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【师说】2017届高考英语一轮复习 Module 1 Basketball课时作业 外研版选修7

Module 1


一、单元扣点 Ⅰ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空 appoint nature grow up defend draw possess,attend entire score value 1.What he said ________ the detective's attention. 2.His ________ as the captain made all the staff angry. 3.In order to be well prepared for the war, they were busy building the ________. 4.It is ________ that we should help each other. 5.Since you are ________, you must be responsible for what you are doing. 6.Now who takes ________ of the firm? 7.It's my honor to have your ________. 8.The composition was ________ with corrections in red ink. 9.Nowadays with the help of modern instruments, fishing is no longer ________ dependent on the weather. 10.He ________ the house for me at $8,000. 答案 1.drew 2.appointment 3.defences 4.natural 5.grown?ups 6.possession 7.attendance 8.scored 9.entirely 10.valued Ⅱ.完成句子 1.He finished his season as one of the top scorers in the league, __________________(以平均每场 28.2 分的成绩). 答案 with an average of 28.2 points per game 2.But there is no doubt that he __________________(无愧于“一代杰出球员”这一称 号). 答案 deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation” 3.To do this, he told Yao to be more aggressive and, __________________(有必要的 话), to be rude to his teammates. 答案 if necessary 4.He was named “__________________”(最有价值球员) five times. 答案 the most valued player 5.They have fantastic stories to tell about Michael Jordan, such as the time when he rescued the Bulls __________________(避免打成平局). 答案 from ending a game on a tie 二、阅读理解 (2015·重庆卷) In ancient Egypt, a shopkeeper discovered that he could attract customers to his shop simply by making changes to its environment. Modern businesses have been following his lead, with more tactics (策略). One tactic involves where to display the goods. For example, stores place fruits and vegetables in the first section. They know that customers who buy the healthy food first will feel happy so that they will buy more junk food (垃圾食品) later in their trip. In department stores, the women's shoe section is generally next to the women's cosmetics (化妆品) section: while the shop assistant is going back to find the right size shoe, bored customers are likely to wander over and find some cosmetics they might want to try later. Besides, businesses seek to appeal to customers' senses. Stores notice that the smell of baked goods encourages shopping, so they make their own bread each morning and

then fan the bread smell into the store throughout the day. Music sells goods, too. Researchers in Britain found that when French music was played, sales of French wines went up. When it comes to the selling of houses, businesses also use highly rewarding tactics. They find that customers make decisions in the first few seconds upon walking in the door, and turn it into a business opportunity. A California builder designed the structure of its houses smartly. When entering the house, the customer would see the Pacific Ocean through the windows, and then the pool through an open stairway leading to the lower level. The instant view of water on both levels helped sell these $10 million houses. 语篇解读 这是一篇说明文。作者介绍了几种吸引顾客的策略,包括商品的摆放、气味、背 景音乐等。 1.Why do stores usually display fruits and vegetables in the first section? A. To save customers time. B. To show they are high quality foods. C. To help sell junk food. D. To sell them at discount prices. 答案与解析 C 考查细节理解。依据第二段的第二、三句可知,商家知道那些购买新鲜蔬 菜、水果的人会感到高兴,随后会买更多的垃圾食品,因此商家这样摆放的目的是想销售更 多的垃圾食品。 2.According to Paragraph 3, which of the following encourages customers to buy? A. Opening the store early in the morning. B. Displaying British wines next to French ones. C. Inviting customers to play music. D. Filling the store with the smell of fresh bread. 答案与解析 D 考查细节理解。 依据第三段可知, 烘焙食物的气味能激发人们的购买欲望, 因此商家在早上把食物烘焙好,让气味在商场飘荡,以促使人们更多地消费。 3.What is the California builder's story intended to prove? A. The house structure is a key factor customers consider. B. The more costly the house is, the better it sells. C. An ocean view is much to the customers' taste. D. A good first impression increases sales. 答案与解析 D 考查推理判断。依据尾段的第二句和尾句可知,因为有好的环境,顾客很 快决定买房,因此良好的第一印象能促进销售。 4.What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To explain how businesses turn people into their customers. B. To introduce how businesses have grown from the past. C. To report researches on customer behavior. D. To show dishonest business practices. 答案与解析 A 考查写作目的。文章介绍了商家采用的吸引人们消费的策略,因此选项 A 能概括文章的主要目的。 三、完形填空 (2016·吉林长春质监) Since I was 12 years old, I've suffered from a condition called Compulsive Hair Pulling (强迫性拔毛癖 ). The physical destruction was severe, but the emotional __1__was worse, When I was young, no one, __2__ my doctor, knew how to help me. I was alone. Growing up, I didn't __3__ anywhere and I suffered great shame knowing I'd brought this__4__upon myself. My hands seemed to have a __5__ of their own. “What's wrong with me?” I'd often wonder. Sometimes, people asked about my __6__ of eyelashes (睫毛) and eyebrows. I was lonely, but I kept people at a distance. However, each

night, __7__ I fell asleep, I'd pray for God to send someone who __8__. Then when I was 15, I read a letter from a mom whose child suffered from the same illness. I could __9__ believe my eyes. After all these years, I discovered, I was not __10__. At that moment, my journey for __11__began. I took small __12__ at first—telling only a few friends. Some of them tried to understand. Then, they began to __13__ their secrets with me. I learned to see__14__ the way God saw me, someone __15__ love. One day, my __16__ happened. A friend called with wonderful news. She just met a woman with Compulsive Hair Pulling—someone just like me. She gave me her phone number. I was__17__. I quickly dialed, and from the minute Christina answered, we began to chat like old friends, both thrilled to find someone who understood our pain. We __18__ to meet soon, only to find we lived just two blocks away. We immediately__19__our phones, and in the dark of night, ran outside to the nearby park in our pajamas, __20__ we hugged, cried and talked for hours. I felt I'd just met my long lost twin, someone who understood my pain and struggles. Yes, it was true. I was not alone. 1.A. conflict B. threat C. damage D. puzzle 2.A. including B. except C. beyond D. but 3.A. belong to B. fit in C. come up D. fall over 4.A. shyness B. pain C. anger D. tiredness 5.A. decision B. solution C. mind D. conclusion 6.A. color B. shape C. recovery D. lack 7.A. after B. before C. if D. though 8.A. understood B. missed C. thought D. listened 9.A. never B. hardly C. seldom D. rarely 10.A. ill B. weak C. sad D. alone 11.A. healing B. praying C. searching D. longing 12.A. efforts B. suggestions C. steps D. walks 13.A. share B. betray C. sell D. keep 14.A. them B. everyone C. anyone D. myself 15.A. wasting B. deserving C. giving D. refusing 16.A. illness B. symptom C. prediction D. miracle 17.A. peaceful B. surprised C. overjoyed D. cold

18.A. went B. ran C. planned D. imagined 19.A. dialed B. exchanged C. fell D. dropped 20.A. where B. when C. how D. why 答案与解析 语篇解读 “我”在 12 岁的时候得了一种“强迫性拔毛癖”的怪病,很自卑。在“我”15 岁时, 当“我”得知有人和“我”一样患有这种病的时候, “我”觉得自己并不孤单并开始 治疗。 1.C 下文表示“我”年轻的时候,没有人知道怎么帮助“我”,故此处指“我”身体上受 到的伤害很严重,心理上的伤害更为严重。和前面的 destruction 是同义词,故选 C 项。 conflict“冲突”;threat“威胁”;puzzle“困惑”。 2.A 根据空格前面的“no one”可知, 包括“我”的医生在内没有人知道怎样帮助“我”, 故选 A 项。except“除了”;beyond“超出??的范围”;but“除??以外”。 3.B 根据空格后面的“I suffered great shame”可知,长大后,因为自卑,“我”觉得 “我”任何地方都适应不了。fit in“适应”,符合语境。belong to“属于”;come up“出 现”;fall over“倒下”。 4.B 这样的痛苦(pain)是“我”自作自受,故选 B 项。bring sth. upon oneself 表示“自 作自受”。 5.C 根据上文提到的强迫性拔毛癖这种疾病可知,此处表示,“我”的手看起来好像有自 己的思想,故选 C 项。 6.D 根据强迫性拔毛癖的症状可知, “我”的睫毛和眉毛很少, 故选 D 项。 color“颜色”; shape“形状”;recovery“恢复”;lack“缺乏”。 7.B 根据生活常识可知,在睡觉之前进行祈祷,故选 B 项。 8.A 根据上下文的内容可知, “我”觉得自己非常孤单, 故这儿是在祈祷上帝能送给“我” 一个理解“我”的人。understand“理解”;miss“错过”;think“想”;listen“听”。 9.B “我”觉得自己很孤单,认为不幸的人只有“我”一个,所以当看到这封信,得知有 人和自己患有一样的疾病的时候,“我”几乎不能相信自己的眼睛,故选 B 项。never“从 不”;hardly“几乎不”;seldom“很少”;rarely“很少”。 10.D 经过了这些年,“我”发现自己并不孤单,故选 D 项。 11.A “我”开始治病了,故选 A 项。heal“医治”,符合语境。 12.C 根据空格后面的“telling only a few friends”可知,开始的时候,“我”采取了 些小措施,故选 C 项。 13.A 在“我”告诉他们“我”的疾病之后,他们开始和“我”分享他们的秘密,故选 A 项。 14.D “我”也学着用上帝看“我”的方式来看“我”自己,故选 D 项。 15.B 有人是值得被喜欢的,故选 B 项。deserve 表示“应得,应受到”。 16.D 有一天,“我”的奇迹发生了,故选 D 项。illness“疾病”;symptom“症状”; prediction“预测”;miracle“奇迹”。 17.C 根据空格后面的“I quickly dialed”可知,“我”此时非常开心,故选 C 项。 peaceful“和平的”;surprised“惊奇的”;overjoyed“极为高兴的,十分开心的”; cold“寒冷的”。 18.C 我们很快打算见面了,故选 C 项。 19.D 根据后文中的“and in the dark of night,ran outside to the nearby park in our pajamas”可知, 我们停止打电话,出来见面了, 故选 D 项。dial“打电话”; exchange“交 换”;fall“跌落”;drop“停止”。 20.A 在定语从句中,先行词是“the nearby park”,空格处所填词在从句中作地点状语, 故用 where 引导该定语从句。


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