去)= I _____ ________ _____ _______ ______ there alone 3. He is strongly opposed to the plan. 他强烈反对这一计划。 8. circumstance: n. 情况,环境;情势(常用复数) 1) In normal circumstances I would have resigned immediately. 在正常情况下,我本会马上辞职的。 2)We have been told that under no circumstances_______the telephone in the office for personal affairs. A. may we use B.we may use C. we could use D. did we use 以下否定副词或短语放句首时须部分倒装:never, at no time(决不), by no means(决不), nowhere, in no case(决不), little, under(in)no circumstances, in no way, not only, neither, nor, no sooner...than..., not until, hardly(scarcely)...when..., not only...but also....例如: 1). Never before _____________ such a wonderful park. 我从未看见过这样美丽的公园。 2). No sooner__________ than it rained. 我刚出去,就下雨了。

3). Never _________________ such a thing. 我从未听说过这种事情。 4). Not until he went abroad _____________ the truth. 他直到出国才知道真相。 5). By no means _________________. 我们绝不会放弃。

1. keep in touch with: 与---保持联系 _________________, ________________ me, please. 无论你去哪里, 请与我保持联络。 短语:get /keep/stay in touch with...___________ in/out of touch with... ______________ keep in (close) contact (with...) ___________ lose touch with…________________ 2. wind up wind-wound-wound wind sth (up) (尤指钟表)上发条;迂回而行,弯弯曲曲地通过 1)Have you wound up your watch? 你的表上发条了吗? 2) wind a car window down/up 把汽车窗摇下去/上来 3)The stream ________ _______ ______ through the village. 小溪弯弯曲曲地流过村庄。 3. make important breakthroughs break through break away from break down break out break up break off 1) The prisoner _____________________ his guards. 2) Her health _____________ under the pressure of work. 3) He ____________ in the middle of a sentence. 4) Fire ___________ during the night. 5) Their marriage has __________________. 6) Scientists think they are beginning to _____________ in the fight against cancer. 4. answer for 对…负责;因…受到谴责 If you continue to behave like this, you will have to _____________ your behavior. This government has a lot to answer for. _________________ cf. answer Hearing the bell, Jane got up from her chair and went to ______ the door. 5. more of _________ 类似的有 much of_________ something of _________ 1) There is no denying that piracy is becoming more and more of a problem in China. 2) In the eyes of the audience, She is ____ a musician than her brother. A. much of B. much as C.more of D.more as 3) The old gentleman was ___ of an artist. A. anybody B. anything C. somebody D. something 4) Prof. Smith is ____ of a teacher. He often skips from one subject to another. So it is difficult for his listeners to follow him. A. not much B. not many C. no much D. not more 6. rid … of … 1).We want to help rid the team of this pressure. 2). As a student, I should rid myself of bad habits. 3). He can’t get rid of the cold. 【归纳】rid 常用结构: ______________ ______________ 1). We should try to ___________________________________(使社会摆脱不公平). 2). He was finally able to _________________________(摆脱)all financial worries. 类似 rid 短语的还有:rob sb. of--warn sb. of--- remind sb. of--accuse sb. of--3

inform sb. of---

cure sb. of---

convince sb. of---等等

1. Technology has seen some amazing developments in the last few decades. see (时代、地方等)历经,见证=witness 1) Last year saw/witnessed a slight increase in the development of economy in that city. 2) How have different electronic devices changed over time? 翻译:过去几年来宜兴经历了巨大的变化. Recent years _____________________________________________ Yixing __________________________________________________ 2. It was not until 1938 that the first color TV programme was broadcast.______(什么句式) =_________________________________________________________(正常语序) =_________________________________________________________(倒装语序) It was not until the early 1950s that most tape recorders began using plastic tape as they do today. 例题:It was not until she got home _______ Jennifer realized she had lost her keys. A. when B. that C. where D. before 翻译:直到昨天我才注意到她把头发剪短了。 _________________________________________________________(正常语序) _________________________________________________________( 倒 装 语 序 ) _________________________________________________________(强调句) 3. However, most people still benefit from satellite TV.(P2,L24) = However, satellite TV ________________________________________(用动词) = However, satellite TV ________________________________________(用形容词) = However, satellite TV ________________________________________(用名词) 4. For example, no matter what the circumstances, when the phone rings, everything stops so that the call can be answered. (lines 46-49, page 14) 例如, 无论在什么情况下,当电话铃声响起时,为了能接电话, 一切都要停下来。 句中的 no matter what 可换成______, 引导_____从句; circumstance 意思是:_______, 常用复数形式。 (1) I wanted to leave quickly but ________(在这种情况下) I decided to stay another night. (2) Under no circumstances _________betray our friends for personal benefit. A did we B we should C should we D we could

五、巩固练习 I 单词拼写
1.That kind of electronic dictionaries is elegantly shaped, especially s_________ for people with a reading disability. 2. Actually, it is a good car. One of its few d_________ is that it consumes a lot of petrol. 3. This novel is t________ of J.K. Rowling’s style of writing. 4. The computer consisting of thousands of c___________ brings us lots of convenience. 5. I s________ the newspaper when I was waiting for the bus. 6. This great all-round e_____________dictionary gives you Chinese to English translation. 7. He worked so hard that e___________ he made himself sick.

8. . I take it seriously. It’s a matter of _________(原则)
9 . I am rather ___________(怀疑的) about their attitude towards the poor. 10. With the development of new technology, modern TVs have gone __________(数字化)

11. All the Chinese people are now living a happy life in a (稳定) society where people are enjoying high living standards. 12. ____________(电池) should be recycled to help protect our environment. 13. Teachers devote too much of their time and energy to their work at the __________ ( 牺牲) of their health. 14. ___________(便携的) computers were developed to bring more convenience to people’s everyday life.

II 动词填空
1. Betty’s handbag was left in a taxi accidentally, never ________ (find) again. 2. A terrible earthquake hit Japan, _______(cause) thousands of deaths. 3. ____________(expose) to the sun too long, he felt hot and thirsty. 4.Doctors warn people that one may develop skin cancer with his skin ____ (expose)to the sun too much. 5. ___________(assume) that the story is true, what should we do? 6. The Olympic Games, (play) in 776 B.C., did not include women players until 1912. 7. When ________ (offer) help, one often says“Thank you”, or “It’s kind of you”. 8. Her parents are opposed to her daughter (go) into heavy industry in the west. 9. He (live) with parents in the UK for several years, but now he holds an important position in a chemical works in Jiangsu. 10. Some of us are driven by the need for others’ approval; so we allow the expectations of our parents, friends teachers or bosses (control) us.

III 句子改写
1. Doing exercise regularly benefits good health. Doing exercise regularly is ___________ _________ good health. 2. Every student in the school has free access to the school library. The school library is __________ _________ every student in the school. 3. Time came to the year 1938 and people began to broadcast the first color TV program. was not until 1938 the first color TV program was broadcast. 4. The doctors advised the man to give up smoking in no time. The doctors advised the man to give up smoking _______ _________. 5. The Red Cross and other organizations gave out food and water to the earthquake victims. The Red Cross and other organizations _______ food and water _____ the earthquake victims. 6. He turned down my invitation to the evening party rudely. He _________ my invitation to the evening party in a rude _________. 7. Some high school students may find it difficult to adapt to the new environment. Some high school students may find it difficult to make a__________ to the new environment. 8. My father is strongly against my playing computer games during the weekends. My father is strongly _________ ________my playing computer games during the weekends. 9. In one study, girls average 80 text messages a day, and boys average 30. In one study, girls send 80 text messages a day________ ________, and boys average 30. 10. He was bored with the city life, moving to a remote village accessible only by boat. ________ ________ the city life, he moved to a remote village accessible only by boat.


IV 完成句子
1. 我不认为女性应该为了家庭而牺牲独立性。 I do not think that women should ___________ their independence _______ their family. 2. 如果你继续这样肆意而为,你将会为此付出代价。 If you continue to behave like this, you’ll have to _________ __________ your behavior. 3. 既然我们不能达成一致,那就投票表决吧。 Since we can’t agree on the matter, let’s __________ ________ it. 4. 在我看来,手工制作的玩具要比机器加工的要好的多. In my opinion, toys made ___________ ____________ are superior to those made by machine. 5. 中国的太空探索在过去的几十年里取得了重大突破。 China’s space exploration has ___________ great _____________ in the past few decades. 6. 我想帮助我的好朋友摆脱考试的压力。 I want to help________my good friend _________the pressure of the final exams. 7. 在观众的眼里,更像是以为音乐家而不是一位演员。 In the eyes of the audience, She is ________ ________ a musician than an actress. 8. 由于高额的花费,周围的人强烈反对建一条新的公路 People around are firmly _______ _______ building a new highway because of the great cost. 9. 无论什么情况,你都不能放弃。No matter ________ the ___________, you can’t give up. 10. 他将这辆自行车以较低的价格卖给我,同时还附送一台收音机。 He sold me the bike at a low price and included the radio for _______ _________.


一、语篇复习 Reading: 1. contributed 2. drawbacks 3. breakthrough 4. principles 5. delayed 6. live 7. accessible 8. recording 9. wound 10. employed 11. components 12. available 13. pace 14. foresee Project: 1. introduction 2. disadvantages 3. against 4. discussion 5. face-to-face 6. immediate/timely 7. matters 8. shallow 9. Generally 10. healthier 二、单元重点词汇复习 1. delay trip; stating; without delay 2. where accessible to; access to; have access to; accessible to students 3. what will happen; his running 4. adaptation to; adapted to; adapted from; is adapted from 5. by vote; on 6. reject going 7. you going am supposed to you going 8. have I seen; had I gone out; have I heard; did he know; shall we give up 三、单元重点词组复习 1. Wherever you go, keep in touch 2. wound its way 3. 1) broke away from 2) broke down 3) broke off 4) broke out 5) broke up 6) break through 4. answer for; 这届政府对很多坏事都要负责;answer 5. C; D; A 6. rid…of…; get rid of rid society of inequality get rid of 四、单元重点句型复习 1. have seen great changes in Yixing; has seen great changes in recent years 2. The first colour TV programme was not broadcast until 1938 Not until 1938 was the first colour TV programme broadcast. B I didn’t notice she had had her hair cut until yesterday. Not until yesterday did I notice she had had her hair cut. It was not until yesterday that I noticed she had had her hair cut. 3. still benefits most people; is still beneficial to most people; still does benefit to most people 4. whatever; 让步状语;情况;under the circumstances; C 五、巩固练习 I 单词拼写 1. suitable 2. Drawbacks 3. typical 4. components 5. scanned 6. electronic 7. eventually 8. principles 9. sceptical 10. digital 11. stable 12. Battery 13. sacrifice 14. portable II 动词填空 1. to find 2. causing 3. Exposed/ Having been exposed 4. exposed 5. Assuming 6. played 7. offered 8. going 9. lived 10. to control III 句子改写 1. beneficial to 2. accessible to 3. It that 4. at once 5. distributed to 6 rejected manner 7. adaptation 8. opposed to 9.on average 10. Bored with IV 完成句子 1. sacrifice for 2. answer for 3. vote on 4. by hand 5. made breakthroughs 6. rid of 7. more of 8. opposed to 9. what circumstances 10. good measure



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