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unit2 Healthy eating 教学设计

Teacher Zeng Bilan (曾碧兰) Time 2013 Warming up and Reading.
Period 1


1. 能根据阅读目的和文段的不同,调整阅读速度和阅读方法。 2. 能理解语言结构有一定难度或有一定新语言现象的文段。 3. 能分辨和理解

文段、语篇中主要信息及观点的逻辑组织结构,了解各部分相互 关系。 这节课是必修三 Unit 2 的第一课时,Healthy eating,有关健康饮食的话题对高一的学 生来说并不陌生,因为在八年级和九年级都有出现过相关话题,学生已经储备了一定的 有关这方面话题的词汇,所以我们要在学生原有基础上继续学习这一话题,扩大学生这 方面的词汇量,对健康饮食有更进一步的了解。 由于我们的学生基础较差,许多学生没有掌握初中的相关词汇、句型和阅读技能,



所以我们在教学过程中要先唤醒学生的原有知识储备,在阅读过程中只要求学生达到基 本的阅读要求即可。 Students can say out the old words and expressions about “Healthy eating” by reviewing, and students can read the new words in this unit. and use them to fill in the blanks . 2. After reading the passage , students can match the main idea with each paragraph. 3. After reading the passage , students can underline the long and difficult sentences, and translate them into Chinese with the help of their partners and teacher. 1.



1. Students can read the new words in this unit. and use them to fill in the blanks . 2. Students can translate the long and difficult sentences into Chinese.

教学过程 教学 环节及时间 安排



设计理念 课前先把学生 分组, 学生通过 小组合作的形 式写出学过的 有关食物和健 康的词汇, 通过 头脑风暴的形 式,在课前展 现, 朗读、 复习。

Step I (10minutes)

Words Brainstorms

Divide the students into eight groups, before the class , ask them to write out the words about “Healthy eating” in group, and show on the blackboard at the beginning of the class. Students read these words loudly.


1. Let Ss read the passage alone, and underline the new words, then learn the new words in groups. Such as diet, nut, bean, pea, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, mushroom, peach, lemon, balance, barbecue, mutton, roast, fry, stir-fry, ought, bacon, slim, curiosity, hostess, raw, vinegar, lie, customer, discount, weakness, strength, consult, fiber, digest, carrot, debt, glare, spy, limit, benefit, breast, garlic, sigh, combine; 1. 让 学 生 在 独 自阅读的基础 上, 通过小组成 员间兵教兵的 形式在文章中 学习单词。 2. 在初步掌握 单词的基础上, 学生通过再次 阅读文章, 连接 段落大意( 由 于学生基础较 差, 只让学生连 接, 不让他们自 己写出段落大 意) 3. 学生阅读课 文, 然后回答问 题。

词组: get away from, balanced diet,
ought to, lose weight, tell a lie, win… back, earn one’s living, in debt, spy on, Read the passage and match the main ideas of each paragraph and answer some questions. cut down, before long, put on weight 2. Let Ss read the passage again,and match the main ideas of each paragraph. (Read the text quickly and match each part with its main idea.) Part 1 A. Wang Peng did some research and wanted to win his customers back. Part 2 B. Wang Peng found out the reason why his restaurant was empty. Part 3 C. Wang Peng wondered why customers didn’t eat in his restaurant as usual. 3. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions one paragraph by one paragraph. (1). Who is Wang Pengwei? (2). What happened on that strange morning? (3). How do you like the food in his restaurant? (4)What did Wang see when he followed Li Chang?

Step II (15minutes)

(5)What kind of food was served in this restaurant? (6)Who is Yong Hui? (7)What amazed Wang in Yong Hui’s restaurant? Students read the passage carefully and find out the long and difficult sentences, and translate them into Chinese with the help of their partners and teacher. Ask students to read the passage carefully and find out the long and difficult sentences, then ask some students to write these sentences on the blackboard, then teacher ask another students to read and translate the sentences. Fill in the blanks with the new words: 1. Proper _____ and exercise are both important for health. 2. How long can you ________(平衡)on one foot? 3. The bad weather _________(是挫败) our hopes of having a picnic. 4. He was so lucky to ____ _____(受 到 ..)with a fine for such a serious mistake. 5.Political power depends upon economic _________(实力)。 6. Mushrooms are best when _____ (油 煎) in olive oil. 7. Mrs Ester was in her late thirties, about average height, with a _____ (苗条的) figure. 8. Children have a natural c________ about the world around them. 9. Once the _______ (女主人) appeared to ask if we were enjoying our meals, I managed to give her a silent nod. 10. I don’t want to hear a bunch of big ____ (谎言) about what happened. 11. The steel factory has been supplying us with _____ (未加工的) materials. II. 使该句与所给句子的意思相同或相 近。 1.A: His restaurant ought to be full of ____________people. B: His restaurant ought to be _________ people.

Step III (15minutes)

学生自主阅读 课文, 找出长难 句, 老师统一讲 解分析, 在讲解 过程中尽量由 会的学生来讲 解, 只有学生不 能解答的问题 才由老师解答。


Step IV

Do exercise(即学即练)

通过练习巩固 所学的单词短 语, 让学生在练 中体悟。

2. A: This could be the best thing. B: Nothing could be _______. 3. A: He often lies, so no one believes him. B: He often _________, so no one believes him. 4. A: The student seemed not to listen to his teacher carefully. B: _________ that the student didn’t listen to his teacher carefully.


1. 对学生的“最近发展区”了解的不够,在内容安排上偏难。 2.



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