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2015-2016学年(人教新课标)高一英语必修1课件:Unit 3 Travel journal Period3Grammar

人教课标 高一 必修 1

Unit 3

首先列举了各种使用现在进行时态表将来的情 形引导学生感受,并且逐步通过生动形象的实例让 学生能够提炼出这一时态的特点,并给出定义,接 着设计了科学合理的对话让学生完成,然后结合考 试题型配备了相关练习给学生训练,最后启发学生 发散性思维,对能够表达将来时态的所有形式进行 对比,以便学生更好掌握这一时态用法,后来综合 训练结束。 此课件最大的优点就是充分运用了多媒体的优 势,呈现丰富信息让学生逐步自己感受,一步一步 引导他们掌握新的知识。

Look at the following sentences and guess what time they express. 1. A: When are you leaving for Shanghai?

B: Next Sunday.
present continuous tense future action

2. A. How are you going to Shanghai?
B. By plane.

present continuous tense
future action

3. A. When are you arriving in Shanghai? B. Next Monday morning.

present continuous tense
future action

4. A. Where are you staying?

B. We are staying in Hongqiao Hotel.
present continuous tense future action

5. A. How long are you staying in the Hotel? B. We are staying there for two days.

present continuous tense
future action

6. A. When are you coming back? B. Next Wednesday. present continuous tense future action

7. The scientist is flying to Tibet next

8. Lily is walking to school tomorrow. 9. The soldier is riding a horse to send
the message the day after tomorrow.

10. They are driving there then.

11. A. I am leaving for England tonight. B. Who is seeing you off?

12. A. Can you join us for an outing
this Sunday? B. Sorry. I am helping Lily with

her Chinese.

The present continuous tense can be used
to express a plan or an arrangement. 现在进行时可用来表示一个在最近按计

将来的时间状语,但有明确的上下文时 无须指出时间。这种现在进行时比较生 动,给人一种期待感。

In the following dialogue, a

newspaper reporter is
interviewing Wang Wei about

her plans for the trip along the
Mekong River. However, they are not sure about some of the verb tenses. Please complete their conversation.

R: Miss Wang, I hear that you _____ are travelling (travel) along the Mekong _________ River. Have you got everything ready? W: Almost. R: So when ____ are you _______ leaving (leave)? W: Next Monday. R: How far ____ are you _______ cycling (cycle) each day?

W: It’s hard to say. If the weather is fine, I think we’ll be able to ride 75 km a day. R: What about the weather in Qinghai Province? W: The weather forecast is not good so we are taking (take) a large parcel of __________

warm clothes with us.
R: Where ___ are you _______ staying (stay) at night?

W: Usually in our tent, but sometimes in the villages along the river bank. R: What happens if you have an accident? W: Don’t worry. I had some medical training at my college. Besides, we are taking (take) out insurance to _________ cover any problems. R: Well, it sounds fun. I hope you’ll have a pleasant journey. Thank you for your time.

Fill in the blanks.
is leaving (leave) for 1. Betty __________

Guangzhou by plane at 3:00 this is seeing afternoon. Her brother Bob ________ (see) her off. It’s half past one now.
They ___________ are waiting (wait) for a taxi outside the school gate.

are going (go) to the 2. The Browns _________ North China by train next week. are staying (stay) in Beijing They __________ for a week. They _________ are going (go) to are getting (get) there Xi’an. They __________ by air.

1. I am staying at home next Monday.

2. … meeting my friends …
3. … travelling to Nanxi River …

4. …


客观 的将 1) 不以主观意志为转移的,_____

e.g. I shall be seventeen years old next month. 紧接下来要发生的动作 。 2) _____________________ e.g. You go first. I’ll follow you.

主观 e.g. We are going to have a 打算 meeting today.


计划、安排、义务、应该、 e.g. 可能、命运。

1. His daughter is to get married soon. 2. No one is to leave the building. 3. They said goodbye, little knowing they were never to meet again.

即将发生 的动作, 不与表示将来的时 _________ 间状语连用。 I ______________ was about to go swimming when my guide shouted at me and told me not to do so. 我正要去游泳, 这时向导大声叫我不要 去。

(1) come, go, leave, move, start, return,
arrive, begin, stay等动词表示的是 时间表 时,用一般 ____, 航班 _____ 轮船 等 _______ 现在时表将来。

The plane ________ takes off at 10:10. That is,
it’s leaving in ten minutes.

状语从句 中用一般现在时代替 (2) 用在 _________

If you ___ do that again, I’ll hit you. (3) 用在 _____ I bet 和 ______ I hope 后面, 常用一般

don’t get up before ten I bet you ____________


1. --- Did you tell Julia about the result? --- Oh, no, I forgot. I ____ her now. A. will be calling B. will call C. call D. am to call 2. --- I’m going to the States? --- How long ___ you___ in the States? A. are; stayed B. are; staying C. have; stayed D. did; stay

3. I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. I ____ my mum. A. am taking B. have taken C. take D. will have taken 4. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is not easy because technology ____ so rapidly. A. will change B. has changed C. will have changed D. is changing

5. --- You’ve left the light on.
--- Oh, I have. _____ and turn it off.

A. I go
C. I’ll go

B. I’ve gone
D. I’m going

6. --- Is this raincoat yours? --- No, mine____ there behind the door. A. is hanging C. hangs B. has hung D. hung

Finish Using Structures on page 57.


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