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2015-2016学年外研版英语必修五课件:Module 5 A Life in Sport Language points(共18张PPT)

Module 5 A Life in Sport princess the prince of gymnasts When he______ retiredat They called him______________________. the age of 26, he had won 106 gold medals in _________ major ________

______across the world. They included ___________ competitions 6 out of 7 gold medals at the 1982 World Championship. World Family vi. ~ from retire-- n.____________ retirement n._______ retiree 退休者 分子(基数词)+ in / out of +分母(基数词) …中间有… gold-- adj. ___________ golden [r??ta??r?i:] competition--v. _________ compete ( with\against) P43 竞争者 n.______________ competitor adj._____________ competent [k?m?pet?t?] What you paid covers everything, ________ including accommodation, transport, and tickets. What you paid covers everything accommodation, transport and tickets ________. included contain What does your schoolbag _______? include 包含 (整体包含有机部分) contain 包含(容器包含容纳物/内容上的包含) But even though he had won everything it was possible to win in his sport, Li Ning retired with the feeling that he had failed. What does “everything” refer to here? Medals and reputation. Everything that is possible for Li Ning to win in his sport. What kind of feeling? Why? He had failed. Because he hadn’t performed well in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. n. how well or badly you do 表现 vi. work or function well/badly 表现、运转 performance in the 1988 Li Ning was not satisfied with his ______________ Seoul Olympics. He saw himself as a poor ____________. performer n. a person who behaves in the way mentioned 表现得…的人 Art Fest

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