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Unit3 Life in the future(第1-2课)

Unit 3

Warming up

Have you ever imagined what life will be in the future?
Will it change for better or worse ?

It all depends!



communication environment

What did the people use as vehicle in the horses past?

Sedan chair sailboat

horse or simple cars, trains, airplanes, vehicle such as a carriage spaceship, personal flying cars

What about now?

What kind of vehicle will we use in the future?

a solar energy car

spaceship, personal flying cars

What kind of houses did the people live in in the past?

What kind of houses do the people live in now?


What kind of houses will the people live in the future?

Space house


What changes do you expect to see in your life in one thousand years’ time?


made mud small houses flats in high buildings houses along the street with many shops

modern flats, floating;

On-line shopping

—distance education


on the earth; on land

on the earth in space stations; under

the sea; on other planets

the Spaceship to Mars

People on Mars

Now think about what changes you might expect to find in the next one thousand year. Fill in the chart on P17.

AD 2011 :modern China

Finance and currency

Cars, trains, boats, airplanes, bicycles Office,factory,construction,farmi ng and service Banks,insurance,business

Languages Chinese and English Location of settlement

On the earth



AD 300_: your ideas spacecraft, time travel, personal flying cars or bikes At home using advanced ,interactive computers and people will see each other.
One global currency-maybe the yuan as China will be the largest global exporter.

Finance and currency

One global language-perhaps Chinese Languages or still English.

Location of on the earth; in space stations; settlement under the sea ; on the moon

AD 2011 :modern China

Air:could be improved in cities.


Nursery ;schools;university. Flats;houses;concrete;wood

Communicati on

Post office ;telephone;Internet.

AD 300_: your ideas
Environment Very poor;need to recycle all waste;control the use of cars.Climates of the earth will very hot. Education Students can learn all the new technologies. Houses Built into the ground as the surface of the earth is so hot.

Communica- Video telephone, mobiles,computer tion

Have you ever imagined what life will be in the future?
Will it change for better or worse ?



Make a list of the problems human are facing today.

? Housing ? Population ? Pollution ? Global warming (greenhouse effect) ? Traffic ? Hunger

poverty war violence

Other issues



What are the bad results of so many cars here? pollute the environment take up too much room to park…

traffic jam

1.Recite the new words of this unit. 2.Preview the Reading part.

Which problem do you think people will have overcome in one thousand year? Which one do you think will still exist in AD 3008?

Can you imagine what changes will happen in AD 3008 in housing, transport, jobs, families, communication, environment and education?

P17 Reading– First Impressions




? Li Qiang
? a boy who was given a chance to travel to the year AD3008 as a prize.

? He is now writing to his parents about his thrilling and unforgettable tour…

Match the main idea Fast -reading with each paragraph.
Wang Ping’s home.

Para. 1 Para. 2 Para. 3 Para. 4

( An example of the future life)

My first impression on the life in 3008. The experience in the capsule.

How I came to take a time travel journey and the feeling about the journey.

Go through the first two paragraphs quickly, then answer the following questions:
1. Why did Li Qiang have the chance to travel to the future? 2. What is a "time lag"? 3. How did I feel when I was in the capsule? 4. Why did my guide give me some tablets?

Careful reading

1. Why did I have the chance to travel to the year AD 3008? I took up the prize I won the year before. 2. What is a “time lag”? “Time lag” means a person gets flashbacks from his previous time Period. 3. How did I feel when I was in the capsule? The seats in the capsule are very comfortable.

time capsule

seats in the capsule


4. Why did my guide give me some tablets?

The tablets could help me feel less nervous and uncertain.

Go through the 3rd and 4th paragraphs quickly and find out What will be para 34 mainly about? ( ( ( ) environment ( ) transport ) work ( ( ) education ) communication ) housing

1. What was the new surroundings like? 2. Did Li Qiang feel comfortable? What problem did he have? 3. Who helped him solve the problem, and how? 4. What was Li Qiang’s feeling then?
Environment Problem Solution Feeling air was thin _____;little _____ oxygen; __________ a lack of fresh air

headache put on a mask better

new surroundings

lack of fresh air/the air is thin

In the year 3008, the air______________, as was thin though there waslittle ______________. oxygen left Because of _________________, a lack of fresh air my head _______. _____________ ached So I had toput on a mask and had a rest.

1.How did people travel in the year AD 3008? 2.Who drove the carriage? 3.What did he experience in the hovering carriage? 4.What happened to Li Qiang later? Why?
Transport Operator(操作 员) Experience Impression Hovering carriage Computer Float, bend, press, move swiftly, fasten, fly Crowded


people fly by in all directions

You can drive it swiftly by bending and pressing down on the driving stick 驾 驶操做杆strongly.

a hovering carriage

We collect a __________________driven hovering carriage by__________. computer These carriage ______ float above the ground and bybending ________ or pressing down in your seat, you can ________ move swiftly Soon I couldfly ____________. _____ very fast. However, I ____________ lost sight of Wang Ping because it was too ________. crowded

Read fourth paragraph quickly, then answer the following

1. What did Wang Ping’s house look like?
2. What was the green wall made of ? What’s the purpose of building

this kind of green wall?

bright clean 1. large, What did Wangand Ping’s house look like?
It is a strange-looking house. It is a large ,bright clean room.

2. What was the green wall made of ?
What’s the purpose of building

this kind of green wall?

The wall was made of trees. Because their leaves provided the room with much-needed oxygen.

Wang Ping’s house had a _____, large ________ bright and ______ green wall made clean room. It had a _______ trees soft of_______, a ______ _____ and ____ brown floor lighting _______. Table, chairs and bed can from under the floor I had a ______ brief rise___________________. _____ bed slid into meal and __________ a hot bath and __________ to sleep.

? 完成选择题

Read and discuss which changes to life in AD 3008 are good and which are bad and give reasons for your choices. Then finish the chart.(Ex2)

Good changes

Bad changes

Time can travel to different after-effects of travel travel times as you wish disorganized; Transport can move swiftly

difficult to find way
short of space easy to get lost poor quality in public places

Towns Air quality

save living space busy; look like markers own family oxygen supply

Discussion 2
What’s the writer’s attitude towards the future, optimistic or pessimistic? How do you know? pessimistic optimistic

Pessimistic We know that from the following sentences:
1. Worried about the journey, I was unsettle for the first few days. 2. At first my new surroundings were difficult to tolerate. 3. Exhausted, I slid into bed and fell fast asleep.

Write down the main idea for each paragraph and important details.

Paragraph 1

Main idea and important details

Main idea: How I came to take a time travel journey Details: my prize; my excitement
Main idea: The experience in the capsule Details: how I felt; the spaceship; the journey



Main idea: My expressions of life 1,000 years into the future Details: little oxygen; masks to provide oxygen; hovering carriage; how to drive them; a “time lag” moment


Main idea: Staying in Wang Ping’s home Details: appearance of house; trees as walls; where furniture stored; ate meal; prepared for sleep

Step 6:retell the story briefly
1 taking up Hello ,I am Li Qiang , I can’t believe that I am _________the 2 unsettled when I prize that gave me a first , I felt _________, left my own time but soon got it over . Wang Ping was my 5 capsule . at first , 4 friend guide _______. We went by time _________ 3______and my new surroundings were difficult to _________ 6 tolerlate , the 7 poor ______quality of the air gave me a 8 _________. headache Wang Ping mask then we collected a 10 hovering carriage gave a 9 _____, _______________driven by computer. it can move 11 _______. swiftly at last , I arrived at a made 12 strange _________-looking house . it had a green wall 13 ______of trees , it can14 _______ provide the room with much-needed 15 oxygen some furniture was 16 ________. _______the floor such as a under save table ,some chairs. It can 17 _______living space.

1. Finish “ Learning about language” on P20. 2. Review the key sentence in the text. 3. Review the new words of Unit 3

and get ready for the dictation.


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